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Spangler Science Club

Inspire the next generation of scientists with a Spangler Science Club subscription.

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$9.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • STEM Snack and STEM Deluxe ship around the 5th of each month. STEM Lab ships around the 20th of each month.
  • Ships to select countries from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Making Science Fun Every Month
The Spangler Science Club features the coolest hands-on science experiments designed by Steve Spangler. Conduct STEM experiments and take-it-further challenges that combine the perfect mix of critical thinking, tinkering and fun. Make science fun!
  • Designed by America's science teacher Steve Spangler
  • Prepare your young scientist for a future STEM-based career
  • Conduct several science experiments and STEM challenges
  • Packed with science fair project ideas
  • Recommended for children ages 5-12
Subscriber Reviews
2.8 of 5 stars
Boxes never received
by FINN written Feb 14, 2018
I received one Spangler Science Kit and never received another. I have not been able to get a refund or further shipments. I could not be more disappointed!
Verified Purchase
Spangler Science Club said...
Feb 15, 2018
We have reviewed your subscriptions and it looks like Lisa has already been working with you on this issue. We are showing your first two packages have been delivered to the reception desk of the address we have in the system. If the packages are not being delivered correctly, we need to verify the address first. If this address is the correct address, we are happy to start a claim with USPS and reship you a new package. Please follow up with Lisa directly to keep your information private.
Toy in a box, not a Science Experiment
by Bennett written Feb 12, 2018
I signed up for this club (we did the snack option to start) thinking it would be a fun way to learn about science with my son. We just received our first month's kit, it was a Plus-Plus 70pc tube (target retails for $7.99- I was charged $14.99 for the same thing!). There were no added instructions or guides in how to make this a STEM experience, besides what comes pre-packaged with the toy. So I spent almost twice the cost in wasted extra money to get the same thing I can get at a local store.
Verified Purchase
Spangler Science Club said...
Feb 13, 2018
We are sorry to hear you are not happy with our STEM Snack kit. The STEM Snack kit is our introductory kit. The products provided in this kit will come from a third-party company as to highlight what other companies offer for STEM. We purposely make this kit very basic for those parents that slowly want to introduce science into their child’s world or see if their child is even interested in science. If you are looking for something with more value, for $5 more you can opt for STEM Lab with will provide you with up to 5 experiments and better instructions. STEM Lab and STEM Deluxe are Steve Spangler created kits, which will provide you with more science explanation than the STEM Snack kit. If you haven’t done so already, please email our customer service team at Support@SpanglerScienceClub.com so we can try to make this right for you.
NOT STEM! Just Cheap Toys
by Andrew written Feb 11, 2018
Sadly, the Steve Spangler Science Club is just a scam. We anticipated receiving interesting science experiments every month. Instead, we got cheap toys. First it was Magic Sand, which you can buy at Target in the toy aisle. Now this month we got Plus Plus Blocks - no experiment or instructions. We got a toy thrown in a box. You may think I'm exaggerating but I'm not. Literally what you will receive is a cardboard box with a toy inside it, plus a little brown wrapping paper. That's it. No wonder they don't give refunds...
Verified Purchase
Spangler Science Club said...
Feb 13, 2018
We are sorry to hear you are not happy with our STEM Snack kit. Just so you are aware, the STEM Snack is our third party kit where we highlight other companies product. This subscription is intended to be very basic for parents testing to see if their child is interested in science or ease them into their love of science. Our hope is that they will enjoy this kit and want more. In that case, parents would switch their subscription to STEM Lab or STEM Deluxe when their children are ready to go to the next level. STEM Lab and STEM Deluxe are Steve Spangler created kits. If you have not done so already, please contact our customer service team at Support@SpanglerScienceClub.com so we can do what we can to make this right for you.
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