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Gently used books in the genres of your choice starting at $9.99 shipped!

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  • Your books will ship by the 5th of each month. We'll start curating your first order as soon as you subscribe, and we will ship it within 10 business days. You will get a tracking number via e-mail every time an order is sent out.
  • Only ships within United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Save money. Save paper. Used Books Monthly.
We believe books should be circulated and that an author's work should endure. Your books are randomly selected from our inventory of your selected genres. We strive to select the best quality used books for our readers. Get a fun book surprise in the mail every month! Free shipping! Choose our -2 book envelope for $9.99 -4 book box for $14.99.
  • Urgent! Please order by December 9th to guarantee Christmas delivery!
  • Only used books meeting our quality standards are sent.
  • We keep books in circulation. We like to find new readers for used books.
  • Keep the books you love, pass the others on someone who will.

Subscriber Reviews

Horrible selection.

by Debora, today

Glad I did month to month. One of the books I received was a puppy training book. Completely useless to me. There were some very old books in here as well. And they were all awful.

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Listened to my preferences perfectly

by Megan, today

I just received my second box...I haven't opened my first box yet, as it is wrapped under the Christmas tree. Anyway, I did open this second box and am very pleased. They seemed to not only pay attention to my genre selections, but my comments as well. I was somewhat specific about a couple of my genres and they really listened to my comments. I had selected the history, mystery, and travel/geography genres. I received a world war 2 book which is exactly what I said I liked. I also received a travel book on Britain. I dont know if I would have chosen it at a store or not, but it looks really interesting, and I'm excited to try it. I also received a book from the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series...I have read one of this series, but not yet this one, so that is great. The last book is Aunt Dimity Goes West. I was very excited to see this one. I have not read any of this series, but have wanted to! I enjoy trying many different cozy mystery series. My preferences for cozy, vintage, classic, whodunit, and historical mysteries was definitely followed and I am excited to read them. Also, 3 of my 4 books are hard backs. I can't wait to see what is in my first box when I open it on Christmas! Would definitely recommend. Mark the genres you like, write any additional comments to clarify, and then be open minded to what comes. You may get something you wouldn't have chosen that soon becomes a new favorite.

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Wonderful books

by Cheryl, Dec 03, 2018

I have been receiving Used Books monthly subscription for three months and just love it! I received two hardbacks in my last two shipments from authors I am not familiar with from the Horror genre and can't wait to read them. I am a huge Stephen King fan but wanted to branch out and read some different authors and this subscription has definitely given me that opportunity. Definitely worth the money. So look forward to my monthly delivery!

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