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Magnolia Record Club

The only vinyl subscription box curated by artists, not robots. Make memories with your music again

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Product Overview
  • Packages leave our shipping facility between the 1st and 7th of the month. (i.e - January record of the month will ship February 1-7)
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Limited Edition Pressed Vinyl Every Month!
Magnolia Record Club is a monthly vinyl subscription service, curated by artists, not robots. We deliver unique records straight to your door every month. Each box provides an opportunity to listen to the music through an artist’s perspective with Listening Notes from our curator and grow a stellar record collection without the hassle.
  • Exclusive Limited Edition LP every month
  • Unique artwork
  • Listening Notes from artists
  • Memories made with every box!


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Magnolia Is Great!!

by Hailey M., Jan 09, 2019

Magnolia is such a great subscription box. It is nice knowing that the albums were handpicked by a person, not some computer algorithm. This service is a wonderful way to grow your vinyl collection and learn about new artists!! Not to mention that if you don't like a record, you can get a replacement. I really recommend this as a gift to any music lovers.

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Awesome Service!

by Carlie J., Jan 09, 2019

Magnolia Record Club is a very unique and personal experience I’d recommend to any vinyl collector. They go above and beyond with the limited edition pressings, new artist recommendations, and listening notes for each record.

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Do you love music?!

by Jake W., Jan 09, 2019

Magnolia Record Club is a phenomenal service that makes music fun and enjoyable. Vinyl's are a wonderful way to express your love for music and what better way to do that then the services Magnolia Record Club provides.

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Calling all vinyl lovers!

by Emily W., Jan 03, 2019

This subscription is a great gift for yourself and others! Not only do they have fantastic, quick customer service, they also have a replacement feature if you don't like the record of that month! It's a great way to find out about new artists and enjoy limited edition pressings that will grow your vinyl collection!

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Absolutely Wonderful!!

by Jake W., Jan 03, 2019

Here are a few reasons why Magnolia Record Club is fantastic: limited edition pressings, good customer service, the replacement feature. This is a great way to discover new artists and is an easy and fun way to grow your vinyl collection!

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Cancelling is difficult

by Kristen S., Apr 14, 2019

The records were good- my brother in law enjoyed them. However they are things he would have chosen for himself and were on his radar, things he could have purchased for less at our local record stores. The "unique artwork" was a postcard. This box is a fun novelty but not worth the the monthly price.

My main irritation with this box is how DIFFICULT and tricky it was to cancel it. They ask you several different times if you are sure you want to cancel and at one point ask why you are cancelling. I indicated three times I wanted to cancel by clicking "cancel my subscription". Then, they asked me to submit what the issue was so I said it was just a gift for a couple of months and I had spent what I wanted to spend. At this point, after indicating on multiple separate pages that I wanted to cancel, I thought it was cancelled. Instead, this was intended to be a chance for the seller to resolve the "issue" that caused me to want to cancel. I never heard back from the seller after sending this message. If they read it, they would have known that I intended to cancel and should have reached out to me to let me know I had not cancelled yet. Bad business practices, in my opinion.

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by Kaitlin H., Jun 15, 2018

Magnolia Record Club has been such a joy to be a part of. I love their limited edition pressings that they have most months. They also have really great customer service. Any time I have had an issue with a record they have been speedy to fix the situation. I look forward to being a member of this club for many years to come!

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So fun!

by Britney, Aug 29, 2018

This subscription is a great way to grow your record collection! I look forward to I opening my box and discovering new artists every month!

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by Lillian J., Aug 29, 2018

I love getting this box each month!! It's so cool to get the limited edition pressings. The listening notes about each record are my very favorite part as I get to learn even more about the new music. I would definitely recommend subscribing to this incredible record club!

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Love this...

by Claire J., Aug 28, 2018

I love Magnolia because it helps me find new artists, and I can easily add to my vinyl collection. I look forward to receiving the new limited edition records each month. I highly recommend this service!!

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