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The Best
by Kelly written yesterday
By far the best of the Witchcraft subscription services.
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Love Love Love
by Kelly written 8 days ago
I recently received my first box. The presentation and packaging was fantastic. I also loved every Item in the box. There was not one thing to complain or be critical of. I received what I believe is for March and the coming season of change. I forwarded the candle, spell, and some of the incense sticks to a friend in need of a fresh start. I am sure it will brighten up her situation. It was is the right box at the right time... there was also some bath salts, essential oil perfume, a necklace packed in moss (which I put in my fairy garden) a beautiful silver plated chalice, a good size mineral/rough and beautiful, a pocket size art card with a quote, a larger art print and the list of contents/use... that is all I recall at the moment I don't have the box in front of me.... but I truly love everything in it.
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Wonderful box!
by Ramona written 12 days ago
I just got my first moon box today, I’m vastly impressed with the quality and carefully curated items.i was going to just get the one month, but after this I’m hopeful that the next month will be awsome too. Might have to keep subscribing!
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Truly a Class Act
by Melanie written 13 days ago
I can't say enough about this wonderful box!! We were only going to get one month because of the cost, but we received our first box today and it was absolutely awesome. It isn't just a random thrown-together collection of goods, it is a carefully prepared, beautifully packaged, quality group of items that follow along with a wonderful theme. Clearly whoever puts these together cares deeply about their customers and the products they send. My daughter and I adored our box and can't wait for the next one. If they are all this good, you definitely have a long-term customer here!! We will be checking out the facebook page & website as we are truly impressed with the quality and care you put into your products. <3
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Incredible Customer Service
by Kristie written 14 days ago
I wrote a review after my first box last month, but this month I just have to write another one. I follow the Witches Moon on Facebook as well as being a subscriber to their emails. As such I was notified a couple weeks in advance what the planned theme for February was. The theme was something that was personally relevant and I made a comment on the Facebook post explaining why it was relevant and that I was very excited to receive it. They reached out to me with a sincere response that included prayer/energy on my behalf and an offer to let them know if I needed anything. Yesterday, I received my February box. It was so perfect I felt the need to reach out again and send them a private message thanking them. I again received a wonderful personal response. Their customer service is so far above and beyond what is typically expected from a business. They seem to really want to better their customers' lives in whatever way they can manage. I'm absolutely blown away and humbled by this and I really want them to get the recognition they deserve for this. Thank you so much, Witches Moon.
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Witchy Love!!
by Beda written 15 days ago
Just got my first box today and I am in love!!! This box is filled with all kinds of cool goodies!! I especially love the jewelry item (don’t want to spoil anyone so I won’t say more than that), the gorgeous artwork piece, the oil selection and the jar of ‘magical condiment’. But really, everything is just lovely! I couldn’t be more pleased! Now I can hardly wait for next month!
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Gift from a friend
by Trina written 18 days ago
A while ago, a friend of mine got a subscription for the previous "moon boxes." She loved her first box and couldn't wait to show it off to me! Only to get a surprise a couple of days later when another box showed up! She was worried about getting billed twice, but when she contacted you all about it, you told her to give it to a friend. and she gave it to me! i was so excited and impressed! i love it so much and i can't wait to have the funds to get my own subscription!
purchased subscription, no box :(
by Amanda written 18 days ago
I was so excited for this box! I never received mine, I purchased last month, and I have been waiting for a tracking number, update? anything, I contacted the seller. Hopefully nothing got messed up..
The Witches Moon - Previously Well Known As "The Moon Box Shop" said...
15 days ago
Hello Amanda, Thank you for taking your time to send us your feedback. We take customer service very seriously and always want to make sure that you feel comfortable with your purchase and have great communication with us. We apologize if you have not received our previous emails sent to you. We have had some emails go to the junk folder for some email accounts. When a subscription is purchased, it is always for the next month’s box being shipped between the 1st and the 10th. When we look into your tracking information we see that your box is out for delivery today. :) We apologize for any concern or confusion this has caused. We are excited for you to receive your box and truly hope that you connect with the items within. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to serve you. Many Blessings, The Witches Moon™ (Previously Well Known As The Moon Box)
So Happy 😀
by JillNesta written 21 days ago
This box exceeded my expectations! I can’t get enough of the incense and the beautiful Fortuna statue and crystals blew me away. I could feel the love that went into it. I highly recommend this box to anyone looking to expand their practice or get more in touch with their spirituality.
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by Denae written 21 days ago
For starters, every box I get from them is just so awesome. They always give me more than expected, and it's all good quality items. My favorite part is the love and care they take in putting these boxes together. They always seem to know just what I need.... I recently reached out to them because a piece of Faden Quartz I received in a previous box broke. They sent me 2 new pieces free of charge. It might sound small, but that small act of kindness meant a lot to me. I love The Witches Moon subscription! Keep on doing what you're doing!
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