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4.9 of 5 stars
by Amy written 10 days ago
Thank you for getting in contact with me regarding my concerns. My dtr received her first shipment and was delighted with the albums. She will be in contact with you regarding ‘her’ selection of music for the next shipment since I picked out the first one. Thank you again!
by Amy written 11 days ago
It has been a month and my daughter still hasn’t gotten her first shipment now it’s time to pay for the second one. Cannot get ahold of anyone to ask about this.
Original Vinyl Records said...
11 days ago
Very sorry about the confusion. You are billed on the 11th of each month. You records ship out on the 1st of each month. Your records are expected to arrive on the 9th or 10th according to tracking. We can always ship early if you need them for a special occasion. But you should never get them after you are billed for the following month. Hope this makes sense.
by Ciara written last year
This is a great idea and for an incredible price! The only downside was I'd only heard of two of the six bands from the records, and I'd sent a list of bands the recipient was interested in. Maybe that's how it works, to expand your tastes and interests so I'm not too upset (it's a Christmas gift so it hasn't been received yet by the person getting it) and I think he'll love how they're legit real, vintage records. Would probably purchase from again just to see who else we can discover! Thanks!
by Apryle written last year
So happy I signed up! And Customer service is personal and top notch!
Great subscription for vinyl lovers
by Fay written last year
Finally, a vinyl subscription for those of us who grew up with vinyl :) A majority of vinyl subscriptions only offer new artists and only give you 1 or 2 albums for a much higher price. For those of us who prefer to stick with the classics, this is a winner of a subscription. 6 randomly selected vinyl records for $20 on already established artists in the classic rock genre? Yes, yes yes. :)
love them
by Linda written last year
moving so will proberly hook up again later.
Awesome vinyl records
by Bob written last year
Got some great classic rock albums that are hard to find. Played perfect and sounded amazing. If I bought these albums at my local record store I would have spent much more. This is the best vinyl subscription box I have found.
Very happy
by Heather written last year
Arrived quickly. Well packaged. Two of the artists I had never heard of but enjoyed both. All albums were playable and in good condition. The monthly price is well worth the albums. Great job!!
Great subscription box for Vinyl!
by Frank written last year
After researching other subscription boxes I found the best one yet! This company has the customer service and for anyone that loves vinyl records this is a must and a great value!
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