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Japan Crate: Experience the excitement of Japan through monthly crates!

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Great so far

by Danielle V., yesterday

I've already received 4 out of 6 of my subscription boxes, and so far, I am liking every product that you are sending out. Amazing work. If I am happy with my 5th and 6th boxes, I will definitely subscribe again guys.

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You're a genius!

by Sarah W., yesterday

Whoever thought of this business is a genius. I still couldn't believe that it is possible to get Japanese products shipped monthly to my country. Hands down to you guys. Keep it up.

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Certified fan boy

by Henry S., yesterday

My boy is now a certified fan! I'm telling you, he's the happiest whenever he sees the postman deliver his crate he would even kiss him! I'm so happy I found you guys. The joy you bring to my son is priceless. Thank you so much.

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Thank you

by Teran S., yesterday

I just want to take a minute to thank Japan crate for creating awesome Japanese boxes for me and my family.

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They like the money

by Mette H., 2 days ago

I cancelled subscription in February due to finding less and less candy in the boxes. They kept sending boxes, guess why! They refuse to acknowledge my February cancellation until November! They are keeping the money and still mailing the unwanted boxes. And, yes I spoke to customer service more than once. This is their policy. Warning.

Verified Purchase
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Japan Crate said...
Hi! When you subscribe to our prepaid plan, you are committing to purchasing a set amount of crates at a discounted price. While you do have the option to cancel your subscription at any time, cancelling your subscription would not cancel the prepaid plan. Once you subscribe to our prepaid plan, you are locked for the duration of the plan.


by Amy G., 2 days ago

So we had a girls night at one of my bestfriends' house and suddenly she took out a box of Japan Crate candies and snacks. I never knew there's such a thing! That was my first time to taste Japanese products and I am amazingly surprised how good they are hihihi! She told me how to get those boxes too so now, I am currently subscribed to your Premium boxes. I love them!

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Loved the first crate

by Josh C., 2 days ago

I got my first ever Premium crate and I loved everything you put inside. I'm very happy with this purchase. It's worth the wait!

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I want more!

by Bridget M., 2 days ago

I have subscribed 3 months ago and now I want more! But I have to save more money first. Trust me, I will subscribe for the Umai crates in 3 months time too. I love you guys!

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Exceeds expecations

by Mireilla G., 3 days ago

Japan crate has exceeded my expectations! From the ease of subscribing, timely delivery, friendly customer service staff, beautiful boxes and animations and amazing products! I couldn't ask for more...

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First timer

by Nathaniel H., 3 days ago

I really like your idea and am super hyped over the first delivery. Can't wait to try it :)

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