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Smarter snacking starts right now! Discover unique healthier goodies today.

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Product Overview
  • Next SnackSack ships on May 17th! Place your order by the 14th to guarantee reserving your May SnackSack! We ship via USPS 2-3 Day Priority, and provide tracking the morning of the 17th. Every order also includes a Mother's Day printable card. Hurry and grab your May SnackSack today!
  • Only ships within United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
What's included in SnackSack each month?
Healthier snacking at it's finest! At SnackSack, we're kicking unhealthy snacks to the curb. We carefully curate a monthly lineup of 12 unique, junk-free healthier snacks. Each month is based on seasonal themes and delicious flavors we feel are worth sharing. Choose from 3 tasty snacking plans: Classic, Vegan, or Gluten-Free. Smarter snacking!
  • Discover the very best of healthy snacking, all delivered directly to your door.
  • 12 NEW delicious snacks introduced every month, based on seasonal themes and flavors.
  • Choose from 3 "Smarter Snacking" plans - including Classic, Vegan, and Gluten-Free.
  • Absolutely 100% FREE USPS Priority Mail 2-3 shipping including with every order.
  • All new hand selected snacks introduced each and every month!


Q: What types of snacks does Snacksack send?Asked by Kristina D., April 2019

SnackSack only sends snacks that are organic, non-GMO, vegan, fair trade, or gluten-free.

by Patricia R., April 2019

Q: Will I know what snacks I'll receive each month?Asked by Jacqueline Y., April 2019

Every month is a surprise so you never know what you're going to get in your Snacksack.

by Rebecca S., April 2019

Q: When will I receive my SnackSack?Asked by Carol B., April 2019

They ship on the 18th of the month.

by Sarah T., April 2019

Q: Where do you ship?Asked by Katherine M., April 2019

Snacksack is only in the US.

by Crystal W., April 2019

Q: How many snacks come in each Snack Sack box?Asked by Jessica W., April 2019

SnackSack includes 11-15 snacks in each box.

by Stephanie S., April 2019

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by David R., 2 days ago

Waited over a month to ship.
Once it shipped they sent it to the wrong address
They refused to call Usps and update address
Six weeks later it arrived back to their facility
Terrible company

Update: They said in this reviews response they’d be sending me out a free crate plus a refund. Never happened! Shit company, shit service!

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SnackSack said...
Mar 27, 2019

Hi David! We offer our sincere apologies for the confusion you’ve experienced. Sometimes errors happen, for which we’ll always offer a solution to every customer. We don’t change addresses or reroute deliveries once the package is in the hands of USPS. It’s important to confirm your address when placing your order to avoid any mistakes. With that said, we’re always willing to offer a courtesy replacement, as we understand mistakes happen. Upon your request, we provided a full refund for your order. In addition to the full refund you received last week, we’ve created a custom SnackSack full of our favorites from March and sent it your way to the corrected address. You can expect it to arrive this week. We’d love to hear what...

Great snacks

by T M., Apr 11, 2019

I recommend this subscription for anyone who wants to try a variety of new healthier snacks.

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Yummmmy food

by Chelsea, Apr 05, 2019

I love to try different foods that are gluten free raw vegan food

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Gluten free snacks

by Cindy S., Apr 04, 2019

Great snacks in my Cratejoy gift! Very unique and tasty!

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LOVED all the snacks. 5 Stars!!

by Ryan W., Apr 03, 2019

Discovered Snacksack through my sister (Vegan box). So many amazing vegan plant based snacks. It’s like they have never ending delicious snacks that arrive every month. She enjoys it, and boy do I too! Thanks sis! ;)

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by Jennifer S., Mar 29, 2019

I dont want to make a star review yet, But I put this in in Feb. Have still yet to get a snack box? Whats the hold up?

Verified Purchase
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SnackSack said...
Apr 01, 2019

Hey Jennifer! We’re sorry to hear about the confusion. We reached out to you through email a couple times to let you know the USPS tracking shows your first SnackSack shipment arrived up in Alaska, and is awaiting your pickup from the parcel locker. Wow, that’s a long trip! :) If you have any questions, we’re available anytime through chat on our website, and of course through email. Reach out and we’re more than happy to help make sure your smarter snacking experience is top notch! Talk soon! ;)

Lots of variety

by Doreen F., Mar 27, 2019

Very surprised with, and loving, the amount and selection. I am going to reorder.

Verified Purchase
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by Campina, Mar 27, 2019

The variety is amazing! Found a few favorites that we will be adding to our daily snack arsenal. Thank you for an amazing selection.
This box is for the curious and determine on what to snack on. Must get, even to just try out.

Verified Purchase
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by Abigail F., Mar 21, 2019

This is so fun & the snacks are delicious!

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Completely unbelievable

by Allie K., Mar 21, 2019

Misunderstanding solved.

Verified Purchase
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SnackSack said...
Mar 21, 2019

Hi Allie! Thanks for your message. I double checked your account and see you mistakenly ordered our Classic SnackSack, not the Vegan SnackSack you wanted to. The Vegan snacking plan certainly doesn’t have any snacks that you mentioned receiving in the Classic SnackSack. We’re happy to send you the Vegan SnackSack to make up for your experience. Just reach out to us and we can make it happen! :)

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