Original Vinyl Records
Delivering a box filled with (6) Original Vinyl Records Monthly!

$19.99+ / month

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4.9 of 5 stars
Perfectly picked
by LA written 14 days ago
All records worked perfect. I received them in the time they were to come and the records were all picked to my choices made when first ordering. I absolutely loved getting new (used) Vinyls in the mail. Can't wait for next months to come but till then we will be enjoying the selection we received and love this month. Thanks
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by Alicia written 16 days ago
I purchased my husband his box as a surprise. I was more excited about it than he was!!! I couldn't wait for it to be shipped! It was quick shipping and such a beautiful selection of soul music!!!! I am so pleased and he was so excited!! I was nervous so I purchased a gift box. Let's just say, we are starting a subscription as I type this! Thank you so much for taking the time to pick out some wonderful soulful classics!!
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by John written 16 days ago
My husband received his first box and was very happy with it!
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A Surprise Every Month
by Brad written last month
A variety of well-known and lesser-known albums arrives every month, and I'm like a kid in a candy store. Half the fun is in the anticipation. Great deal.
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by Christopher written last month
Super awesome stuff!
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Love Our Record Shipments!
by Jamie written last month
I purchased the record shipment for my husband as an anniversary gift and it was a big hit. We both look forward to getting the records each month and spending all night listening to them. The selection has been fun - things we wouldn't necessarily think to pick out ourselves, but we've loved them.
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Omg i can't wait
by MistyMoody written 2 months ago
I am so excited to get this subscription box ... I love me some vinyl records ... Thank you for getting this going
by Amy written 3 months ago
Thank you for getting in contact with me regarding my concerns. My dtr received her first shipment and was delighted with the albums. She will be in contact with you regarding ‘her’ selection of music for the next shipment since I picked out the first one. Thank you again!
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by Ciara written 4 months ago
This is a great idea and for an incredible price! The only downside was I'd only heard of two of the six bands from the records, and I'd sent a list of bands the recipient was interested in. Maybe that's how it works, to expand your tastes and interests so I'm not too upset (it's a Christmas gift so it hasn't been received yet by the person getting it) and I think he'll love how they're legit real, vintage records. Would probably purchase from again just to see who else we can discover! Thanks!
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by Apryle written 4 months ago
So happy I signed up! And Customer service is personal and top notch!
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