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  • STEM Starter and STEM Deluxe ship around the 6th of each month. STEM Lab ships around the 21st of each month. Please subscribe by the 3rd to receive the current STEM Starter or STEM Deluxe kit. For STEM Lab, be sure to subscribe by the 18th to receive the current kit.
  • Ships to from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Let’s make science fun one month at a time! A subscription to Spangler Science Club is a guarantee that we’re working together to prepare your young scientist for a future STEM-based career. Choose from one of three levels of hands-on science kits and subscribe to amazing science delivered every month!
  • Designed by America's science teacher Steve Spangler
  • Conduct several science experiments and STEM challenges
  • Packed with science fair project ideas
  • Recommended for children ages 5-12
  • Choose from one of three levels of hands-on science kits.


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Not worth it!

May 11, 2019
Katherine P.
1 Review
1 Helpful Vote
Subscribed for 1 month

I ordered this subscription for my seven year old as he is really into science and wanted some new things to do.

Our first box came. It was slime. Slime! We make slime all the time and we can make it way less than what we paid for a subscription. I also had a package that had broken open while in transit. I did my best to scrape up as much as I could from it but it wasn’t (couldn’t be) the full amount! I contacted Customer Service and was promised a new crate to be sent. I never received that crate. They were contacted a second time inquiring about the replacement and no one ever got back to me.

I felt it fair to give it one more month to try...maybe, just maybe, it was a fluke and the next one would be incredible.

Nope. Just got our next box in the mail yesterday. Guess what it was...more slime! This time it was slime noodles tho.

This was a waste of my money! I am certain there must be another subscription science crate that isn’t just slime and has better customer service.

Verified Purchase
Spangler Science Club said...May 14, 2019


Thanks for sending the information over. I'm sorry that you had issues with our Starter Kit. I've gone ahead and sent an upgrade kit that I believed you will enjoy. Please reach out if you have any additional questions.

Steve Spangler Science



Apr 11, 2019
Christina H.
1 Review
1 Helpful Vote
Subscribed for 17 days

I was expecting something at least a little excited. It was slime.... Something we have don a million times on our own! We were both so disappointed..

Verified Purchase
Spangler Science Club said...Apr 23, 2019

We are sorry to hear you did not enjoy your first Starter kit. We thought customers would enjoy one of best selling products as a sample of what we offer in our most robust kits: STEM Lab or STEM Deluxe. If your child was not challenged enough and wanting more, or something more different, we would recommend upgrading to either Lab or Deluxe.


Dont do it!!!

Feb 01, 2019
Joe J.
1 Review
Subscribed for 2 months

Big waste of money. My first box came with two bottles that mix together to make slime, for $15. I can do that with Elmers glue, baking soda, and eye drops and have a lot more fun doing it. I could have just bought a lot of slime for $15. Watch some youtube videos for homemade experiments and do those with your kids, because this right here is lame.

Verified Purchase
Spangler Science Club said...Feb 01, 2019

I am surprised to hear that you did not enjoy our twist on slime. Super Slime is one of our top sellers and customers have been begging us to add it to the monthly subscription service. That's why we thought what better place to add it in than the Starter box!

The Starter series is meant to be an introductory kit that gives families a chance to test the waters and see if your children will enjoy our monthly subscription. Of course, we are going to start you off with some of our best selling products and our Super Slime is not like any other slime. I urge you to give it another chance. When the kids are done making slime, don't forget to leave it...


Very Fun!

Nov 17, 2018
Char G.
2 Reviews
3 Helpful Votes

My daughters love this box. Prior to this subscription box arriving I have never seen them take an interest in Science.
They loved the experiments they completed and look forward to completing the rest.
Each box is packaged nicely with colorful information cards and all the supplies that you need to complete each experiment!

Autorenewal is a scam

Dec 30, 2018
Luke M.
1 Review
3 Helpful Votes
Subscribed for 11 months

As a former science teacher, I thought these kits were pretty cool for the most part. After a year however, my son was no longer interested in them. Their autorenewal policy is NOT transparent, there is no reminder email sent ( although I received tons of other emails). I cannot cancel after they just charged my credit card for another $235. I will NOT recommend them to another parwnt or teacher, and will in fact ( as I just did) warn people away due to this shameful business practice. Really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Verified Purchase
Spangler Science Club said...Jan 03, 2019

We have reviewed our system and am showing you did not receive the renewal reminder. We have our team looking into the issue to make sure it does not happen again. Since you did not receive the renewal reminder, we do feel that it is fair for you to receive a full refund for your one year subscription. In the future, please reach out to our customer service team as we would have taken care of this immediately for you, given that you did not receive the email and the mistake was on our end. It is not our intention to take advantage of our customers. That’s why we send out 3 emails explaining how our club works, have a very robust FAQ section on...


Very cheap, Scam - DO NOT BUY

Oct 02, 2018
Veronika T.
1 Review
2 Helpful Votes
Subscribed for 24 days

Do not buy this. I bought $ 19.99 option for my 9 year old son. Took a while to come. Before it even arrived I received a "reminder email" that it is auto renewing for the next month. When the box arrived, it was just a few pieces of paper and a little bit of plastic. Not worth the money at all. My son was extremely disappointed as well. So, I tried to cancel the subscription for the next delivery right after and they said NO! Why is the auto renewal before the arrival of the prior months box? This is a scam to get as much money out of unsuspecting buyers. DO NOT BUY!

Verified Purchase
Spangler Science Club said...Oct 03, 2018

I am sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the Circuits kit which includes lessons about salt water power, conductivity, and circuit building. This has been one of our most popularly reviewed club boxes. As for the renewal issue, we have worked extremely hard to make sure we are very transparent with our renewal processes. If we do not have a hard renewal date, we cannot guarantee the boxes shipping by their specific dates. We do not have the warehouse space to store all of these monthly boxes and order in the exact amount of materials needed to build the kits each month to avoid any excess. Because of this, we send out renewal reminders to our customers that allow you the opportunity...



Aug 28, 2018
Robena G.
1 Review
Subscribed for 4 months

I love the science kits because I love doing the experiments. My favorite experiment is the soda and Mentos car. And I love your channel. S... age 6

Verified Purchase

Great hit with grandkids

Aug 14, 2018
Melanie D.
1 Review
Subscribed for 1 year

My grandkids are homeschooled. They come to my home to do the majority of the kits. One of them especially enjoys anything to do with color. Hands-on is a wonderful way to teach science.

Verified Purchase

Awesome monthly fun!!

Aug 08, 2018
Leslie S.
1 Review
Subscribed for 8 months

I bought my grandson a 3 month subscription for Christmas, but have been renewing it ever since!! He can't wait for the box to show up from the mailman every month. He really loves the projects!!

Verified Purchase


Aug 04, 2018
Shandelle O.
1 Review
Subscribed for 8 months

Spangler Science club is fantastic. I will continue my subscription. There is always something new and the kids really enjoy it! Thank you

Verified Purchase
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