My BBQ Box

Become a BBQ pro. Get the rub, the guide and a special surprise every month.

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  • We ship out the third Monday of every month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
My BBQ Box Become a Pitmaster
A new reason to BBQ will arrive at your door every month. Special spice blends, and detailed instructions will make you the neighborhood pitmaster in no time. We show you how to produce the best BBQ your ever tasted on your smoker, gas grill or charcoal setup.
  • Free Shipping, Cancel Anytime. If you're not happy, we're not happy.
  • Custom blended rubs specific to each type of BBQ.
  • Detailed instructions and Pitmaster secrets.
  • A free cool surprise that will come in handy while you cook.
  • Not just a bottle of rub, but you'll get insight into the techniques used by BBQ pro's and old time pitmasters alike.
Subscriber Reviews
3.8 of 5 stars
June My BBQ Box Review
by Aaron B written 2 years ago
I LOVE barbecue. My BBQ Box delivers essentials, and this month, they focused on Texas Brisket.
Full Review
Great Gift for Dad
by Tina written last year
I purchased this for my Dad for xmas this past year. He loves it. Without fail I always get a call shortly after his box arrives to tell me what he got. He said it really "upped his game".
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I did not like any of the received items
by jessica written last year
I received this as a gift from my aunt but when it arrived I found the presentation underwhelming and the actual products to be not tasty.
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Unbelievable rub!
by Jim written last year
I have been BBQing for years and but I have always used store bought rubs and they never tasted right. My meat came out good but not great. My BBQ Box took my BBQing skills the next level. The rub is nothing short of incredible and the recipes are on point and precise. Basically, this has given new energy to my BBQing hobby and inspired me to explore new areas. Love it and I would like an opportunity to buy the rub separately after I run out.
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