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Subscription wouldn’t cancel
by Angela written Oct 26, 2018
First of all, we loved the subscription! I ordered a three month subscription for my daughter for her birthday but it wouldn’t cancel after MULTIPLE times of me checking and verifying a cancellation. It kept reverting back for some reason. I don’t know if this is a Cratejoy issue or Once upon a Book Clubs. What I do know is I now have a total of $86.98 of unauthorized charges. I was planning to do another three month subscription for her for Christmas but I’m SO upset over this.
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Best Book Box Out There!
by Roseanna written Sep 29, 2018
I tried another book club prior to this, yes it was less expensive, but this is so worth it. It took my sister convincing me to do something nice for myself for once, five months ago, and I haven't looked back. I have enjoyed every book I have received. It really forces me to get out of my comfort zone. I tend to stick to young adult, but decided to go in 100% and get the adult box. Although this month I will likely spring for both boxes. They both sound amazing. All the gifts really bring the books to life. The ladies running things do such an amazing job selecting the custom gifts and know exactly what page a gift is needed. They host a Facebook group with such an amazing group of people, as well. I highly recommend Once Upon a Book Club. It gives me something to look forward to every month.
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Love it
by Hannah written Sep 29, 2018
I started this subscription two years ago to help get myself out of a book slump. I've continued to subscribe because this box really is one of the best experiences I've had. I look forward to my boxes each month (I get both the YA and adult boxes because I have no self control lol).The gifts fit well with the story and are often useful after the book is done. I will continue to get this as long as I can!
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by Lore written Sep 28, 2018
This is the better book box EVER!! They put so much effort creating a lively reading experience, with so high quality gifts, beautifully wrapped. I really recommend it. If I could I’ll give them infinite stars!!!
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Amazing Bookbox!!
by Pamela written Sep 28, 2018
Once Upon A Book Club offers a fantastically wonderful reading experience! They create beautiful gifts that come right out of the book of the month that make you feel as if you are a part of the story, as if you are that character receiving whatever object it is. It allows the reader to be engaged in the storyline and get all the feels of the emotions going through the book. It’s a reading experience you don’t want to miss!
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The lost vintage
by Christina written Sep 28, 2018
Once upon a time book club did an amazing job bringing this book to life for me. The wonderful gifts that came along with this amazing book really was a way for me to remember such an awesome book. This book club is an experience everyone should try.
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Best Ever
by Marilynne written Sep 28, 2018
Once upon a book club is one of the best book subscriptions boxes I've ever experienced! I'm so in love with the different hints for both ya and adult books. Every single box comes with a couple gifts wrapped so beautifully with the page numbers that goes with the book. The gifts are so unique and different than the last. I'm addicted to this subscription 😍💖📚❤
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Love this Book Club box!
by Patricia written Sep 28, 2018
I love treating myself to this book box. I usually get the adult box. The gifts make me feel like part of the story. Many gifts are custom designed for the box. I also enjoy interacting with the authors on Instagram. These boxes make really unique gifts too!
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Best decision ever
by Lorene written Sep 28, 2018
I took a while to decide on finally joining a book club and this one looked the most entertaining and buy was I right in choosing it! Love every aspect of the boxes, author meets and reading books I usually wouldn’t pick out but turn out loving. Best decision I have made! Will continue for a long time!
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Best Idea Ever
by Grace written Sep 28, 2018
I love to read!!! That being said, Once Upon a Book Club has risen above. The idea of getting more immersed in a book than you already do, is simply behind words. The gifts included to make you feel a part of the story is exceptional. Well done ladies.
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