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Products are low quality, box overpriced

Apr 28, 2020
Katie G.
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So disappointed. I wanted to love this box so much. Upon opening, the smell is just gross and overpowering. I got 3 lighters, 2 of which don’t work. With the price you pay your at least expect quality. Nope- it’s all cheap. For some reason I thought I’d get a variety of rolling papers- 3 packs of the same kind. Out of 2 books of matches, 3 packs of rolling paper, a one hitter, an ashtray, a metal container, a plastic container, a pre-roll in a soon tube, a joke of a wooden grinder (it’s more of a collectors item- broke on 2nd use), 3 lighters, a coffee mug, and the box- I like the ashtray the best. It’s not worth the price to receive a box full of goodies that are mostly disappointing. I’m sad. I was so excited and when I opened it- disappointed.

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Dank Box - Monthly Rolling Paper Subscription said...Apr 29, 2020


We are sorry that you did not love your subscription. We post a picture of each monthly box so that you can see all of the items in the subscription before you order. We also provide a description of the products contained in each box so that you can make an educated decision about your purchase. We send all of the items pictured along with a few additional items. Judging by your review you received all of the items pictured and listed on the product profile. All items are tested for functionality before shipping so we're sorry all of the lighters were not 100% when they arrived. All of our subscription are delivered in an upcyled solid wood cigar...

Haven't gotten anything to review !

Nov 13, 2019
James B.
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Don't know haven't gotten anything yet ... paid for a year ...

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Dank Box - Monthly Rolling Paper Subscription said...Nov 13, 2019

You set up a 1 year subscription on October 30th and your first package shipped a few days later. According to USPS tracking number 9400111899223575198639 the packaged was marked as out for delivery on November 9th and still shows that the package is out for delivery. Once the package leaves our office delivery is out of control and we do not know if it is received unless you notify us. Thank you for notifying us of the issue so we can work to resolve it quickly. We will need you to send us a message to confirm your shipping address so that we can assure receipt of a replacement package and all future packages.

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