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Not For Experienced Pin Collectors
by Paul written 12 days ago
I gave my sweetie - a serious pin collector - a monthly subscription for 3 used pins. She immediately identified the pins that came as "scrappers" (not necessarily a bad thing, some people collect them). I switched the gift subscription to one new pin starting this month and hopefully that will be better for an expert like her. If we were back when she was just getting started with pin trading, I'm sure she'd have loved it.
Not what I expected
by Cindy written last year
I signed up for the 3 pins they came they seemed in fine shape but I have no idea who they were. No Disney characters I’ve ever seen. Looked up pins on eBay none had these people. I guess they can’t all be winners but I would have thought they would have started me out with something good. Needless to say I cancelled immediately
Not what I'd expected...
by Shannon written last year
I understand it says "themed", but it also reads from the parks. What I've received is not from a park. This latest is actually 1 peice from a 3 piece set of Jim Shore ornaments sold at Macy's. I already own the set, paid $32 for all 3. The 1 ornament is all that was in the standard $19.95 package so I am a bit upset. I've already contacted the company....
In Love!!
by Jeremy written last year
I absolutely love Mickey Monthly!! It's like getting a piece of the magic right at your doorstep! I always look forward to the boxes, and each one is a magical surprise! You guys do great work! Please keep it going! °o°
Fiancee Disney Addiction
by Jimmy written last year
Im getting married to my Fiancee in Nov. Our Honeymoon will be in April 2018 at Disneyworld. Which shes never been, even though she is in love with Disney. I decided to have pins sent to her to start a pin collection that she could take to Disney to trade throughout the parks. She loves every pin she gets and the joy that I see when she opens up the bag is great. Its like a countdown to the day we go on our first trip to Disney. Oh and she keeps the little Mickey confetti that comes in the bag too. :) Great quality pins. Looking forward to see more pins to come.
A Little Magic
by Neomie written last year
We have been receiving Mickey Monthly for a little over a year now and absolutely LOVE it! It brings us just the right amount of Disney magic each month. I definitely recommend.
Pure Disney Magic
by Amanda written last year
I've been getting Mickey Monthly for over a year and it's the best subscription out there! The blue box on my porch is guaranteed to have Disney magic perfectly packaged inside. I've loved every box I've received and couldn't recommend it enough.
The Happiest Mail!
by Kirsten written last year
I am signed up for the Pin Pal - 3 pins subscription - every month I get to open a cute little bubble mailer with 3 unique pins and a dash of Mickey-shaped confetti which somehow makes it that much more exciting! The pins are always in great condition. I'm too far away from any Disney property, so this subscription brings the magic to me!
Mickey Monthly
by Rosalee written last year
I love Mickey Monthly and so look forward to my surprise package every month!! The items are always fun and are of the highest quality!
So Fun!!!! Awesome!!!
by Kaye written last year
We absolutely love our Mickey Monthly!!! We are Disney fanatics and go to Disney World at least twice a year. Our Mickey Monthly keeps the magic going all year! My kids are big people now (ages 16, 17 and 18) and they gather around to open the magical box that comes every month. It's awesome!! Such a fun surprise to look forward to every month! And the items in the box are top notch Disney souvenirs. Absolutely love it!
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