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Change your kitchen sponge regularly. We are here to help!

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We are Sponge Club
The kitchen sponge is the dirtiest item in your home. While some people will dream up ways to try and clean a sponge. Our approach is to always have a fresh one under the sink when you discover your old sponge is starting to look like a science experiment. Don't get sick from a dirty sponge. Change it. Move on with your life.
  • Cellulose
  • Non Scratch Scrubber
  • A fresh resupply is always on its way
  • Cheaper than most grocery stores
Subscriber Reviews
3.3 of 5 stars
Never received
by SamathaSeaton written 2 months ago
Never received my first order and never got a response from the company. What a disappointment!
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No more stinky sponges
by Janice written 3 months ago
Thank you Sponge Club for taking care of me! I never have to remember to buy sponges at the store. Great customer service.
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So easy being clean!
by Alexandra written 3 months ago
While I was pulled in by the first month, I have retained sponge club for about six because it is a great way to make sure to throw away your old sponges. I keep an extra one in my car for frosty mornings and bring some to the office. I even keep a few extra in the bathroom and am always reminded to rotate them out. Sure, the sponges will individually last a month or two then start to break down if you don't change them at all- but that is the point! You aren't supposed to use any sponge for a month or two. I have seen the light on sponge rotation and I am not going back. PS: I subscribe to a lot of things like Blue Apron, Birchbox, ect. This has been the most practical.
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