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The Best Witches Box
by Tracy written today
I have shopped around and tried them all. This is by far the best box out there!!!
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Best Witchy Subscription Box
by Alexis written 2 days ago
I am never disappointed by the contents of this box. It is a thrilling experience to get it every month. Getting it and unboxing it always puts a smile on my face and improves my day.
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Love the Direction it Gives
by Danielle written 3 days ago
I've been subscribed since April, so I've gotten 5 boxes. While I absolutely love this box, I do have a few mixed feelings over the price but I'm on a very fixed income, so this is really my only luxury a month. I think ultimately it's worth it, especially if you're newer and don't quite know what direction to take. Their box themes are always on point and a lot of the items they give are super unique and have led to me doing my own research in areas I would have never known about. My main qualm with the price of items is the rocks, I've found similar ones for pretty cheap, and last month we had clear quartz which feels cheap, even though it did definitely fit the theme. I understand that the stone may have been just what some people needed though. And their unique oil blends, dressed candles, bath salts (if only I had a tub...) and other items make it definitely worth it. In the 5 months, this is the first time an item came spilled. I lost about 1/4 of the " Come to Me" oil, but aside from it soaking most of the cardboard box it didn't damage anything or cause issues. I've submitted questions to their customer service a few times about market items and they've been extremely helpful and I've been super happy every time I've bought from them. I highly recommend both their subscription box as well as browsing their website. If you want to get an idea of what items the box has, I definitely recommend taking a look at Samantha Menzo's channel. She's been doing unboxing of both this and their bounty box for roughly a year now.
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August Goddess
by Tina written 4 days ago
This box was so Enchanting, Love Everything!!! One of the best subscriptions
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The best box I've ever paid for
by Kayla written 6 days ago
I have lived every single box I've received. They are packaged well but also very pretty. My cats love the paper. The items are always high quality and fit the theme well. A great, reliable way to get tools and get accustomed to using materials. You can tell a lot of time and effort goes into each box. Keep up the awesome work!
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by Andrea written Aug 11, 2018
The packaging was superb. The box seemed never ending and was packed full of an amazing sensory feast. Everything resonated with me, and you could feel the energy embued in every object. Definitely will continue this subscription! That being said there was only one issue; the “Come To Me” aura spray had not been seated properly and it leaked. Fortunately, the wrapping absorbed the leak and it didn’t saturate any other items.
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I’m am amazed!!
by Jacquelin written Aug 10, 2018
This box made my jaw drop!!! How beautiful!! Never did ever except this!! I am just so excited! This was worth every penny!! Everything in this box is made with superior quality just beautiful! Thank You!!!
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by Janeen written Aug 10, 2018
This is my 3rd box and it does not disappoint. Everything is so beautiful. I did miss getting a tea this month, but the statue made up for it.
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So stoked!
by Trudy written Aug 10, 2018
I loved the theme of my box! And I got my first altar statue! The herbs, spray, and candle smells so amazing! I can’t wait for my next box! 😍😆😃
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by LaConya written Aug 09, 2018
This is my first box, but I am absolutely in love
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