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4.8 of 5 stars
by Dionna written yesterday
This is my first snack sack box & I must say it will not be my last!!!! The simple fact that these snacks are healthy & natural makes it great! $22 a month for 10-12 healthy snack?! It's a steal!!!! Can't wait for next months box
SnackSack said...
Hi there, Dionna! Thanks for giving SnackSack a try, we’re very happy you’re enjoying it so far! If there’s ever anything you need, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Happy Thanksgiving!
People with Celiac Disease WARNING
by Alli written 2 days ago
The peppermint chocolates in the GF Snack Sack have a warning that they may contain wheat. DO NOT EAT THESE.
SnackSack said...
2 days ago
Hi Alli, Thank you for reaching out. We completely understand your concerns, and take them extremely serious. Our team collaborated with Little Secrets Candy, before including their Peppermint Dark Chocolate Candies in the November SnackSack GF. They assured us, and all of their customers and fans, that none of their products contain gluten. Including sources like wheat, barley, rye, or oats. Little Secrets does use a shared manufacturing facility with other companies that may process other products that contain gluten. However, there are strict cleaning procedures in place to attempt to avoid any sort of cross-contamination during processing. The last thing we’re trying to do is harm you or fraudulently deceive you. We aim to be 110% transparent, and hope this insight from Little Secrets Co. can provide a bit of reassurance and peace of mind. With that said, our Gluten-free offering is only 2 months old. It’s time we tweak our curation to avoid these situations. So what we’re going to do from this moment forward is, all products included in SnackSack GF will be “Certified Gluten-free”. If a company says their product is gluten-free (but the equipment used to create the product is shared), these types of snacks will not be featured. We should never take a company for their word, in this serious of a situation, and you can rest assured that all future months of SnackSack GF will include products with the “GF” stamp on them. Thank you for your time, and our sincere apologies to you for any confusion! :)
by Christine written 3 days ago
I received my first box today and it was great!!! I got a nice variety or sweet and salty snacks. The box was packed!! I was pleasantly surprised by the amount and quality of snacks I received. I can't wait for the next box!!!!
SnackSack said...
2 days ago
Thank you, Christine! We’re so happy you’re enjoying SnackSack! Yep, we’re all about featuring nothing but the BEST variety, and certainly won’t stop! We’re so thrilled to share December’s snacks with you very soon! :)
First Snack Sack
by Marie written 3 days ago
I just received my first snack sack...and this is amazing! Lots of variety from sweet to savory and a great reusable bag. I'm loving this!
SnackSack said...
2 days ago
Hi Marie! Thank you so much for giving SnackSack Vegan a try! We’re super happy you’re loving it. You can count on us to continue striving to make your experience better each month. If you ever need anything, please let us know! :)
by Carol written 3 days ago
I just got my first box from SnackSack. Boy am I impressed. This is a great value. I got 11 items plus a great canvas shopping bag. They are a nice mix of sweet and savory. Good job guys !
SnackSack said...
2 days ago
Hi there, Carol. Thank you for your review, we’re so pumped you’re enjoying SnackSack! We know you’ll put that lovely SnackSack to good use. Glad you approved of the variety in your November SnackSack Classic. We’ll continue to improve it month after month. Thanks again! :)
by Erika written 3 days ago
I have tried many snack subscription boxes in the past- most of them "healthier" ones, since that's my life journey. Along the lines, I have canceled several of them for various reasons; items repeating, snacks not tasting too great, not enough in the box to make it worth money, delivery issues, etc. I have been nothing but pleased with Snacksack (the only reason I once had to cancel was due to financial reasons, as soon as that was under control I re-joined!). There is a wonderful mix of both savory and sweet, which is a big selling point for me. Many snack boxes focus on one thing, I enjoy the variety. Each month you get a booklet with all the food items listed AND it tells you whether it's vegan, non GMO, GF, etc. Right next to eat item. PERFECT for those who require knowing due to medical needs to dietary needs/choices. Bonus: sometimes you get BIG BAGS of things. I love that. While the old burlap sack it came with was unique, because of the name of the company, I'm glad everything just comes in the box now. That burlap was messy! As of "recently", I've started to get a pin every month- such a cool little feature, I have a stash of them! I love little things that set companies apart. The one time I had to correspond with the company (to cancel because of a life situation and funds) it was very easy to do. And they were very pleasant to talk with! I have also loved all of the little touches in boxes over the past that sets them apart. A turkey on front of the November booklet, shaped confetti for certain holidays (that stuff that gets everywhere!). And I love that each box usually contains a coupon or two for a product in the box. Snacksack is one of the boxes I plan to keep LONG term because it's one of the only ones I am fully satisfied with- especially as of late. Couldn't recommend it enough.
SnackSack said...
2 days ago
Erika, thank you for your feedback! You’re totally amazing, and we’re lucky to have you as a SnackSack subscriber. We’ll keep striving to improve your experience with us each month. Happy Thanksgiving! :)
Great healthy snacks
by Diane written 12 days ago
Love this box there are new healthy snacks that I might of overlooked when shopping that I get to try
SnackSack said...
10 days ago
Thank you, Diane! We’re super excited you’re loving SnackSack! We have some crazy fun stuff planned for the Holiday months, and 2018. If there’s ever anything you need, please let us know! Have a wonderful day!
Better than other healthy snack boxes!!
by Christine written 28 days ago
I get about a million snack boxes every month, but this one really stands out. Compared to other healthy snack boxes, this one contains stuff I actually want to eat! I usually take pics of my snack boxes for Instagram, but I started eating the items from this box before I could even take a picture. I find myself eating from my SnackSack box before I go to other boxes that have chocolates or foreign goodies. I can't wait for my next box!
SnackSack said...
27 days ago
Thank you, Christine! Your words mean the world to us, and we greatly appreciate you for trying SnackSack. If there’s ever anything we can do for you, please let us know! In terms of snack quality, we’re shooting for the stars! We hope to continue to impress you each and every month moving forward! Have a great day!
by Holly written last month
The first vegan box was really good, better the classic one so far.
SnackSack said...
30 days ago
Thank you Holly for giving our NEW SnackSack Vegan a try! We’re super excited that you enjoyed October, and can’t wait to impress you again next month, and in the future! Have a great day! :)
October Snack Sack Review
by kate written 2 months ago
Snack Sack has really been upping their game recently, the last few months the boxes have been full of unique snacks, most of which I have not seen before. Also there is always a good mix of both sweet and savory snacks, many with clean ingredients and free from artificial sugars and flavorings.