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4.7 of 5 stars
by Ellen written 7 days ago
This is such fun - a present of a fascinating book, with some presents along the way. I didn't need motivation to read the last book, Lost Vintage, but it was all the more fun with the gifts. Love it!
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Good book, but no.
by Mary written Aug 04, 2018
Loved the book choice, but wasn’t a fan of some of the extras included. Included a wine opener set (already had one because most adults do), a little tea bag and ceramic tea bag plate (wasn’t sure what it was for, but did like this one because it was cute), what looked like a small binder with a weird clip that was damaged (again, no explanation as to what it was for), and a letter that went with the story, but I struggled to read it due to the light print (plus it was verbatim what was written in the book, so unnecessary). I’m going to cancel my subscription because I didn’t feel like the extras included were worth what I was paying for the subscription box and I have a bookstore in town if I want to buy myself a new book.
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Mixed Feelings
by Sarah written Jul 31, 2018
I initially enjoyed the subscription but got several repeat gifts, never exactly the same but like lava stone ring, then a lava stone necklace a couple of months later. I started to accumulate a lot of clutter. The price was getting to be too much, a lot of the gifts fell apart and the genre is either chick lit or WWII historical fiction on repeat.
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Just a gift
by Marian written Jul 13, 2018
Hello!!! I'm teaching my niece (she's 12 years old) to speak in English. I would really love to make a gift like this to her. Is it possible not to subscribe monthly but only buy just one??? Thank you very much!!! Marian.
Wonderful experience!
by Cindy written Jun 30, 2018
I cannot recommend this box enough. I wait in anticipation for my box every month. I enjoy the experience of opening gifts when you get to certain pages in the book. It is a one of a kind experience. I love them so much that I subscribe to both the Adult and Ya box!
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Love ,love ,LOVE
by Brittany written Jun 30, 2018
I’m so excited when this subscription box comes every month. I love how the book comes to life with the little gifts. Makes the experience that much better
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House on Harbor Hill
by Grace written Jun 29, 2018
This is my first box and I'm soooooo happy. It's an exciting way to read a book.
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The Joy In My Life!!
by Buckley written Jun 26, 2018
I honestly can’t tell you what joy this little book shaped box brings me... I stalk my door, until it arrives every month. Once Upon a Bookclub has introduced me to books that I may have missed out on, rewarded me for reading (like I need a reward?!!) with cute gifts that bring the book to life (and things I actually want to use & keep after), introduced me to the authors, and set up a community of other book lovers for me to discuss books & all things books📚📚 I honestly can’t recomend them enough👍🏻👍🏻
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Love love love!!❤️
by Jennifer written Jun 26, 2018
I have absolutely been in awe of each and every box I’ve received! I stalk the mailman every month and I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!
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Awesome sub box!
by Chelsea written Jun 26, 2018
I have subscribed to this box for over a year and honestly, the gifts just keep getting better! I have liked every single book they have selected, and always look forward to the next month's box. As for the reviews complaining about late shipments, I have only seen this happen a couple of times -and it was the fault of the supplier. Once Upon a Book Club won't send products that suppliers mess up, because they care too much about the quality of their products! I have tried a lot of book sub boxes, and this one is by far my favorite!!
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