My Garden Box
A custom crafted collection of live plants and gardening goods.

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Great Box - No Green Thumb Necessary :)
by Samantha written 27 days ago
We just got our first Garden Box in the mail, and we love it!! For starters, I have to admit that I have the least green thumb possible (I've killed multiple succulents and even a cactus. Ha!), but I've been wanting to add natural plant life to our house. My Garden Box is the perfect solution! The box came with instructions (complete with pictures) for how to plant it, water it and where to place it in the house. (As someone who is gardening challenged, I appreciate all this detail!) The box also came with the perfect amount of potting soil, fertilizer, gnat-resistant crushed rock, decorative pebbles and a really cute leak-proof pot (which arrived in perfect condition/no chips). The plant itself (a calathea) is also beautiful! My Garden Box went out of their way to make sure it arrived safely. With the winter weather, they waited a few extra days to ship the plant and sent me an email notification about the delay. It arrived with its soil wrapped in plastic (so there was no mess), and the soil was still moist (so my plant was very healthy and alive). This box is a great deal and very high quality! (I've spent more money in the past on bouquets that arrive withered and die in a few days.) We're looking forward to adding more My Garden Box plants to our house, and fingers crossed - becoming slightly better gardeners. :) Thank you, My Garden Box, for making our house a little brighter and more plant-friendly!
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Love it!
by Melissa written 2 months ago
Got my first one as a gift from my son. Love the 3 wreaths and air plants. Now I can include my love of plants on my front door. Making the smallest wreath into a Christmas ornament for the tree.
We always look forward to something new!
by Paul written 2 months ago
Opening my garden box is always a surprise. Every month is something unique. We loved the wreath kits with living air plants. The smallest one, we made into an ornament and added a small bird perched on the wreath. Looking forward to January already!
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subscription was canceled
by Rebecca written 2 months ago
I don't want to build a wreath. incredulous
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by Rebecca written 3 months ago
Disappointed as I care nothing about the planter (a blue design reminiscent of items seen at a garage sale) that was enclosed. I will re-gift it with the bulbs.
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by AbigailGiovacchini written 4 months ago
The plants showed up healthy and ready to be planted with soil, moss, rocks, a wood tag, watering can, container, and base. Instructions included on how to care for it as well. Loved doing it and am excited for next month!
Stirring the soil is great for the soul!
by Lois written 4 months ago
My daughter at college loves her Garden Box! I want to renew my subscription! She says it makes her day when it arrives. She loves the plants and containers. Well-done and perfect for a bio major.
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First Timer: in LOVE
by Michelle written 5 months ago
Just received my first box today. Inside the box was a bosai type plant Kekedama?, twine, moss, dirt, a ceramic dish and clear + thought out instructions for $20? How can you not love this. I made an adorable/unusual "moss ball" that is attractive on my patio.
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I love this box!
by Alyson written 5 months ago
I cannot say enough good things about this box. The plants that come in the box are unique, super cute and look so good around my home. I love the easy instructions on assembly too. If you haven't subscribed to this box - you really should.
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by Deb written 5 months ago
I guess I had my expectations too high but when I received three little plants, some twine and three plates, needless to say, I wasn't impressed in the least. I'll give them one more month, and if it's not considerably more substantial, I'll be canceling my subscription.
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