Sensory TheraPLAY Box
A monthly Box with sensory toys to engage your child in fun, therapeutic play.

$39.95+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
For my therapy office
by Sherie written 3 days ago
It was a hit in the office!
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Awesome box
by Laura written 30 days ago
My kids LOVE this box! My girls are 11 and 13 and one has ADHD. But this box would be loved by any and all kids. They anxiously await the arrival of this box. They toys are great for a large range of children and the variation every month is fantastic. It has introduced us to some awesome things. We love it! Wish it were cheaper, but that’s my issue. The value is always amazing. Usually the value is at least double the price. Can not recommend this box enough for any kid.
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by Melanie written last month
This month's box had a lovely variety of tactile toys. The writing board was a lovely addition and is the favourite this month. Can't wait to see what next month brings.
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Favorite box ever!!!!
by Terri written last month
I am a caregiver. I have A LOT of stress. This box is such a blessing. I play w stress toys to relieve anxiety. All the toys were NEW THERAPY TOYS. NO OLD FASHIONED BORING STRESS CUBES. I received the box when I was under a lot of pressure. It was wonderful. Better than getting candy or flowers. Highly recommend.
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Worth it every month!
by Teresa written 2 months ago
We have been subscribers since February. Some toys we have seen through service providers facilities, and others are new to us and exciting. Either way my son (7) is thrilled each month to receive a box just for him. Customer service is quick to respond and remedy any mishaps that may happen. I have recommended it to friends and family as well as service providers-it's a handy and well thought out subscription.
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by AMIE written 2 months ago
I get this monthly for my autistic 4 year old daughter. She can't use all of the products quite yet, but the few products she can't use, her therapist is able to use with other children. We love this box. It has helped her expand her sensory "horizons."
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by janee written 5 months ago
Lots of variety of fun things!
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Perfect for any child with SPD
by Paula written 6 months ago
When our first box came, my seven year old son was so excited to open it and see what was inside. He liked all the items that were chosen for the month, but the bumpy ball for deep pressure was his favorite. My favorite was the color water timer. Actually, that was a favorite for everyone in our household including grandma and my son's in-home BCBA.
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Wonderful package
by Paula written 8 months ago
Different textures and movements are important for different things. My child needs items to soothe agitation, to offer distraction, and to help in reducing the impact of different sensations. Our first box had something for each of these. We are looking forward to our next box.
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I'd like to see new things each time.
by Debbie written 9 months ago
Seems there are some repeats. I thought maybe one of those sensory spinners might be in here this time.
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