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Superpower Academy

A Superpower Training Program for Future Leaders, Innovators and Overall Good People

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Superpower Academy
Superpower Academy is an Award-Winning series of "Secret Missions" for Kids to build lifelong skills like creative risk-taking, settling their emotions, working through frustration and finding the courage to stand-up for what they believe (designed for ages 5-10).
  • Hands-On STEM Maker Projects
  • Talking Boxes and Invisible Messages to Delight Kids!
  • Fun Comic Books & Wacky Workbooks
  • Stories of Ordinary Heroes
  • Parent Guides to Make it Easy for Busy Families

Subscriber Reviews

Unique Family Treasure

by Pamela, Dec 20, 2017

Superpower Academy is a unique family treasure for so many reasons: Our children are forced to challenge themselves with engaging, non-screentime activities; My husband and I have access to well-curated, high quality literature about important socio-emotional topics; And the fun keeps returning on a regular basis and the kids go nuts with joy! The subscription fee is a small price to pay for so much benefit for ALL. Thank you to The Coy, deliverer of awesomeness!

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by p, Dec 09, 2017

What stands out is that the Superpower Academy exposes and teaches life lessons that is of service to our children. Long after other toys come and go, the hands-on experiences that promote a growth mindset, the joy of succeeding after “failing” and innovating, the conversations between parent and child that follow with the provided Parent Guide, and the empowerment to be super and of joining a super community, will last and serve our children well. I love that the Superpower Academy missions inspire Chelsea to create, experiment and innovate, all while having a blast! Chelsea is able to discover her own path forward with the project-based Super Fun Activity, which ignites her creativity, openness, and resilience. My three-year-old was also mesmerized and was able to follow along on the missions.

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by JJ, Dec 08, 2017

I am a teacher and my 9 year-old son literally tore into the packaging with scissors when he received his Superpower Academy box. Once opened, he jumped right into assembling his plane and doing the activities. Afterwards, I used the reading materials to show him the larger meanings behind that initial immersive activity and we had a fun conversation about the Wright brothers being an inventor, and not being afraid to make mistakes when you're trying to create something. It was a great learning experience all the way around.

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