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My BBQ Box

Monthly BBQ box includes a custom rub, detailed prep and cooking directions, and a special gift.

$21.99+ / month
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Product Overview
  • We'll typically ship boxes between the 5th-7th of every month. Boxes should arrive 3-5 business days after that via USPS.
  • Only ships within United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
We'll help you create your own BBQ legend!
With a My BBQ Box subscription your mailbox will become a gateway to the best in regional BBQ styles. Our custom spice blends and detailed instructions will make you the neighborhood pit master in no time. We will be your guide along the journey to creating your best BBQ!
  • Custom crafted rubs specific to that months regional BBQ recipe.
  • Step by step prep and cooking instructions for your smoker, gas grill or charcoal setup.
  • A different surprise gift each month to help you along your BBQ journey.
  • Recipe's include Texas beef ribs, California tri-tip, New Orleans shrimp, Carolina ribs and more!
  • 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions. Pre-paid or month to month.

Subscriber Reviews

July 2017 BBQ Box Review

by Curtis, Jul 22, 2017

My kids got me a subscription to My BBQ Box for father's day this year and I received the first box in time to cook brisket for the 4th of July. I have a Traeger Elite grill and have done brisket a few times, but was never really satisfied with the results even though I was very careful to follow the prescribed techniques. Don't get me wrong, they were great, but not as good as I expected based on the results I had with other meats and methods. The July box came with the following: - A generous portion of Texas brisket rub; no sugars added, just salt, various peppers and herbs ( I like the no sugar approach ) - An application shaker for the rub - A beer koozie ( at least that's what it is in Texas :-) ) - A bunch of american flags ( very patriotic, thank you ) - Grilling instructions; these were well written and easy to follow I followed the provided instructions, which I adapted a little for use on my Traeger, and BBQd a 17lb+ brisket. 17 hours later the results were better than I expected and arguably the best brisket I have ever managed to produce. My family really enjoyed it and so did some of my co-workers that I provided lunch for the following week. I had written brisket off my BBQing list, but its back on now. Thanks for the July BBQ Box and I'm looking forward to what August will bring. BTW, so are my family and co-workers :-)


by Marissa, Jul 03, 2017

Got a rub (all ingredients I already have at home), a cheaply made spice shaker, a koozie, and some American flag toothpicks. Didn't seem worth $18. I was hoping for a bottle of marinade or sauce along with what came along in the box. All and all, not very exciting.

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Rubs were good, but not worth the $$

by M, Jun 12, 2017

I purchased a three month subscription for my husband because he loves grilling and smoking. From the description, this sounded like the perfect box for him. But we were very underwhelmed by what we received. Our first box (which we did receive a refund on) was covered in ants. The rub was a recipe we already use, but it's a good one and the plastic shaker was pretty cool. Skip forward to the second month, we received a rib rub (also very good) and four paper/cardboard containers. I get that it's BBQ and you're trying to give the feel of that, but seriously? A bag of rub and PAPER containers?? I would not recommend this box and it's only getting two stars because the rubs are good, though not worth the cost of the box.

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