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  • Your first order is shipped within 2 days. After your first order, your knives are then sent the first week of each month! And don't worry, if its not for you, easily cancel anytime! (Like, we probably make it too easy)
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Unique Knives Delivered to Your Door to Keep!
Knife Pack is an AMAZING club in which members receive a hand selected, high quality knife each month! Knife Pack makes collecting knives extremely affordable, and extremely FUN! Knife Pack can be given as a gift to anyone you think might appreciate a nice quality knife! Your Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, Uncle, Nephew, Friend, Etc!
  • New Knife Each Month
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect Gift
  • High Quality Knives


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Cost does not match quality

by Elizabeth T., Apr 12, 2019

I really really wanted this to work out because my husband was stoked about it. However, so far he has received 2 knives; both of which were not even worth the $15 subscription price. The first one was valued at $10, and the one he just received today is going for $7.45. We will be cancelling the subscription. It just doesn't make sense to be paying double the price on something. In short, we feel ripped off.

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Great service and products from KnifePac

by Santiago B., Apr 04, 2019

Knifepack's subscription service is excellent! Their shipping and correspondence is top notch and transparent. The blade that came is a perfect first impression - an MTech folding cleaver that is great quality!!

I'm looking forward to a great relationship with KnifePack and their subscription services

Great company I came across

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by Brogan M., Apr 04, 2019

The knife is really useful and comes sharpe for you and it is a really good knife over all

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Love, love, love this knife!!

by Keisha K., Mar 30, 2019

Loving the new knife! It's beautiful and it got here fast! It was packaged pretty well but mine had just a few scuffs and prints that I couldn't just wipe off. I don't plan on using it everyday so keeping her shiny is a MUST. Also, some knives like this can be found for slightly cheaper with free shipping. I'm pretty happy over all, it's a great surprise in the mail, just want to point out some might expect to pay at or just below cost to be a part of this club. Again, I LOVE it and couldn't be more happy! Can't wait for the next one!

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He was so excited!

by Sapphire H., Mar 24, 2019

The knife looked amazing! My friend's nephew was so excited to get his very first blade. I even helped him upload a picture to Instagram! Thank you guys for everything! He can't wait for the next one!

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by Lauren H., Mar 22, 2019

I found customer service very responsive and wonderful. My son enjoyed the knives each month. Thank you :)

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Problem Solvers

by Michael S., Feb 21, 2019

Like any type of service that you pay for if that be once or monthly sometimes problems arise. I want to give a big shoutout to the companies customer service especially Lindsey. I got a reply way sooner that I imagined and my email was properly read and solved in her reply. I really appreciate it.
Thanks so much.

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Best knife crate.

by Michelle F., Feb 18, 2019

I have subscribed to a couple of the knife crates on here. This one sent unique knives that were useful and interesting. One of the other subscriptions would send the same knife over and over again just in different colors. I highly recommend this knife subscription.

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Cool Knives, Even Better Service!

by Chris C., Feb 07, 2019

Obviously getting a knife in the mail each month is awesome... especially as a gift for my daughter’s boyfriend. But even better isnthe quick response by customer service— I had to change recipinet address as well as check on shipment and each time they were back with me in minutes. Great company and very cool knives...

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Very disappointed

by Tiffany S., Feb 03, 2019

Ordered this 6 month subscription as a gift for teen son in December. Received the December one but no January one. Have contacted them with nothing resolved. Just have a disappointed child because he was promised 6 monthly shipments for Christmas and siblings are all getting theirs(thankfully from different companies that actually honor what they say). Would not order again. Horrible service.

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