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Little Global Citizens

Give your child the Gift of the World! Global adventures delivered to your door, all year long!

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Product Overview
  • Order your Limited Edition "CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD" box by Nov 26 for delivery first week of Dec. ORDER TODAY to secure your child's box! Ship to United States only.
  • Only ships within United States
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Give your child the Gift of the World, all year!
This Holiday Season, give your child the GIFT OF THE WORLD - All Year Long! Little Global Citizens teaches your child about a new country & its culture with each box.
  • Each unique box is jam-packed with cultural activities, crafts, a beautiful book, recipes, souvenir & a Children's Guide to teach your little one about each new country in a hands-on, fun way! KIDS LOVE IT! Supplies included.
  • It's the perfect gift to inspire and educate your child, niece, nephew or grandchild, all year long!
  • Quality, screen-free family time; ideal for families that learn and play together.
  • Developed by a team of world travelers and educators with ages 3-10yrs in mind. Homeschoolers and Montessori families LOVE it too!
  • Get your Limited Edition CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD Box for Dec before they SELL OUT!

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by Adriana, Dec 06, 2018

This box has sparked a creative side to my 3 year old son that makes me so happy! But besides the book, the crafts, the activities that come in this box, my most favorite part is the recipes that come included. I have LGC to thank! Because he truly enjoyed learning about Thailand, and making the mango sticky rice, he will actually eat Thai food when we order it. He used to refuse to try anything new. This is truly one of the best subscription boxes I have gotten for my son. Give it a try!

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The BEST GIFT my son has ever received!

by DeAnne, Nov 08, 2018

Of all the gifts my son has received, this is THE BEST GIFT ever! Every month, he rushes home, so excited to find his Little Global Citizens box waiting for him. He can't wait to dive in and see what country it's all about. He LOVES reading about life from the perspective of another child in the Children's Guide & even talks about sending letters to his new "friends". We get straight into the crafts and activities and love the quality time it gives us together, while he learns the all important skills of empathy & understanding life from the perspective of someone in another country. We spend hours crafting, playing the games and reading and re-reading the beautiful book that comes in each box. He takes his "souvenir" into school for Sharing Day and loves showing all his new knowledge about each different country to his friends. He's become so confident! As a busy working mother, I love that it's a super convenient way to teach him about other countries and cultures of the world, which is going to be so important to him as he grows up. It's all packaged up so nicely and in such a fun way for him to learn. There's so much stuff in each box; it takes all the hard work out of it for me. Can't wait to see what country we learn about next.......

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by Kate, Nov 07, 2018

My girls, 4 and 6, love this box and I'm right there with them. The activities (especially the art projects) keep them engaged for a good chunk of time, the books have been super-high quality, and the accompanying parents guide has taught me more than a few things. Whenever our box arrives we get out our globe, talk about our world, and dream big. We've had a lot of fun learning words in new languages too. Definitely recommend the siblings add-on as this has prevented squabbling!

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