Rose War Panty Power
An organic monthly period and lifestyle subscription box!

$25.20+ / month

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4.6 of 5 stars
Very happy with this box
by Arisbeth written today
I love the variety of products , they are fun and cute. Like the idea of having new panties every month. I think is a reasonable price for everything that comes in the box.
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Good Selections
by A. written 4 days ago
I hate shopping for period supplies more than anything in my life. It's something I simply don't remember until, you know, my period is here and I am too dead to go to the store. I do use a cup but there are days where I just can't deal with all of that. So this subscription is pretty great for someone who can't make a simple shopping list. In my box, I received 2 panties (decent can probably buy similar ones for $1.99 at Ross), some tampons and pads (seem to be good quality), a little bottle of grapefruit essential oil (about $6 value...I loooove essential oils), 3 pieces of candy, and a glass nail buffer (really good quality...just not something I really need). Overall, the value is definitely there for me. This isn't a box where you get a million dollars worth of stuff but it's a well-curated box that delivers the things you NEED in one convenient little box. Makes periods a little less awful.
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Eases Anxiety
by Melissa written 4 days ago
I’m signed in as an adult, but doing this for my daughter. It has really given her a sense of being confident. She was alway embarrassed when I asked if she needed more supplies. Now she looks forward to the box. After 6 months I plan on changing the size, so I get new underwear too. Any gifts she can’t use we will save for Christmas presents. It’s a win win. Andni’m Not running all over town looking for organic. You go RWPP. I wish you all the success in the world!
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Fun box!
by Melina written 18 days ago
This a fun box to receive during that time of the month and suitable for women across ages! I had purchased a box during their Black Friday sales and was pleased with the quality of one of the panties (love that you can choose if you want thongs only, no thong, or a mix). It was a simple but chic plain black thong that I loved. The other one, unfortunately it was a neon pink and yellow animal print bikini panty that wasn't my style at all, but can't complain too much as it is a surprise box after all. Other than that, it also came with a nice wash off mask/cleanser made of natural ingredients, a sheetmask, a Korean nail shiner that works pretty nicely, candies and of course the 14 organic pads/tampons/liners which are pretty comfortable! I'm taking 1 star off just because I didn't like the box enough to justify its full price (if I had paid the full price) but if you love natural/artisan beauty products and organic goods, I think the value would be there and you will definitely enjoy it :)
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by Alexandra written 22 days ago
I just got my first box from RWPP a few days ago. You can custom if you want pads, tampons, or both.You get 2 pairs of underwear of your choice and 14 sanitary products in each monthly box. I am happy with the protection I get from using the deodorant so much after only 2 days I ordered 2 more from the company’s website. I love the underwear in this months box. Both pairs of underwear are flowery prints. 1 pair is soft no show underwear with a white background with brown flower print. The other pair is a nude/beige colour in all lace with a flower print. I am excited to try organic pads for the first time. The 2 snacks I got are 1 square of Ghirardelli dark chocolate with strawberry filling. I am saving it since I have never seen that flavour before and think I will like it a lot and won’t be able to find it. Chocolate and strawberry is so valentines, so perfect for February’s box. The over snack I got was 2 small packages with 2 cookies each it’s a Korean butter cookie. It was nice to have something I may have not tried if I didn’t get it in this box. I also got a sample size of highlighting powder with mini brush from the face (bar) cosmetic company. I recommend this box for women of all ages that have gotten their period and want to use natural/organic products in there everyday life. Even the snacks are natural.
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Practical and Fun
by Krista written 27 days ago
I’m really happy that this box is slightly customizable and provides organic pads and tampons. I love the little lifestyle gifts and the fact that you get two pair of panties in an inexpensive subscription! I might have to order a size up because for me they aren’t super true to size, but I love the selection they chose and there isn’t one thing in the box I won’t use. It’s practical and I’m extremely pleased.
Very happy
by Aileen written 2 months ago
I bought this box with not that high of expectations but I was pleasantly surprised at what I received! It was the December box and I could tell everything was thoughtfully chosen and went well with the holiday theme. I will continue to purchase this box!
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by Holly written 2 months ago
I prefer full back panties (bikini, hipster, or brief) and after receiving my first box had to cancel. The items were a nice, mix of pads and tampons, two small treats, a small clay mask and two panties however the panties were very small coverage in the rear which is pretty useless for me. I did pick the no thong option but I guess that leaves half cheek coverage as an option. Not my thing. Just personal preference. If they change the options to include bikini, brief or even hipster then I will re-sub.
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I love it!
by WhitneyKeitt written 2 months ago
I love this box! I was searching through a lot of period box subscriptions and found this was the perfect match! I was inlove with the idea of getting cute panties in a period box and so I chose RWPP. In my first box, I received two pairs of panties, one was a deep red practical panty and the second was a girly hot pink with cream lace (super loved them). The box also contained organic pads and liners, which I've wanted to try out for awhile. The 'comfy' items: the sweets, tea bag, personal 'lady wipe' and nail file were added bonuses. I look forward to my next box!
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just as promised
by Maggie written 2 months ago
I loved my box! It's exciting not knowing exactly what you're getting. Everything was just as described. I was a little disappointed that they gave me 2 of the same panties just in different colors. But either way it's a great deal and it was a great style of panty
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