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Spirit Trading Company

Lift Your Spirit each month with Love, Inspiration, Ritual and Rejuvenation for Free Spirits!

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Plans as low as $37.00 / month
Product Overview
  • Orders ship the 19th - 23rd of every month or by the next business day if it is a weekend. First time subscribers that sign up on/after the 18th of the month will receive their Spirit Kit the following month. Free US Domestic Shipping. International shipping rates apply. Any VAT or customs fees to be paid by subscriber.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Ignite Your Spirit with Ritual & Rejuvenation!
Each Spirit Kit is a personal retreat in a box!! We lovingly curate each kit with artisan crafted & sacred ritual items to empower YOU, in alignment with the New & Full Moons. We are in awe of the gifts borne from Mother Earth and design Spirit Kits with intentionally infused candles, crystals, aromatherapy, bath & body items to Lift Your Spirit!
  • Free Spirit Kit: full-sized and luxury box, 6+ spirit ritual items
  • Gypsy Spirit Kit: Travel-size box, 4 to 5 spirit ritual items
  • What to expect: Each monthly box is filled with delights for sense and spirit! Indulge in hand-crafted, artisan candles programmed for each moon; crystals selected to support each moon-phase; small batch, gem infused, aromatherapy blends created for clearing and revitalization; soul-filled ritual practices; and other inspired gifts to support the blossoming of your own individual path.
  • Each Spirit Kit also includes keepsake totem cards for enjoying the monthly theme of the kit, crystals energy cards, and information on the benefits of the scents that have been chosen. Everything you need to Lift Your Spirit is included!
  • Free US Domestic Shipping!

Subscriber Reviews

by Leigh, Dec 21, 2018

I received my second box today and it was wonderful! The quartz pendant is beautiful and very energetic. I love the information sheet that is included with all of the boxes so that you know exactly what you have received and how to use it. The candles smell so good too.

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My monthly box of self care

by CathyFaulkner, Dec 18, 2018

I'm a business owner, parent and caregiver. Needless to say my days are full but once a month, a little box of self care arrives. A reminder that I'm worth it. A reminder to take a moment to put energy on myself and my spirit. Spirit Trading Company puts incredible love, detail, creativity and spirit into every box. Whether a one time gift for someone, or a monthly gift for yourself, Spirit boxes are worth every penny. I can't imagine my day to day without my Spirit kit.

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Amazing Box!!! Total worth it!

by Jennifer, Dec 03, 2018

I am not one to write reviews EVER so when I do it's me speaking my truth. I am a spiritual person, I’m not a religious person but I am a spiritual person. It is been a few years that I have been mostly spiritually closed off and probably emotionally closed off for a number reasons but I can say that I have wanted to open up my light gifts again that I had closed down/diminished/caused to be blocked a few years ago due to a fearful situation and among other reasons. But since I have gotten this company's November 2018 box which admittedly I was a little, I can’t think of the word to best describe what I’m referring to, not skeptical not disbelieving but something on those lines...maybe denial; and as I was recording my YouTube video first look unboxing review on this box. Mind you I was a bit still in denial spiritually while I was recording my video but I was feeling the vibrations and energies from each item in the box. Denial is a heavy thing, it truly is. I posted a picture of the box on my Instagram page (IG: jensglitterobsession. I am NOT indicating my IG user name to gain followers!! I am just indicating it for the sole reason of what I am about to describe) and how everything is set up in that picture in the box I have left that way and I have it sitting in my room. And I can’t bring myself to separate those items and place them elsewhere. My point is ever since I’ve had this box opened and sitting in my room and the fact that I have allowed myself to feel the energies of the box and the items, I am sensitive to energy and I am also empathic (these two spiritual gifts I have NEVER been able to turn the volume down on their intensity regardless of any blockages I have even though sometimes I wish that were possible because it affects me so and my other gifts are slowly becoming unblocked again), I have been feeling an awareness that I have not felt in a really long time or shall I say allowed myself to feel. For a little over a week now I have been feeling a connectedness and awareness and a feeling/energies of enlightenment on a soul level that my mind is still trying to play catch up and understand these feelings. This awareness that I am feeling again, the feeling of spirit, the feeling of the universe, the feeling of creation, of Mother Father God Creator Of All That Is, and finally feeling the energies of my divine family again. I am truly deeply grateful to this company and their subscription box!! I want to be sure that I say so those who read this do not misinterpret and think I am saying that the items I received in this box were “magical” items and/or the key to unlocking spirituality…I am not but it’s the positive loving energies that have been infused in each item that helped. I have had so much blockage that I haven’t been able to feel my divine family in so long, I knew they were there but I couldn’t “feel” them which made me feel so alone and disconnected and lost. I can’t even express my gratitude to this company enough for what they are doing and the items they share with us to subscribe to their boxes. I awoke this past Saturday morning and it took a little time to understand what I was feeling but I was overwhelmed with such a high awareness and connection to the love energy and the realization that I’m not alone and that I am truly blessed with all that I have in my life right now when I haven’t been feeling that way is very overwhelming feeling and realization to have. I can’t tell you how alone I have felt for a really long time. I don’t really have people in my life that are loving and supporting so it has been extremely lonely. Especially with the spiritual blockage that I haven’t been able to feel that connection and support from my divine family has truly truly been unsettling and lonely. Not that you need to know all this but I have expressed my gratitude to this company directly. I could no longer keep the denial I guess you could say because the energies that are in this box and items wouldn’t allow that basically. Yes I agree this is an expensive subscription box but honestly I feel that the cost is worth it for the payoff you guys from the positive loving energies you receive from each item. Plus working with each item especially has its own original energies as well so you get 2 benefits for the price of one really. I hope that I have expressed myself correctly on my experience with this subscription and my first box. I look forward to seeing what their future boxes hold and I did get their black Friday mystery boxes as well. I am very excited. Thank you all who took the time to read my review. May you find the love and support you so richly deserve with your journey!!

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