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Totally Booked Crate

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Totally Booked Crate is a journey through pages delivered right to your door!

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$29.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • Orders placed by the 20th of the current month are shipped during the 23rd-30th of that month. We ship USPS Priority Mail for US customers only. Canada and International ship First-Class. For more information, regarding our policies and shipping please refer to the FAQ section on our site. **Please read the FAQ's before purchasing your crate**
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime

Totally Booked Crate is a journey through pages delivered right to your door!

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Totally Booked Crate & MGP Book Crate
Totally Booked Crate is a monthly subscription for readers of romance/young adult . Each month you will receive a new release/bestselling book with 3-5 bookish goods - you will always get a candle in each box to set the perfect reading mood. We always try to include an author letter, signed bookplate/book, and book swag.
  • Our crates come with one new release/bestselling book, 3-5 specially curated bookish items, and book swag. Sometimes we include custom items that can't be received anywhere else, author letter, and signed bookplate.
  • Choose from two different crates: My Guilty Pleasures Book Crate (our romance crate) or Totally Booked Crate (our young adult crate). All crates have the same monthly theme, regardless of crate type/genre.
  • Our young adult crate offers 2 genre (YA Fantasy & YA Contemporary) and our romance crate offers 3 genres (Historical Romance, New Adult, & Romance). Both crates offer the random pick option if you love all the genres in that crate.
  • Each crate has it's own theme. Totally Booked Crate will be themed based off the YA fandoms, which is inspired by the YA Fantasy book we are featuring. My Guilty Pleasures theme will be a neutral fun theme that may/may not be based off of romance books.

Subscriber Reviews

New name/not the same box

by Megan, Aug 06, 2018

I use to love this box. A couple months ago the owner switched and the box changed it's name and now the books aren't as great.

Verified Purchase

Highly recomend

by Foteini, Jul 10, 2018

I just got my May's box that was"held hostage" in my country's customs.I have to say that it was totally worth the wait.What i liked about this box is,except from the items,how well packaged everything was,the personal tauches (i really appreciated them), how strong the box was and the option that you could select each month's both Y.A. books.Unfortunatelly i won't be able to get it again any time soon because of the high shipping and customs cost but if you live in a country that you don't have to pay so much for shipping and customs you should definitelly try it

Would definitely recommend!

by Margaret, May 17, 2018

This crate is exactly what I was looking for. I had another subscription box in addition to this one and when my budget got tight one of the boxes had to go and I am happy to say that I picked the right box to stay subscribed to! So far I have loved every single book that I have gotten and I really like the you get to pick the genre (i am currently subscribed to the new adult box) for your box. I also really like that most books come either signed or with a signed book plate already inside the book by the author and that each box has its own theme every month. It would be nice to have the themes based around the book but I do understand why that isn't always possible giving the amount of subscribers and different genres you have to pick from. Customer service is also friendly and quick to respond if you have an issue. I do wish that boxes were shipped out sooner but its still nice to have something to look forward to every month!

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