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Not worth the cost.
by Julie written yesterday
For what I received in the one box I had paid for, I got two items I could have gotten anywhere from 6-15 dollars. I understand that their supplies are limited based on what they can get on hand/clean but it doesn't really seem worth it.
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Very happy with my purchase
by Alannah written 5 days ago
(Spoilers for February box) I was a little worried when I got my crate and it was so light it almost seemed empty. I opened it up and inside, were two small items, both very cool! I am absolutely in love with my striped skunk skull, and the ostrich feather is in really great condition! The skull is in great shape, the only thing is that the top two canines are cracked, but as I understand, that is a fairly common thing to have happen. I was so happy to add the little guy to my small but growing collection. It fits in perfectly with the other 4 skulls I have on my bookshelf. I cant wait to see what the next crate has!
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by Elisha written 13 days ago
Great way to build up your collection in a short period of time.
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Sensational Unlimited Skulls
by Claudia written 21 days ago
My son has only receieved one box and is crazy over his skunk skull and cards. He is looking forward to his next mystery skull in the mail. I am just as excited as he. Thanks for a great Box!
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Box 17 more like box of awesome
by GREG written 25 days ago
Loved the January box looking forward to Feb. Het yours before you can't
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by Rachel written 28 days ago
I’ve only gotten one box, but so far I LOVE this box! Everything came in one piece and I really enjoy how there is a card with details about the skull you received. Can’t wait to get more!
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Great Box
by Melissa written 31 days ago
I love everything I have gotten.
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Favorite subscription ever
by Carol written last month
It's like it was made for me. I can't wait for more!! I love my European rabbit skull :D
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Disregard last review
by Stacey written last month
I'd like to take back my last review. The company has gone above and beyond to make things right. They were extremely easy to communicate with and I can understand with the blizzard we had and mail being held for 3 days , perhaps the box was crushed in transit. Because of how kind and easy they are to deal with I will be purchasing another box. Accidents happen!
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Gold mine for this artist
by Hannah written last month
I'm a visual artist in the entertainment industry, and, as someone for whom a working knowledge and study of animal anatomy is an important of my job, this box is AMAZING. I've only used my skulls/bones for still life reference so far, and look forward to projects where I can use them as sculpting reference as well. Incredible value and awesome pieces, looking forward to building my collection!
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