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Literary Dream Crate

Low priced used books each month delivered right to your door! Starting at $9.99+ a month!

Plans as low as $9.58 / month
Product Overview
  • Orders placed before or on the 7th will be shipped on the 14th of each month. For example, if you order on the 5th of October you will receive Octobers box being shipped on the 14th. If you order on the 12th you will not receive Octobers box, your shipment will be in November. Each month we plan to ship our boxes out on the 14th.
  • Only ships within United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime

Low priced used books each month delivered right to your door! Starting at $9.99+ a month!

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Literary Dream Crate - Used Books
Literary Dream Crate has two options to choose from. The two book envelope sends you two gently used books in the genre of your choice and the three book envelope sends three books, no extras, and no hassle! Genres available: romance, young adult, and mystery/thriller! Books sent are randomly selected and the mystery of your order makes it fun!
  • These boxes contain used books that range in quality between like-new and fair. Either way, the books sent will be something any book lover would be proud to display on their shelf!
  • We often source books purchased from local libraries in order to give back to the community so they may have previous library markings! We also source from other used bookstores around the state, and large orders online of used books! Each order will likely receive a mix of these options. We're mentioning this here so that you know what to expect! All options are pictured above!
  • Each customer has the chance to fill out a customization survey in order to personalize the books they receive. While this is a randomly selected book subscription service, we do like to please customers by giving them similar books to what they usually read. This helps to keep everyone happy with their choice to subscribe to Literary Dream Crate!
  • Single month subscription cancellations: If a cancellation is recieved within 5 days of the intial purchase or renewal date you will receive a refund and no shipment for the month. If a refund is requested after the initial 5 days no refund will be given and the subscriber will receive the coming months product.
  • Multiple month prepay subscription cancellations: Anything above a one month subscription is a final sale. No refund will be given. However, we would love to work with any subscriber in order to enhance their subscription to better fit their preferences, change the genre choice, etc.

Subscriber Reviews

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by Kimberly, Jan 26, 2019

Really liked the books they choose for me and they were barely used, if at all. Great deal for the price.

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Great Way to Get More Books!

by Samantha Z., Jan 23, 2019

I have a few book subscriptions and I loved that this is a used book one, especially since LDC is very open about trying to buy from quality sources like libraries! Also, all of the books I have received have been in practically new condition. Minus the bindings having the library feel, I would've had no idea it was used. And looks just as good on my shelves! Also bonus points to the customer service of LDC who are very quick to reply and seem to be very invested in getting their subscribers books and authors that they want to read, even though the process is random. Haven't received a duplicate book that I've already owned or read either, which is pretty cool. Great way to get new-to-you books! And for very reasonable prices!!

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by Felecia D., Jan 21, 2019

My daughter received this as a gift, and she was so surprised! She is really looking forward to reading the books that were shipped to her! I can't wait to see what will happen when she gets her books next month.

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Literary Dream Crate said...
Jan 22, 2019
Thank you for the great feedback! We’re so glad you’re daughter enjoyed the selections! And we hope to keep up the good work!
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