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Soil Not Included

Jun 17, 2019
Rebecca M.
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Originally got this as a 3-month Mother's Day gift, but my mom called me after the first month to say she didn't want any more plants "like that." I didn't ask, just assumed she was grumpy and happily changed the delivery address to my own.
After receiving month #2, I see what my she meant. The pot is very cute, and the succulent is probably fine, but I (foolishly?) assumed dirt/cactus soil would be included. The pot is very small, and a tiny bag of dirt would go a long way. I don't have dirt, that's why I buy tiny plants online. So kind of a disappointment, especially with the pricey shipping. Will not renew.
This matters a lot less, but presentation was also poor - the care/planting instructions were stripey, like the printer nearly out of ink. I don't mind using newspaper for packaging, which is mentioned on some other reviews. Recycle reduce reuse!

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Mar 16, 2019
Starlene B.
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The packaging of the succulents themselves is not good! They would be much better if they included a small bag of cactus type soil. some you cannot tell which end is supposed to be planted ! Please include better instructions for each set you send,instead of a generic instruction. Thanks


Jul 18, 2017
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Got three same cuttings out of four. Giving another chance for next month and see how it gonna be.

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