Super Gains Pack

The ONLY monthly fitness subscription box needed to crush goals and dominate your workouts!

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$34.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • We ship around the 3rd Friday of EVERY month!
  • Only ships within United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Super Gains Pack vs Other Fitness Boxes
Up to 8 supplement samples, premium fitness apparel, full size protein/nutrition bar, an endurance or recovery snack, gym accessory or trial size supplement, and so much MORE!!!
  • Carefully selected supplement samples of the newest brands and flavors in the industry.
  • Full size nutrition bars/snacks/gels.
  • Veteran owned and operated.
  • FREE Shaker Bottle with first order!!
  • Fitness Apparel
Subscriber Reviews
5.0 of 5 stars
August Super Gains Pack Review
by Patricia R written 2 years ago
SGP is off the charts for quantity, quality and versatility in content and customer service.
Full Review
My son LOVES this crate
by NICK written last year
My 20 year old is just getting back into a more fit lifestyle and was concerned about spending money trying out different protein powders and bars so this is a perfect way for him to sample a number of types and brands without committing to a month-supply by buying a case of bars or powders. That alone is a great value and the gear he received in this first crate made it that much better. Great service!
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Awesome box!
by Shyla written last year
Love this subscription box! Always a great variety of samples and awesome flavors! It never disappoints. Look forward to seeing what is in it every month and it always surprises me how much they get packed into that box. Love it!
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Chosen over another sub box
by Tony written last year
I was starting to get a bit disappointed in a different subscription box after about 6 months - felt like I was going to outgrow it. So I started this one because it looked like I would never outgrow it, and found out later that they're really great to work with. They are highly customer-focused, and can readily adjust the box to reflect flavor preferences. They love to interact with me in various forms of social media, and even upper management is very personable - I feel less like a subscriber and much more like a part of a family. I have the top-end box and gotten literally everything under the sun - fortunately, I have a brother who works with a bunch of Army brats, so I can send anything that just doesn't quite work for me to him and let him see how it works for him. When you get all of this in one place, the overall experience makes the price a lot less relevant (although I feel like my value proposition is totally awesome). The last thing I really love is knowing exactly when it's going to get here - the Monday following the 3rd Friday of the month (since it shows up USPS Priority). This was my only beef with the other box - using DHL for domestic packages just doesn't work real well for some reason. During the short time I was testing out both together, I found that I would usually get both packs at nearly the same time, even though the other started its trek about a week earlier than the other. Protip from my accounting days: DHL is great in foreign delivery, but is kind of slow to ship domestically. No disrespect to JackedPack whatsoever - I would recommend them to CF and supplement newbies in a New York minute. It just doesn't work for me. :-) Thanks for letting me share & tell my story! Tony
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