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4.9 of 5 stars
by Reba written 4 days ago
This is the second time I’ve canceled it
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The Witches Moon - Previously Well Known As "The Moon Box Shop" said...
3 days ago
Hi Reba, Thank you for taking the time to create a review of our service. We truly appreciate hearing feedback as we are always looking for ways to better serve our subscribers. Please feel free to contact us at customerservice@thewitchesmoon if there is ever anything further we can do to serve you in the future. Many Blessings, The Witches Moon™
My Favorite Box
by JulieAnn written 6 days ago
This is my absolute favorite subscription box! If I could only have one subscription, this would be it. Everything is so beautiful, creative, and lovingly packaged, it really is like receiving a special gift every month! The themes are well thought out and the rituals have really helped me along on my spiritual journey. Truly fantastic. Thank you! 😊
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by Traci written 7 days ago
I can't say enough positive things about this Box. Everything connects with me, I get so excited when this box arrives. Crystal, oils, teas, bath salts and the insence oh my it's delicious~and always a spell candle 💖💖💖💖you will be amazed~
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Amazing box!
by Morgan written May 11, 2018
A truly amazing box. After my mail carrier delivered my box to the wrong address the good people at Witches Moon did not hesitate to send me a replacement and I am so glad they did. This has to be the best box yet. I really enjoyed the first two I got but the theme and items in the May box really speak to me. I will be invoking some elemental spirits tonight!
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The smell oooo my!
by Ali written May 11, 2018
The aroma this box includes filled my apartment for days. Unopened bags of herbs and bundles of lavender and sage received compliments from my boyfriend! Whaaaat?! The items were so beautiful and packaged so nicely. I’m hooked, it’s all so worth the cost of the box. So unique and well thought out. Real quality items that blend so well together. I’m impressed.
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The Best There Is!!!!!
by Tracy written May 10, 2018
I have tried several Pagan/Witches boxes in this price range and above and none have come close to the quality of The Witches Moon Boxes. I'm very happily surprised and thrilled to receive my box each month. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge of our beautiful craft and for the careful time and effort you take in preparing each box. Blessed Be Tracy
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So Enchanting
by Tina written May 10, 2018
This is my third month, love it, so magickal and enchanting. This box is about the elemential spirits, just love how it is put together. I am so excited to open it, again thank you keep the magick coming!!!
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Best Box Out There
by Teagan written May 10, 2018
This subscription is absolutely magical in every sense. Well thought out and prepared. I learn something new with each box. I can't wait to get mine every month. Definitely get my money worth with this!
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by joaquin written May 08, 2018
this is such a well thought out subscription. Always high quality items that come just when you need them. I have loved every single item from every box I have ever received. I cannot wait to be able to start my subscription back up again. This is by far the best subscription box I have ever found and it is totally worth every penny!!!!
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by Branddy written May 07, 2018
I got my first box today and it was everything I wanted and more. Everything is lovely, smells good, and I will use. I can’t wait to get more of these boxes, they are worth every penny!
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