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The Bookworm Box

A signed book subscription service created by author Colleen Hoover. 

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$32.99+ / month
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Product Overview
  • Our boxes ship around the 15th of each month!
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
What's in The Bookworm Box?
My name is Colleen Hoover and I am an author and avid reader. I've had a tremendous amount of support from my readers since I published my first novel 3 years ago and I've been looking for a way to pay back all that has come my way. this is where The Bookworm Box comes in. Many authors have donated their books and/or their time to make sure each of your boxes is filled with hand curated, signed novels and other goodies just for you! What to expect:
  • 2 subscription options: 1 book or 2 books
  • Includes 1 or 2 autographed books, plus fun book swag!
  • Items can include: keychains, pens, journals, bookmarks, and more!
  • Proceeds from each box are donated to charity
Subscriber Reviews
4.8 of 5 stars
by Melissa written Jun 12, 2018
I loved my first box last month. If your an die hard reader like me, you'll love to get your hands on new books!! :)
Verified Purchase
My First Book Subscription Box!
by Megan written Jan 06, 2018
I was probably eyeing this box for at least a year before I caved and spent the money to finally purchase a subscription. What drew me to this box was the fact that it was run by Colleen Hoover and she was an author that I greatly admired because of her published novels. It would be an understatement to say that I was excited when I received my first box on my front porch. A major understatement. I loved opening up this beautiful purple package and finding that awesome purple stuffing (that manages to get everywhere, fair warning) and finally uncovering the bookish goodies. I had the one-book subscription for the first few months before switching to the two-book subscription. I have to say that I enjoyed the one-book subscription a little more than the two-book because I loved the items! I got a gorgeous notebook, a great pencil pouch, a bookworm box water bottle, and a couple of other really great big items. The only disappointing thing about this box was the fact that most of the books were paperbacks and not recent releases. But you go in expecting this since every item/book is donation based. The two-book box was something I switched to almost as soon as it was offered. I believe there was a $5 price increase and instead of a big item, there was a second box and more small items (bookmark, pen, etc). I had this subscription for a shorter time due to funds and the fact that I wasn't as big of a fan. I was more excited to get that big bookish item than the second book because of the fact that the book was usually an old release. If you are looking into purchasing this subscription service, I would definitely way the pros and cons between the two options and see what you are looking for in a subscription service. I personally liked the more well-rounded one-book subscription which had a great book and a fun large item. What first got me interested in trying out this service (besides the Colleen Hoover factor) is the charity donation with every box. I really enjoyed getting the cute little cards that told me exactly what charity the company makes their donations to each month. Many times it was charities that were very current like if a hurricane recently hit and certain relief aids were created or went into effect. Overall I thought this was a really fun and exciting subscription box. I always was so happy to see my box on the front porch and nothing beats opening up a surprise every month. For me personally, this wasn't a sustainable option because I'm on a student budget and don't have a great steady income. Definitely evaluate what matters to you in such a subscription and don't be afraid to try out a few different options. The Bookworm Box is a great option for those who don't mind getting a not-so-new book and want the option between one or two books.
Verified Purchase
Love the Bookworm Box
by Barbara written Jan 04, 2018
Amazing box with great signed books and swag! And for a good cause.
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