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Every Month in The Butter Box is 100% natural, we never use any chemicals or chemically-altered nat

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Smells are amazing

Jan 23, 2017
Kelly C.
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I got the "I can indulge a little" box free with a Groupon code and just paid shipping. It was for a 3 month subscription and I loved each box. Everything was homemade with natural ingredients. The smells are amazing...I love the body oil and peppermint scrub the best. I am going to order the larger box.

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Jun 06, 2020
Miss S.
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First I know that Covid is complicating things.
However I order a lot of boxes frequently and I was pretty disappointed after spending $50. My box was late and leaking. I see they tried to prevent leakage but they weren’t effective. I received 4 products. One was a bath oil salt combo that dried out and couldn’t come out of the container. Another was charcoal oil scrub that left the worst black oil stain all over my tub. I immediately threw that out. I received a gold shimmer rub that I guess looks cool? And hair oil for growth. I have found that useful.
I reached out to customer service but got no response. I expected bath bombs and butters and bath gels soaps candles etc but was disappointed. There are other bath boxes that give much more for less money and offer better customer service. Also their box is ugly and unappealing to the eye. Not a pick you upper. Do better butter box

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Awesome, All Natural Products

Jan 26, 2019
Takisha C.
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Butters smell so good and moisturizing. Face systems address all kinds of acne and skin issues, NATURALLY! Been a butterbar user for 2 years now.

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Mar 15, 2019
Nancy F.
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Thought the jars would have been bigger, but loved what they sent.

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I love bath products

Apr 05, 2019
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I love bath products so much