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Used Books Monthly

Gently used books in the genres of your choice starting at $9.99 shipped!

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$9.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • Your books will ship by the 5th of each month. We'll start curating your first order as soon as you subscribe, and we will ship it within 10 business days. You will get a tracking number via e-mail every time an order is sent out.
  • Only ships within United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Save money. Save paper. Used Books Monthly.
We believe books should be circulated and that an author's work should endure. Your books are randomly selected from our inventory of your selected genres. We strive to select the best quality used books for our readers. Used Books Monthly is the most inexpensive and environmentally sustainable way to read. Every box is unique for you.
  • Every box is different. Discover new authors as you open a surprise every month.
  • Only used books meeting our quality standards are sent.
  • We keep books in circulation. We like to find new readers for used books.
  • Keep the books you love, pass the others on someone who will.
Subscriber Reviews
4.4 of 5 stars
Not Worth It
by Mary written 6 days ago
I really wanted to like this book subscription. I like the idea of it but I just got my first box and Im not at all thrilled. One of the books was so off name that there arent even reviews of it online. There was nothing about it that peaked my interest and Ill likely donate it. The second book was in poor condition. Both seem like books I could have gotten from a used book store in the $1 bin. One maybe even dollar tree ☹️. Shipping was also very slow, it took forever for it to even ship. Im really underwhelmed by these selections and if I wasnt so disappointed I would try it one more month. I guess Ill keep looking for a good book subscription. I feel like I threw away $$. ☹️
Verified Purchase
Used Books Monthly said...
5 days ago
We are so sorry to hear that your selections fell short of your expectations. We work diligently to provide the best product possible to our subscribers, so we share in your disappointment. We will reach out to you with a plan to make up for this box’s shortcomings.
by KatieMcDonald written May 15, 2018
I have been in contact with this seller multiple times and sent him not only my home but work address multiple times and never received ANY of my boxes. Somehow my 4 other cratejoy subscriptions show up without fail every month. At this point I am waiting to see if I actually get a refund or if that goes as missing as my boxes.
Verified Purchase
2nd box. Happy customer
by Amanda written May 13, 2018
I have received 2 boxes now and was definitely happier with this one. All 4 books peeked my interest and I look forward to reading them.
Verified Purchase
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