Rose War Panty Power
An organic monthly period, beauty, and lifestyle subscription box!

$25.20+ / month

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4.6 of 5 stars
by Kelly written 3 days ago
Amazed at how fast shipping was .... Good quality underwear ..and nice items ..first box
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Nice items
by Grace written Oct 06, 2018
I really did like all of the items that i received. The seller was very easy to communicate with, Very friendly and kind. They were all out of my size panties so instead of giving me 2 pairs in the size down, that probably would not have fit me, she instead put two very nice beauty gifts in my box. I had a scare with an allergy issue but she rectified the situation as well. All my items were packaged very nicely. I received quality items. And shipping was very fast! I recommend trying this subscription out! ... Grace :)
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Um, coffee is a snack?
by Chastity written Oct 03, 2018
The underwear was perfect, great pad variety. I just feel a little cheated on the snacks.. I should say snack? It was a single pack of instant coffee. I don't even like coffee.
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Almost perfect
by Liteya written Oct 02, 2018
This is my second box. I had an issue with the panty size on my first box. I emailed to change the size. It was responded to promptly. I don't remember getting and email confirming. So I was hopeful for this box. Upon opening it I was immediately happy with all the products until I got to the panties. The size had not been changed. Which is very disappointing. But not only that they were Christmas themed for October. And one pair was a thong which I requested not to get. Also the brand on the panties was X'd out like they came from a discount store. This would have been the perfect box. But I have to take one star for that not being corrected.
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Awesome!!! ❤️❤️
by Grace written Oct 02, 2018
Sent a gift to a friend in Canada. She loves it too the max. I think rwpp is the best box in the whole world. You always get $70+ value in your 29 dollar box. Which is so cool and convenient❤️ Keep up the good work!
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Too Many Nail Products
by Kimberly written Oct 02, 2018
After having left a negative review because I was disappointed in the large number of nail products I had received in my first two boxes, I was contacted and assured that they don't normally send so many nail products and that it was just a theme. Additionally that if I amended my review they would send me extra things in my next box. I didn't amend my review because I don't like extortion. Regardless, I had liked the rest of the items I received enough to maintain my subscription. Today it arrived and inside were the exact same nail products I had received in the earlier boxes. Once my subscription is up I will not be renewing. I really like this box, but I don't think it's too much to ask for a variety of items.
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by Aishwarya written Sep 28, 2018
Hello..I received the package yesterday but the oil bottle in the package and it might have broken while shipping or logistics.. when the opened the box the bottle was broken and the entire oil spilt and seems it spoilt all pads and other products present in the box. It would be great if u guys could send a replacement box or if you could refund the money .mas I was really excited for the box.
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Great Value/Surprise
by Evan written Sep 27, 2018
I got my first box today and the goodies retail at $50. Throw in the tampons, liners, snacks, and 2 adorable pair of cotton panties and I think this box is a great deal. It’s a nice gift to yourself to help get through your period!
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Enjoyed it very much.
by Patricia written Sep 18, 2018
I liked everything I received in the box.
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My favorite box
by Grace written Sep 05, 2018
RWPP is a huge gift in my life. Such a deal for all the goodies that comes in the box. Two panties and plenty of organic tampons! And all other skincare products💓 I am truly in love! Great quality, great work
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