The Butter Box

Every Month in The Butter Box is 100% natural, we never use any chemicals or chemically-altered nat

Plans as low as $37.46 / month

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I love bath products

by Chelsea, Apr 05, 2019

I love bath products so much

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by Nancy F., Mar 15, 2019

Thought the jars would have been bigger, but loved what they sent.

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Awesome, All Natural Products

by Takisha C., Jan 26, 2019

Butters smell so good and moisturizing. Face systems address all kinds of acne and skin issues, NATURALLY! Been a butterbar user for 2 years now.

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Smells are amazing

by Kelly C., Jan 23, 2017

I got the "I can indulge a little" box free with a Groupon code and just paid shipping. It was for a 3 month subscription and I loved each box. Everything was homemade with natural ingredients. The smells are amazing...I love the body oil and peppermint scrub the best. I am going to order the larger box.

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