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Snail Mail for Kids

Weekly letters from Sunny the Mail Snail! Sunny sends a weekly letter to kids ages 4-8.

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Product Overview
  • Letters will be mailed EVERY WEEK!
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Take kids around the world with Sunny's letters!
Sunny's Snail Mail is a weekly letter mailed to kids ages 4 to 8. Kids feel important getting their mail! These story-telling letters will include cool animal facts, geography and fun adventures. Engage children's curiosity and love of animals and travel. Letters include stickers, trading cards, secret codes, souvenirs and more!
  • A perfect long-distance gift
  • Promotes love of animals and travel
  • Great for struggling readers; encourages imagination; helps kids feel important getting their own mail!
  • Weekly, small surprises, educational, silly, fun
  • A new letter every week

Subscriber Reviews

Great for a struggling reader

by XeniaEdmonds, Aug 09, 2018

My 6-year-old daughter has moderate dyslexia so reading is a task for her. She looks forward to Sunny's letters and reads them repeatedly, saving all the stickers and photos to put up on her cork board.

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High Quality, so glad we found Sunny

by jesse, Jul 25, 2018

We have a 5 yr old who has written every relative and family friend 20 times over in hopes of getting real snail mail. She learned if you write letters, people write you back. We rewarded her diligent efforts with the weekly Sunny the Snail Mail letters. Grandma and Aunts and God mothers are all in the mix too, but we also really enjoy the weekly delight of Sunny’s letter. I come home from work and she curls up with me to show me her treasure box full of letters. We reread letters and look at the fun things included. We get way more value than I expected when we signed up.

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Sunny the snail mail

by Luke, Jul 19, 2018

We love getting our letters from Sunny! Luke can’t wait for his next letter and is always so excited to read about Sunny’s newest adventure! So great to have something fun, educational, and not digital that my child loves and looks forward to!

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