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Plans as low as $45.00 $45.00 / month
Product Overview
  • Subscriptions purchased between November 1st and 30th will receive the December Box as their first box, being shipped between December 1st and 10th. Any subscription that is placed during any given month will always receive the following month's box, being shipped between the 1st and 10th of that next month.
  • Only ships within United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
The Witches Moon: Witchcraft Delivered.
The Witches Moon is a premium subscription box crafted for the authentic Witch. We are passionate about our Craft and want to share our knowledge and practice with the world. *Not intended for Full Moon Ritual, 1 Box per month. $9.00 Shipping.
  • 10 to 20 items per box
  • Items include: Handmade candles, spells from our personal Book of Shadows, smudge, herbs, ritual tools, sacred salts, and much more!

Subscriber Reviews

Couldn't live without it

by Niki, yesterday

While I knew I would love a lot of the items included after looking at past boxes, I was initially suspicious of the price for this. But I just opened my 5th box and EVERY MONTH I am so excited about when this shipment comes. I am constantly posting on IG about the items, sharing with my friends, etc. The value is phenomenal if you are used to shopping in metaphysical stores (usually not cheap), the themes are creative, the items are thoughtful. CANNOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH - if you're on the edge, just do it. It will get you started if you're new to witchcraft or it will enhance your current practice if you're a seasoned witch.

Verified Purchase

by Ame, 4 days ago

Super impressed with my first box and will definitely be continuing the sub!

Verified Purchase

Blown away!!!

by shannon, 5 days ago

I have subscribed to over 100 unique subscription box services, about 20 of them - between boxes tried once or twice & the boxes renewed, focusing on Wicca, paganism, or the metaphysical realm in some way. The Witches Moon is by far one of the absolute best subscriptions out there! I’ve stashed away my spirituality for a couple decades- not that I’ve ever been faithfully or consistently dedicated to, in thought or action. A couple years ago in New Orleans, I had a tarot & a palm reading (same ‘psychic’) where there were 2 major calls to action, 2 things I had to focus on before I could feel complete- writing (never mentioned to him I’m a poet & working on my memoirs & short stories) and spirituality. I’ve never belonged to a coven or any other pagan group & like to keep my spirituality & my metaphysical self to myself. That means a lot of research (much easier now with the internet than 20 years ago with no World Wide Web!) & being able to trust my source, but also hoping that more experienced practitioners will share their knowledge & stories. This box is over the top a-freakin-mazing!!!! Each month I get a spell of the month thoughtfully printed on old timey paper, as well as the packing list, which is incredibly detailed, thorough info for each item in the box. There’s also a single tarot card from a diff deck each month, claimed to have been chosen specifically for me, relevant to only me... I like the idea/ concept that during curation someone is meditating & focusing to find me the right focus for the month. But on to the *real* contents of the box!!! HOLY GODDESS!!! Each month includes a “spell kit” with a focus appropriate to that month’s full moon, astrological status, & time of year. This includes a spell candle (she likes beeswax candles), any herbs, dried flowers, anointing oils, tea, etc, appropriate for that month’s spell. Included monthly- so far- Palo santo &/or sage for smudging/ cleansing, & any other helpful items for the spell. Then there’s the spell on parchment paper. On top of that, there’s also some crystals & stones, a small jar of mixed & charged bath salt appropriate for the month, & then a ‘big’ item for your practice— my first month I got a wand, this month the big ticket item was a set of spell inks & a glass ‘quill’ that apparently fills with ink if you set the top in the ink. I also subscribe to Saturated in Ink box, which is basically a fountain pen of the month subscription- a ftn pen & an ink sample each month & a couple of other little writing/ writer’s/ paper products, so @ first I wasn’t too excited about the inks- let me say, they come displayed in a beautiful box pretty enough for storage. they're in glass bottles & there is 5 diff colours of ink, each charged for a specific focus- ie, green for prosperity spells. Never even considered using ink charged with the crystals & energy for a specific colour! im in love with the glass quill!! This box is just incredible for newbies & experienced practitioners, solo or coven-initiated. This box is a great mix of info & products, & will help with everything to altar setup to how to use the moon to increase the energy & strength of everything you send out into the universe. This subscription puts it’s competition to shame!!! There are a few other pagan/ ‘witch’ boxes I get that I love, but they have slightly different models & guidelines or subscription descriptions so that subscriptions to diff boxes doesn’t become redundant. I am constantly on the edge of my broom waiting for my next box!!!

Verified Purchase
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