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Strong Selfie Box

Oct 31, 2019
Amber C.
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The box was shipped very fast after I ordered it which was great. The contents of the box could have been better in my opinion considering the cost of this particular box. My daughter enjoyed the box, but a couple of items that were mentioned on the pamphlet were not included in her box which was disappointing. But the items that were included were cute and age appropriate, but for the price I expected a bit more than what she received. I ordered 2 boxes and am hoping the second one will have a little more to it than the previous one.

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STRONG self(ie) Boxes for Girls said...Oct 31, 2019

Amber, I emailed you directly. I think you may have misread the marketing in your box thinking the products from our BLOOM (ages 8-12) box should have also been included in your BURST (ages 13-17) box. Every season each box has exclusive items to make the boxes age appropriate. I apologize if the marketing was not clear. The value of the BURST box you received was over $100. We hope your daughter enjoys the 5 high quality items she received.

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