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Munchie Case

The perfect mix of snacks when you get a case of the munchies. Delivered directly to you.

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Plans as low as $25.99 $23.99 / month
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Product Overview
  • Your Munchie Case will ship on the 10th of every month. Please order by 30th of the previous month to get the most current box we offer. Allow for 3-5 days to arrive. Each month is a new surprise mix of snacks, you will always receive different items each month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
A Fun Monthly Snacking Surprise
The perfect mix of snacks (sweet, sour, salty, savory) when you get a case of the munchies. Munchie Case was created to provide the best assortment of snacks and candies to cure your case of the munchies. Each monthly case is tested and handpicked by our team of snacksperts to provide you a value packed line up of sweet, salty and savory snacks.
  • The best surprise snacking experience, all delivered directly to your door.
  • 10-12 NEW unique hand-picked snacks from: sweet, sour, salty, chocolate and savory to enjoy.
  • Amazing value and a fun surprise each month to start snacking adventurously.
  • Always FREE USPS priority 2-3 day shipping, included with every order.
  • Never be without the perfect snack when you get a case of the munchies!

Subscriber Reviews

I dare you not to eat it all in one day

by Veronica, Nov 19, 2018

This subscription box is for all the sweet-tooth, crunch addicts, sour lovers and salty cravers out there! It's great to finally have a box with snacks you actually want to eat! Whether you need something to snack on while working, snack while in traffic, binge Netflixing (is that a word?), etc. this is the box for you! I loved all the selections in Munchie Case varying from sweet, sour, salty, and crunchy - I mean who doesn't like variety? Can't wait for my next box! Happy snacking!

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Munchie case

by Alex, Nov 16, 2018

I just received my first order on my munchie case and I couldn’t be happier. So many great choices of snacks, great service, and quick delivery. This is a great company and I am excited to keep my subscription going on moving forward.

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My Kids Love Munchie Case

by Stephanie, Nov 16, 2018

My kids devoured the entire Munchie Case in 1 day! Going to order a second subscription so each kid can have their own. Highly recommended.

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