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Surprise My Pet

The perfect monthly subscription box for dogs and cats with a personal touch!

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Product Overview
  • Our boxes ship out monthly on the 24th. If you need a box sooner just let us know.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime

The perfect monthly subscription box for dogs and cats with a personal touch!

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Delicious treats and exciting toys, every month!
Surprise My Pet is a family owned small business. Each box includes tasty all-natural treats, fun toys and the personal touch that only a small company can provide. Join the SMP family today!
  • 5-7 high quality items per box!
  • We let our subscribers nominate the charities that we support!
  • Skip a shipment if you like ... we always make it easy!
  • All natural treats in each box
  • Have any questions click the Contact Us link and we will get back with you


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Favorite package to get in the mail

by Kelsey M., Oct 26, 2018

We love our monthly Surpriae My Pet package that comes! The different themes are adorable. The toys are great but our dogs favorite part are the treats they get! I'm excited at the end of every month to get our next box to see what they will get and what the theme will be. The family seems to be very nice and personable as well. They always write a thanks you note on the box!

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Surprise My Pet is full of Surprises!

by Vicki C., Oct 26, 2018

I have been receiving Surprise My Pet boxes since 2015. We have two labs that absolutely look forward to their monthly boxes! The treats are great and the toys are amazing. We look forward to the box every month!

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by Jenipher S., Jun 15, 2018

I sent this to one of my employees as a THANK YOU for all her hard work. She loved it and so did her fur babies! Her kittens were inquisitive and had a great time playing with all the toys! The customer service was outstanding- per my request they shipped right away! Thank you Surprise My Pet!

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Surprise My Pet said...
Nov 05, 2017

Thank you so much for the kind words. We always have fun sending gift boxes on behalf of our subscribers. They are sent with such great intentions and received with great appreciation. We made sure to include your letter. Thank you for spreading the word. Sincerely, The Ashmore Family


by Kaitlin A., Jun 15, 2018

I loved this box! I have never tried a subscription box service before and I couldn't be more pleased that I did! It came with 3 toys AND 3 treats WOW. My dog was so excited and I cannot wait to give him more gifts next month!

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Surprise My Pet said...
Nov 13, 2017

Happy pups and happy pup parents are music to our ears. Send us pictures of them opening the next box and we will share their joy with everyone. Thank you for being part of the SMP family. Sincerely, The Ashmore Family

Definatly a Surprise

by Jessica S., Jun 15, 2018

I have 3 pups and they go through toys and treats super fast. This box was a god send. Great price and i am not even mad that they destroyed some of the toys because we get even more next month. They will have something new to play with and enjoy. I might even get 2 boxes next month so they dont have to share!

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Surprise My Pet said...
Nov 13, 2017

Thank you so much for the awesome review. Pups have fun destroying ... it is a fact of life so why not give them their guilty pleasure. LOL! First and foremost their tails were wagging and that is what it is all about! Thank you for being part of the SMP family. Sincerely, The Ashmore Family

Love it!

by Chantellapere, Jun 15, 2018

I opened my box on the top of the table where my cats are not allowed to get on. Well, I opened the box and my cat ran from the other side of the room and jumped on the table (bad girl) then rolled around in the box!! I couldn't believe it! I love that young children, or rather, 'young adults' are the owners of this company and how they donate all the time. Also, the stuff in the box was amazing!! My cats have been going crazy all day. The toys, treats, catnip, just the best of everything! Going to keep my subscription going and cant wait until Dec! You won't be disappointed!

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Surprise My Pet said...
Nov 02, 2017

We cannot tell you how happy we are to make your kitties happy. Thank you so much for the great review. It is feedback like this that keeps us going and has our tails wagging too! Sincerely, Jessica and Tyler

Beautifully Designed Box set 4 your Pet

by Serena R., Jun 15, 2018

A very well curated gift box for your furbabies! Duke ( my dog) loved his box! What he got was:
* All Natural Turkey Neck chew - smell was exactly as expected and not pugent at all. He savoured some pieces and devoured other bites!
* Acorn Squash-Sweet Potatoe - organic treat that all 3 dogs! Yup all 3 ate and asked (begged for more) Gone in 1 sitting for 3
* Pumpkin Pie cookie- looked better than the cookies I buy myself at the bakery - WOW- infact as a pet enthusiast I did try a corner! For a dog treat extremely well made/ tasty and Duke loved it- he didnt wanna share!
* Squeaky Plush bone- he didnt lay on it! He wanted it to be his new fetch toy LOL
* Trick or treat toy- worked excellently on a flirt pole for all 3 dogs excerising experiences
Their customer service was prompt to respond - and shipping was quite quick - Im impressed

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Surprise My Pet said...
Nov 13, 2017

This one of the really fun boxes to put together. Thanksgiving dinner ... to give thanks to our most loyal of companions. Glad you loved it. My dog is still working on that turkey neck every night! Thank you for the great review and for choosing to be part of the SMP family. Sincerely, The Ashmore Family

Great for cats and young dogs

by Meghan P., Jun 15, 2018

I received a few boxes for my cat, and everything in the boxes was fantastic. My cat really loved the treats and toys. I then decided to swap over and order for my senior miniature Dachshunds, and I even emailed them to ask to not include hard treats as my pups are older and can't eat them. The box for my dogs had some great toys, but 2 of the 3 treats were WAY too hard for my seniors to have, and I ended up giving them away to my mom who has younger dogs that love to chew and crunch. It's a great service, this just isn't for anyone with senior pups.

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Our first surprise

by Dorothy B., Jun 15, 2018

We were thrilled at everything in our first box. Pearce immediately chose one of the toys while I unwrapped a treat. He loves it all! The tuffy toys are just what I had hoped for. We couldn't be more please. Can't wait for the next box!!!

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Great Fun For Pets

by Alessandro T., Jun 15, 2018

Very good crate for your pet (we took the large dog one): some nice treats and a couple of sturdy toys.
Only 4 stars because the shipping-cost to italy was 40$, a little to expensive.

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Surprise My Pet said...
Nov 22, 2017

Thank you so much for the fantastic review. Happy dogs are what it is all about. We really do wish we could get better rates on our international and Canadian shipping. It is just out of our hands. Can't thank you enough for giving us a try from across the ocean. SMP is World Wide!!


The Ashmore Family

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