The Rad Dad Box
A monthly starter kit to fatherhood for new dads and their children.

$25.00+ / month

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4.9 of 5 stars
Love this company
by Brian written May 02, 2018
Never disappointed. We look forward to our box every month.
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Finally- a gift for my husband!!!
by Jamie written Apr 18, 2018
I got the Rad Dad Box for my husband’s birthday, and he loves it. My son is an avid reader, and he loves getting a book that is special for him and dad to read together!
by Roxana written Mar 05, 2018
We have been part of the Rad Dad family for about 9 months now, we wish I would have found them sooner!!! My husband LOVES the Rad Dad Box and waits patiently around mid month to get it and open it with our daughter!!! Our favorite items are the cartoon cards that always has a phrase that every parent can relate too and the dad-themed books. Our daughter and husband have always had a special bond and the Rad Dad Box is one of those special moments for them! Don’t think about it twice! Buy one box and you will go back for more!!! I can promise that!!!
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by Gabriela written Mar 03, 2018
If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would!!! We love being part of the Rad Dad family! It is such a joy to get the box every month for us and for our son! Amazing toys, Dad stuff, and little outfits! The absolute BEST subscription box there is for Dads and kiddos alike!
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Loved it!!!
by Maddie written Feb 24, 2018
Got this box for my husband for Christmas and he really enjoyed all three boxes he recieved! The items were very unique and things I never would have found on my own. The customer service was beyond amazing! Michelle, one of the owners, wrote me directly to get feedback and was super accommodating! Highly recommend this for new (or even not new) dads!!
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Simply AmazingThe products were co
by Marc written Dec 29, 2017
So we ordered these boxes for our son in law as they begin their first baby journey. I know it tends to be all about the mommas but we thought we’d include him. I never thought his box would be so amazing. It was a lot more fun than the box we did for our daughter. Their customer service was the absolute best I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I just hope they start doing mom boxes! If you want to do something special for an expectant or new dad, this is the box!! Thanks Rad Dad!!
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Exactly What Dads Need!
by Arie written Dec 28, 2017
Look no further! After searching quite extensively to find an appropriate gift for my husband's birthday (who became a father this year to our beautiful baby boy), I found The Rad Dad Box and was sold. What a perfect idea! Men can be hard to shop for, and this was just what I was looking for (but didn't know it until I found it!) A heartfelt blend of things for Dad, Baby, and the two to share together. I subscribed to the Deluxe option (absolutely worth it!) and my husband was so touched by the idea, and loves the special gifts each month that add to the bonding time with our son. Not to mention that all the items are very unique - and nothing we've ever seen on the shelves before. Additionally, in a time where customer service is nearly obsolete (and online service practically nil), you're dealing with a family who take the time to email you personally, get some basic details on your child (to help ensure a fitting box!) and check in to make sure you're satisfied. There's a clear hands-on approach that is the icing on the cake with this. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a gift for a new dad - absolutely fantastic! (And of course, Mom here enjoys the box, too!)
Where to start(...)
by Courtney written Sep 04, 2017
Oh gosh where do I start? This box is so great. Our first child was a blessing and a surprise, and so my husband was a bit frazzled when we found out that, not only would our barren bodies have a child, it was going to be a girl. My husband and all his family are boys, in other words all the women married in, and so he had no idea where to start or what to do when it came to a little girl. And so, this box was a LIFE SAVER for him. I never told him I was getting it and I never told him how many he was getting (I think we've gotten 9?) and he loves each and every one of them- although the music one was his favorite! These give little bits of encouragement and a small activity to do each month and the owner is very gracious when it comes to adjusting the sending date if there happens to be a family issue of sorts. All in all, we LOVE these boxes!
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The Gift that Keeps on Giving
by Bronwyn written Aug 18, 2017
I have the Rad Dad Box to my husband for his first Father's Day and he LOVED getting little surprises to share with our son each month. It was nice to see them have something just for them... which was a gift to this new mama! Definitely recommend :)
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A thoughtful box for Dads
by Jane written Aug 02, 2017
I bought the Rad Dad Father's Day box for my partner and what a delight! He loved all the items, especially the shaving cream and brush. I truly appreciate a nicely shaven man. The thoughtful curation shows throughout all the items in the box. It's a great way to show dads their appreciation and a wonderful gift for those who struggle to find the perfect gift (myself included) 🙋🏻
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