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The Bookworm Box

A signed book subscription service created by author Colleen Hoover. 

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Product Overview
  • We have 50-60 volunteers come one Sunday a month to lovingly pack your boxes. We try to have the boxes shipped out between the 20-25, sometimes it's earlier and sometimes it's later. You should receive a tracking number and you can always stay tuned by downloading our App or following us on Facebook and Instagram!
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
What is in The Bookworm Box?
My name is Colleen Hoover and I am an author and avid reader. I have had a tremendous amount of support from my readers since I published my first novel three years ago and I’ve been looking for a way to pay back all that has come my way. Many authors have donated their books and/or their time to make sure each of our boxes come with two signed nov
  • 2 autographed books, plus fun book swag!
  • The books will be signed by the authors.
  • Different books every month.
  • Proceeds for each box are donated to charity.
Subscriber Reviews
4.8 of 5 stars
The BookWorm Box July 2015 Review
by Jesse Richardson written last year
Romance Novels delivered to your door!
Full Review
by KelliBarry written 7 days ago
I absolutely LOVE my bookworm boxes every month. Signed books from fantastic authors and always amazing swag.
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It's great!!
by Ashley written 7 days ago
I'll begin my saying... Yes, the shipping is a little pricey. Overall though, the box is great! I've received a lot of books I loved from this subscription. The swag is cute and useful stuff, e.g. ear phones, travel nail kit, pens. I absolutely love the fact that all the money gets donated!! Great box for a great cause! I can't imagine anyone finding a reason to not like it.
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It feels like Christmas every month!
by Kelly written 7 days ago
I started a subscription to The Bookworm Box last year and I absolutely love it for so many reasons. 1) Colleen Hoover.....her whole heart is in this store. Her family, friends and neighbors volunteer there and the $ is going to great charities!! In two years, almost a million dollars has been donated to charities! It makes you feel good to get behind an amazing author who does so much for others. 2) Books & swag! Because of generous authors who autograph & donate their books, each Bookworm Box includes 2 signed books and fantastic swag. It's so exciting to feels like Christmas morning every month! 3) Me Time! Prior to subscribing, I hardly ever read like real grown-up books. My life revolved around kids, kid activities, and by bedtime, I was fried. Now I make time to read every single day. I love it! 4) While you're at it, join the greatest fan base out there....Colleen Hoover's CoHorts. They just get it!
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