Knit and crochet projects for all skill levels, delivered monthly.

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5.0 of 5 stars
Simple and enjoyable
by Jennifer written last year
These first two kits have helped me so much in understanding the basics of knitting. The second was fantastic in helping me understand in the round knitting. I am so glad I found this monthly subscription!
by Dana written last year
I received a Knit-Wise subscription as a gift about a year ago - and I had never knitted before. I hadn't even had an interest in knitting, but I just thought the packaging was so cute that I found myself excited to open it and look inside. Everything I needed was in there and I loved the colors of the yarn. More importantly than how cool the contents were was that I could follow the instructions. I watched the on line tutorials which were great because they were quick and got the idea across to me more easily than learning to knit by a book could have. I have fallen in love with knitting, and have continued the subscription myself. It has also become my go-to gift for friends, who have all seemed really pleased with it. Lastly, it came with a little tote bag that I love and so I carry my knitting stuff in it pretty much everywhere I go. I 💛 Knit-Wise!
Simple Box for a simple gal
by Jennifer written last year
I am so happy with my first Knit Wise box. Everything I need to start a beginner project without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Can't wait to start and finish my first project!
Easy to understand!
by Katy written last year
I've never knitted before and wanted to try something new. The instructions were so easy to understand that I knitted my first project in one night. I can't wait for next months box!
Great value!!
by Matt written last year
I just received my first Knit-Wise box and the yarn is a great quality. I haven't seen yarn like this before at Michael's or Joann's. I haven't started the project yet but the instructions are clear and simple.
Can't Resist
by Samantha written 2 years ago
I cancelled for about three days-- then my second box arrived and I had to reinstate my subscription. The yarns sent are too cute, and the supplies are just lovely. I can't resist this subscription box.
by Samantha written 2 years ago
I haven't knitted in quite some time, and forgot a LOT of the basics. The first beginner box helped me to re-learn essential skills and provided more than enough materials to do so. The yarn quality is lovely, varied and interesting textures while still being easily workable. I think this is a GREAT way to get back into knitting, or to gift to someone who has no experience knitting. I can't wait to learn more. :) Definitely worth the price.
Addicted already!
by dawn written 2 years ago
I never knew how to knit before and I was nervous about taking the time to learn how, but when I got the first Knit-Wise project I felt like OKAY I can actually do this! I'm literally knitting all the time now... and so excited to see what the next project is each box. The yarn is the best part. They seem very high quality and are adorable different textures/colors that have been fun to experiment different stitches with. I would never know what to buy on my own. You get a lot per project too, and the projects vary each month along with new stitches / techniques. So far I've knitted a bunch of coasters (gave some away for gifts) and a beautiful wall hanging for my apartment. Just renewed my 3 month subscription.. definitely worth it for a fun skill to build up every month :)
Awesome idea! Best mail in awhile!
by Garrett written 3 years ago
Ordered Knit-Wise monthly subscription as soon as it launched. I'm super happy with it and what I have learned. Looking forward to what the next month's box brings.
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