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Mario's Mystery Block

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A monthly themed Mystery Block full of awesome fun surprises straight from the world of Nintendo!

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$24.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • The last day you can sign up for your first Mystery Block is easy to remember - the last day of the current month. This means if you subscribe in January you will receive your January Mystery Block in February. You will always receive your Mystery Block within the first 14 days of the current month for last month's Mystery Block. Subscribe today!
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
For fans of all ages who love Nintendo!
Mario's Mystery Block is a celebration of all things Nintendo! We deliver a mystery box full of high-quality loot valuing over $40 at retail every month. Mystery items can include toys, novelty items, candy, t-shirts, & more straight from the world of Nintendo. Perhaps your favorite character or console will be next month's theme. Subscribe today!
  • New theme every month based on Nintendo characters, consoles, franchises, and more!
  • 3 to 6 mystery products per block!
  • Products may include: Officially licensed Nintendo toys and figures, novelty items, apparel, high quality plush, candy, and more!
  • Fun surprises each month for Nintendo fans of all ages!
  • Retail value: $40 or more of awesome Nintendo loot!
Subscriber Reviews
4.3 of 5 stars
One of the best
by Nicole written Mar 31, 2018
This was one of the best "Nintendo" boxes I've gotten.Each month is a different theme,last months was original NES and everything was themed around that I got everything from a tshirt to an amazing handmade soap that looked like the controller of an NES and smelled amazing...very impressed with this box...just a note the tshirts are made large
Verified Purchase
Best customer service
by Marcy written Dec 12, 2017
Due to Cratejoys's interface, I was expecting to choose which character I got for my mystery box. This is not the case, it is a themed box. After contacting the seller, they were able to ship out a special box with the items I wanted. I would recommend going to the seller's website, instead of through Cratejoy. They are fantastic and made everything right!
Verified Purchase
Good Value & Customization, Boring Stuff
by Zachary written Dec 12, 2017
First, the good points. This box does offer a good amount of customization. I ordered a Zelda box for the Wii era, and that's exactly what I got! A box full of stuff themed around Zelda games of that time. And it was ALL Zelda stuff, so no Mario or Pokemon or anything else snuck in there. And, despite me paying about $30.98 including shipping, the items WERE of greater value than I paid, according to similar items on eBay and Amazon. So this service DOES prove adept at matching the customer's specifications and giving them good value items. Plus, the box design is cute and the green shredded paper did match the franchise's cosmetics. Now the bad points. The stuff included is your standard Loot Crate-esque filler. In the box I received, I got a set of cheap pins, some socks, some mints, a plush toy, and one of those tag blind bags. As I said, based on pricing I looked up and what the Nerd Store down the street sells stuff for, the value DOES match what you pay for. ...But this is it? No POP figure or DLC or tin or bag or hat or figurine or just something out of the ordinary that you wouldn't expect in a subscription box? Just some stuff you'd find hanging on the rack next to a checkout at Toys R Us? ...Despite the out there design of the website and box, there's not much identity to this subscription. Also, while checking out, they asked me for a T-Shirt size, so I was disappointed not to receive one. When are T-Shirts included? Is there a franchise I had to have chosen to get a T-Shirt, or are they just sent out on random months? Nothing on the site said anything, and they don't include a packing list, so I'm a little confused. Also despite me specifying a Women's Medium for the T-Shirt, they gave me a Men's 10-13 for socks, which are going to be WAY too big for the person I'm buying this for. If they were going to include additional clothing in these boxes, I wish they could have informed me about what sizes are available. Overall, this company comes across as style over substance. I was taken in by their attention to detail and interesting theme, but the items I got were just... meh. However, this is me, a seasoned collector speaking. I personally wouldn't buy it again, but I bought this as a gift for my sister, who I'm pretty sure isn't as picky and just wants some Zelda stuff. And since this company's new, I'm sure they just need some time to get their act together and figure out how to balance the value with the surprises. If you just want some Nintendo-branded stuff(which was all official, so that's another point I can give them) and don't care about gimmicks or the unexpected, try this company at least once.
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