Sensory TheraPLAY Box

A monthly Box with sensory toys to engage your child in fun, therapeutic play.

$39.95+ $37.95+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
by AMIE written 4 days ago
I get this monthly for my autistic 4 year old daughter. She can't use all of the products quite yet, but the few products she can't use, her therapist is able to use with other children. We love this box. It has helped her expand her sensory "horizons."
by janee written 3 months ago
Lots of variety of fun things!
Perfect for any child with SPD
by Paula written 4 months ago
When our first box came, my seven year old son was so excited to open it and see what was inside. He liked all the items that were chosen for the month, but the bumpy ball for deep pressure was his favorite. My favorite was the color water timer. Actually, that was a favorite for everyone in our household including grandma and my son's in-home BCBA.
Wonderful package
by Paula written 6 months ago
Different textures and movements are important for different things. My child needs items to soothe agitation, to offer distraction, and to help in reducing the impact of different sensations. Our first box had something for each of these. We are looking forward to our next box.
I'd like to see new things each time.
by Debbie written 7 months ago
Seems there are some repeats. I thought maybe one of those sensory spinners might be in here this time.
by Kerry written 8 months ago
My son was so excited and enjoyed everything. Unfortunately the alligator squishy lost its plug right away and leaked all over so he was really disappointed.
Arrived at the right time!
by Debbie written 9 months ago
Our first box arrived the same week our 6 year old was starting a new new school for sensory/behavior/social issues. Everyone was nervous and the ride was long. The sensory toys from the box saved the days by decreasing anxiety and helping to occupy the ride time. Thanks so much!!
by Carmen written 9 months ago
My son is autistic so I thought we'd try this box out. It was full of sensory stuff that both my son and I loved! Cannot recommend enough!
So worth it!
by Amanda written 10 months ago
I just opened my first box and it was amazing! I was surprised with all that was in the box! I am a Special Education Teacher and have purchased a lot of sensory items in the past and they can get costly! This had such an array and was a much more cost effective way of getting a variety of items then buying them individually. I was able to let my class explore the box and everyone loved all the items. Each child liked multiple items which is a challenge due to their varying needs. I cannot recommend these boxes enough. What a great way to get the input and creative ideas of an OT with appropriate toys and activities! Cannot wait for another box!
Great quality and variety of toys !!
by GabriellePorcaro written 11 months ago
I bought a Sensory TheraPLAY Box for the children in my class and they loved all the items! The Mad Mattr Dough was a big hit and so much fun to play with. Great quality and great variety of toys. Highly recommend!