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A monthly subscription box curated for your spiritual needs!

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  • Shipping the 20-25th, order by the 10th to receive your boxx.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Reconnect to the Mystic within
Mystic Boxx delivers your most basic spiritual needs straight to your doorstep every month! No more wasting time searching for tools to heighten your spiritual gifts or aid your spiritual journey. We hand select items that pair perfectly with our themed boxes for each Chakra! Subscribe and start receiving Mystic essentials today.
  • Mystic Boxx Mini:1 to 2 pieces of mystic swag
  • Mystic Boxx: 3 to 5 pieces of mystic swag, retail value of $90 or more
  • Items may include: bespelled candles, perfumes, gemstones, altar decor, and more!
  • Unique themes every month


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Perfect for the mindful enthusiast

by Serise L., Feb 07, 2019

I lead a chant circle and these monthly boxes are perfect. The crystals are fine quality and everything feels aligned with my true purpose and intentions. From full moon rituals to just every day manifestation rounds, Mystic boxx has me covered.

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The new formula is even better!

by Serise L., Sep 12, 2018

I stay subscribed because each box is better than the last. The monthly themes align with my manifestation goals. The products are very timely and the crystals remain high quality.

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Great stuff as always

by Serise L., Jul 15, 2018

If there's one subscription I love showing off, it's Mystic Boxx! Always happy to see this package in the mail.

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Mystic Boxx Fits My Frequency

by Serise L., Jun 20, 2018

If you want to get a monthly box that feels truly handcrafted with love and understanding? This is definitely the one for you! I wanted to get something in the mail every month that would connect to the deeper parts of my true self, the side we all wish someone would just "get". As I took the items out of the box, I felt like the creator really made time to know how the recipient would feel. It's a great connection and you'll feel it from your first box forward.

My favorites are the wax melts. Even my roomies can't get enough of that sweet, subtle scent hanging in the air. It's aided me immensely in my ongoing rituals and just day to day self-care. Great purchase! EDIT: Getting this box in the mail is always the highlight of the day. I love how the box ties in to something I'm working on. If you're seriously committed to getting your goals and supplies to work hand in hand, this subscription is well worth it. EDIT: Mystic Boxx gets even BETTER. And when you start off incredibly well, "better" means that your world is about to get seriously ROCKED. EDIT: The best feeling ever is coming home after a long day and seeing this little package waiting for me. The consistency is out of this world. I make room in my budget specifically for this subscription and I'm never disappointed. Everything is packed with loving care.

I proudly wear the jewelry...

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by Marie N., Jun 20, 2018

I loved my box! I can tell that they put a lot of thought and care into curating the box. I love how decorative the packaging was. They included a beautiful card describing what kind of crystals were in the box. The wax melts, bath salts, and perfume smelled amazing and were perfect for a special V-Day ritual. I felt like a love Goddess lol. The artwork was beautiful and will be a lovely addition to my altar. I am more than thrilled with what I received, and I look forward to next month's box! EDIT: Mystic Boxx has become my favorite subscription box! It is an intregal part of my self care routine. Each month I receive beautiful items that nourish my soul, and the themes always seem to be just what I am needing. Receiving this box is truly a joy!

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Lovely Items!

by Taylor H., Jun 20, 2018

You will never be disappointed with Mystic Boxx or Mystic Boxx Mini if you love receiving surprises to help you on your spiritual journey like myself. I love all of the spiritual goodies I have received. I highly recommend Mystic Boxx and Mystic Boxx Mini if you love receiving crystals from around the world and other neat spiritual surprises. And the long wait is definitely worth it! EDIT: I am always in awe when I receive Mystic Boxx. This month is no different. I am completely in enthralled with the items for this particular month. I'm so glad I subscribed to Mystic Boxx. EDIT: love the Mystic Boxx. Mystic Boxx has always left me in awe once I receive the items. The contents within Mystic Boxx definitely comes in handy to help aid me in my spiritual journey. I also love how Mystic Boxx has a different theme each month. If you want something to help aid you on your spiritual journey and you also love getting surprises each month, I highly recommend Mystic Boxx. EDIT: Mystic Boxx never disappoints me. I love the theme of this month's Mystic Boxx. The crystals highly resonated with me. The artwork is lovely and the descriptions of what's inside in the Mystic Boxx is a plus too.

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by Latifah A., Jun 20, 2018

Another great Mystic Boxx. They just keep getting better and better. Just opened mine and was floored by the goodness inside. Always worth it. EDIT: I am never disappointed in my Mystic Boxx. Last month's was beyond my expectations. Everything is always packaged beautifully. EDIT: Another month, another fabulous box. I am never disappointed with my Mystic boxx.

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by Devon G., Jun 20, 2018

If you haven’t purchased MB yet, you are truly missing out on something amazing!!! I look forward to getting my box every month, and I am in awe of the contents every single time! Check it out for yourself. You will not be disappointed! EDIT: Every box that I receive just never fails to amaze me! If only you can witness my excitement whenever I get my boxes in the mail! It’s like Christmas for me. I’m always in awe!

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Love It!!

by Monica J., Jun 20, 2018

I absolutely loved my Mystic Boxx!! The Bath Oil has a light, Earthy scent. The handmade art piece is adorable, and it adds a very nice touch to the box. The bath salts have a pleasant smell, as well. It's a difficult choice, but I would have to say that my favorite product in the box are the potent, high-quality crystals. I felt the healing energy from them as soon as I picked them up. All in all, I would highly recommend Mystic Boxx. You get MORE than your money's worth with this box. I'm already excited about next month's goodies!!! :) EDIT: I was so excited as soon as I picked up my box. I am definitely a fan of the new external and internal packaging! The quality of the items and the packaging has increased even more, which I didn't know was possible. I am very pleased.

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My new Mystic box

by Amethystsugar, Jun 15, 2018

Every month, I'm so excited to receive my box, but this month's was so special.

I love looking forward to each month's box.

Thank you so much for my lovely surprises each month!

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