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Monthly T-shirt subscription service that delivers geek, gamer, and artistic shirts to your door.

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Product Overview
  • We ship our box on the 11th of every month. Please order by the 1st to get the current box. For subscribers, we ship on the 15th of every month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States except for
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime

Monthly T-shirt subscription service that delivers geek, gamer, and artistic shirts to your door.

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What is TeeBlox?
Each month we curate the best looking shirts from our partners and ship directly to your doorstep. You can choose from Gamer, Kawaii and Movies and TV. It s time to show your lifestyle!
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime.
  • Don't like the t shirt? Exchange it
  • Our shirts are 100% authentic
  • The perfect gift for a geek/gamer
  • Up to 17% off on prepaid plan


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loving it.

by Namar S., Nov 29, 2018

I subscribe for my step-son, he loves it. these t-shirts are fun and different , whats best, you can always change to something new. great job!!!!!!

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by Sean F., Mar 23, 2019

I decided I’d give this a try. They sent a Glee T-shirt. It’s going straight to Goodwill. What a waste of money. Disappointed.

Edit: someone reached out and offered to replace the shirt so I added a few stars.

Edit 2: Got the replacement shirt super fast. Bumped up to 4 stars just for the great customer service. Thanks.

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Never got my first shirt

by Allison B., Jan 31, 2019

I guess I learned a $11 lesson. Just got a notification that my subscription was about to renew and I realized I never got my first shirt. DONT SUBSCRIBE! LISTEN TO THE REVIEWS!

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TeeBlox said...
May 09, 2019

We're very sorry to know that you never got your first Blox. Please, feel free to email us and we'll be happy to assist you.

Terrible Business

by Brandi H., Mar 06, 2019

I have been charged multiple times and just recieved the first shirt after 2 months. It was not at all close to my preferences... I have requested my money back multiple times because I've been charged more than one time and only received the one shirt... they have not refunded my money but offered me a free shirt.... give me back my money, that's what I would like... I've emailed that for the 3rd time..

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great shirt

by Kj, Jun 15, 2018

love the shirt I got

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Great quality and customer service

by Margaret R., Jun 15, 2018

We've received our first two shipments now, and loved them!! My son got a real kick out of this month's Red Sonja shirt, lol.The first month's shipment got lost in transit, but as soon as I emailed to let them know they responded within a couple of hours, and had shipped out another one immediately. I have already recommended this box to others!

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Great People

by Cara S., Jun 15, 2018

First of all, I love nerdy shirts. So getting this box was kind of a no brainer for me, especially at that price. However, my first "blox" kept hitting some snags. The shipping information was wonky, then when I did get it, I didn't get the category that I had liked. But the customer service was SIMPLY ASTOUNDING. They fixed the first issue and I got the first package soon after speaking with them, then they replaced the shirt that I didn't like. I could not be more impressed with these people. Honestly, I might be sticking around just for them. (And of course the nerdy shirts). Keep in mind that any new subscribers do not get the extra pieces in their packages, so they don't get the comic book or pins, just the shirts. However, I did hear that this option will be open soon.

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Even when they miss.....

by Roy V., Jun 15, 2018

This service is great if you have an issue they get on it like white on rice, I've had shirts I'm ok with and shirts that are awesome, but I was able to finally get Star Wars gear but I must say I like the service regardless of the shirts not being Star Wars based. Hopefully I only get Star Wars shirts from now on 😁.

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We’ve had a really good experience!

by Doreen R., Jun 15, 2018

I bought for my husband. I put the characters he’d Like. The first one he loved the next two were too loud for him and from the same character. I contacted customer service via email and they responded within 24 hrs. We returned the shirt paid for shipping but they sent another shirt. Mr. Lopez went and personally picked out the shirt for my husband and changed to just getting the Marvel characters. We just received another shirt and husband is happy with it. Just mark what you want exactly and also customer svc will help you. I usually like to call but email has worked out just fine. I would recommend. I only get the shirts box. They also let you know they are about to renew which is a good reminder in case you do want to cancel.

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Shirts rock and customer service rocks

by Bre B., Jun 15, 2018

I hadnt recieved my 1st shipment and got charged for the 2nd so i contacted customer service and they got right back to me and fixed it right away.I have recieved 3 shirts so far and they ranged from cool to awesome. My least favorite but still super cute cut and perfect fit was a mickey mouse tee. Love Disney just not mickey i guess. Other than that ot was perfect. I recieved 2 star wars shirts. The first was a bb8 shirt and it was cute normal t shirt. The second star wars was with the orginal cast and it was slit in each side up to the ribs and the back was longer. Soooo cute. Everybody asks where i got it. The cut alone was amazing and the star wars pic was amazinh but together itwas the coolest thing ive ever seen Cant wait for the next one.

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