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We are Sponge Club
The kitchen sponge is the dirtiest item in your home. While some people will dream up ways to try and clean a sponge. Our approach is to always have a fresh one under the sink when you discover your old sponge is starting to look like a science experiment. Don't get sick from a dirty sponge. Change it. Move on with your life.
  • Cellulose
  • Non Scratch Scrubber
  • A fresh resupply is always on its way
  • Cheaper than most grocery stores
Subscriber Reviews
2.3 of 5 stars
No sponges recieved!
by Patricia written 5 days ago
I was offered first month free. Never received them. Have been charged twice now still NO SPONGES! Think they are just sponging my bank account!!
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Low Quality
by Kailey written last year
The sponges are of very low quality and they fall apart after a use or two. The company is almost impossible to get in contact with and when I finally was able to email with a representative from the company they were extremely unhelpful in resolving my problem (cancelled subscription but was still charged for the following month). No return or refund was accepted. Just go to the dollar store to buy your sponges, they will be cheaper and better quality.
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Stellar Box
by Jeremy written last year
I've been subscribed to Sponge Club for 4 months now and it's really great. I always forget to buy sponges and use the same disgusting sponge for way too long. Now when my sponges are getting even a little grody, I just walk out to the mailbox and grab the new ones. Changed my address once and it was super easy, if that counts for anything. Would recommend. Also, They come with 2 of each color so you can keep track of floor/bathroom sponge vs food surface sponge.
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