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Spirit Trading Company

A monthly infusion of love, inspiration, and rejuvenation for free spirits!

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$44.00+ / month
Product Overview
  • Orders will ship during the New Moon, the 19th - 23rd of every month or the next business day if it is a weekend. First time subscribers that sign up on/after the 21st of the month will receive their Spirit Kit the following month. Free US Domestic Shipping. International shipping rates and any related import taxes apply.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Monthly Spirit Kits to ignite your spirit!
Each Spirit Kit is a personal retreat in a box!! We lovingly curate each kit to offer ritual, reflection, relaxation, alongside a heaping dose of positive energy. We cultivate spirit with self-love. We are in awe of the boundless gifts borne from Mother Earth and feel blessed to deliver the gifts of her bounty for your loving care and enjoyment.
  • Free Spirit Kit: full-sized and luxury box, 6+ spirit ritual items
  • Gypsy Spirit Kit: Travel-size box, 4 to 5 spirit ritual items
  • What to expect: Each monthly box is filled with delights for sense and spirit! Indulge in hand-crafted, artisan candles programmed for each moon; crystals selected to support each moon-phase; small batch, gem infused, aromatherapy blends created for clearing and revitalization; soul-filled ritual practices; and other inspired gifts to support the blossoming of your own individual path.
  • Each Spirit Kit also includes keepsake totem cards for enjoying the monthly theme of the kit, crystals energy cards, and information on the benefits of the scents that have been chosen. Everything you need to Lift Your Spirit is included!
  • Free US Domestic Shipping!
Subscriber Reviews
4.9 of 5 stars
One of the Best Spiritual Boxes
by Elena written Jun 21, 2018
I'd wanted to try this subscription box for over a year but having had so many other subs at the time was waiting until I had more available funds to do so. Well. I cancelled a bunch of other subs I no longer cared for and FINALLY got my hands on my very own Free Spirit Kit from Spirit Trading Company. I knew I wanted the big box because having followed them for a long time on Instagram, I knew that every month the boxes were absolute fire. And I was not disappointed. It's so obvious that this beautiful women run small business puts so much love and intent in each and every Spirit Kit that they manufacture for their Tribe. Opening it was so exciting as each item was an excellent addition to my collection of spiritual tools. Personally I lead a very spiritual and holistic lifestyle. And this box is perfect for anyone who does the same. From the beautifully selected spiritual items, to the inserts which tell you exactly what you need to know about how to use these tools. It's just so apparent that these women pour their hearts and souls into these boxes. And it's so powerful that each month extends that love and spiritual wisdom to their entire tribe. I already know that my three month prepaid subscription will not be enough. I'm going to be a lifer for this box. And for anyone who looks at the price and thinks that it's out of their budget. I will say this. You're getting top quality full size products in generous portions. If you're a deeply spiritual individual you owe it to yourself to at least try this box. Besides, we all make it work for the important things in our lives. So if you're spiritual life is important to you, I urge you to take a chance on this box. I know from experience that you will not be disappointed. In fact, I'm quite certain that you will immediately fall in love with it and decide that you must find a way to keep it. These women are total bosses, and having spoken to them myself, I know just how wonderful they are. Please support this small business. It's so so worth it. To the ladies of Spirit Trading Company. I love you guys. Many blessings upon you from above. All of my light and very best positive energy. You guys have already changed my life.
Great for Meditaton
by Sandra written Jun 07, 2018
We ordered this crate as a gift for my MIL. She is a reiki master and massage therapist. She enjoyed this crate so much that we extended it to her for another month. Customer service is very helpful and quick to respond to questions.
Verified Purchase
by Chante written May 31, 2018
My husband and I love getting our Spirit Kit in the Mail- in that beautiful blue box! I always make him wait for me to open it, and we make a little ritual of exploring the box together and looking over all the treasures. The inaugural September Box, also coincided with the first month of our first pregnancy- and I love that each kit felt like a special treat just for us during such transitional times. The kits Energies and themes of each month really resonated true, and as our lives became busier we found ourselves more and more thankful for the all-in-one aspect ( monthly intentions-seasonal scents- tea-crystals-etc...). I LOVE the handmade candles, which are naturally scented so I don’t ever get a headache. Also, the items are all nestled in wood shavings which go in the compost bin afterwards so Yay for less plastic! Exceptionally satisfied with our Spirit Kit.
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