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My monthly dose of happiness
by Angela written Jan 03, 2018
I look forward to this box every month. It is my little slice of peace every month.
Another great box!
by Alisson written Jan 02, 2018
TheraBox does it again with another fantastic box for December (I've been a subscriber since the beginning)! I really enjoy this box because it's always fresh and different from the previous! I really enjoy the varying themes each month, from mindfulness to relaxation to gratitude and goal setting - each box is truly different from the last. Thank you TheraBox for making my month, every month with your selection of high quality natural products (because I am definitely picky about what I put on my body), your happiness inducing activities, and expert presentation. I am still in awe every month about the value of the box when compared to the price! Favorite items (because I couldn't just pick one) this month were the bucket list journal, cinnamon candle, and delicious vegan coffee scrub. I LOVE IT!
Excellent Customer Service!!!
by Shelli written Jan 02, 2018
Since I wrote a negative review of the products, I feel it only fair to write a review of the customer service I experienced after posting that review. Customer service emailed me almost immediately and offered several solutions to make me a happy customer. Because of the prompt, helpful customer service, I've decided to give the box another try and hope that the next one has a better mix of products that aren't all focused on strong scents. Therabox, your customer service is the best I've experienced to date, keep up the good work!
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Meh.....1st box, not impressed!
by Shelli written Jan 02, 2018
I was so excited to receive this box. After looking at previous boxes, I signed up because the items all spoke to me in some way. After receiving this box, I am questioning that decision! The lavender spray is just okay, but I'll use it because the scent isn't strong. The 100 bucket list is a great idea in theory but I have several chronic illnesses so it's not likely to get used. As for the rest of the box, due to my illnesses, I can't tolerate strong scents as they trigger migraines. The strongly scented coffee scrub (you can smell without even taking the seal off), 2 peppermint products and a strongly scented cinnamon candle are all useless to me. I have no words for the socks. They look like they should be in a children's box, not an adult mindfulness/relaxation box that costs $35/month! Not sure I will keep this box.
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First box!
by diana written Dec 28, 2017
This was my first TheraBox, so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. I'm happy to say I was very pleasantly surprised! All the items were high quality, natural, or organic which is what I'm all about. My favorite item was definitely the 100 bucket list journal set, because it does help me prepare for the new year and look forward to the new adventures I'll be having. Second favorite was the cinnamon soy candles because they had wooden wicks which is very unique. Other items included were natural lavender facial mist, vegan coffee scrub, vegan derma cream, natural peppermint lip balm, and santa socks. My coffee scrub came damaged, but I contacted their customer service and showed them pictures and they quickly offered to replace it for me. I am impressed by everything, and will definitely be keeping my subscription!
Loved my December box!
by Tina written Dec 28, 2017
I just got my December box today and loved everything inside! It came with a 100 bucket list journal, which is perfect for me as I start the new year. That was probably my favorite item. Also a Cinammon soy candle which smelled super cozy. I really liked that it was using a wooden wick instead of regular wicks. Lavender facial mist smelled calming, and I liked that it was all natural. Also some vegan and organic coffee scrub/lotion creams and lip balm which smelled tasty. Only issue was there was a delay in shipping this month, but that's expected during the holidays. I've been a subscriber for 5 months now and it's been the only delay so I'd say I'm pretty happy! All quality and unique items every month. Thank you TheraBox!
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by Marhia written Dec 28, 2017
I was really excited to receive this box, but very disappointed when I opened it. Nothing in it sparked joy for me. I wanted to love it, but it fell flat for me. I was bummed that it was all smashed up and came after Christmas. 😏
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Without A Care! Literally. Terrible.
by Savannah written Dec 27, 2017
From a box that hails to be all about happiness and self care this box was all about self promotion "snap and put me on social media..." It also contained largely inappropriate items for a box that is all about you relaxing and spending some time to chill and unwind, take the pressure off, and just let go with some much needed you time. When you open the box, which I was excited to do, you are faced with a bombardment of hashtags to win and blah blah. Very in your face. Not calming. Loud. My box was the December box so it was filled with Christmas themed items. I love Christmas!! But... Cheep ugly Santa socks not worth a dollar, a candle with the worst scent that did not fill me with a warm cinnamon glow, peppermint cliche lip balm (seriously - do all boxes add lip balm?) and a cream which smells delicious despite the plastic tacky packaging and is vegan but I can't use unfortunately as mint gives me seizures. A coffee scrub. Again props for vegan and natural. This looks quality. Lavender mist spray for your face which smells more like disinfectant- at least it's a calming product. And the big product of the month to keep you chill and relaxed, to help you get through your troubles, to nurture you... a book for you to make a bucketlist and check off all your goals. No pressure. Just fill up 100 things to do next year and tick them all off while taking photos while writing about all your adventures. Great choice for anyone getting this box who is sick, home bound, or actually dying and can't do any of that. How clueless, thoughtless and what does this have to do with taking time out for you without the pressures of life? This box is to help you be calm, happy, focus on self care and mindfulness. Get you through the tough times. Instead it's like getting all those last minute Christmas gifts from the mall's $2 shop and a "happiness" product to make you feel more pressured to do more, achieve more, and make you feel you should do more but end up more pathetic in life. This is not happiness in a crate. No mindfulness Ingredients to happiness were included. Avoid it. Such a disappointment.
TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box said...
Dec 29, 2017
Dear Savannah, We are bummed that you did not enjoy our December box. We have monthly free giveaways of our boxes, in which we encourage subscribers to post hashtags of #mytherabox to enter the giveaway, and so that information is printed on each box. Participation is certainly voluntary, and we'd never force the giveaway upon you. We do apologize the selection of the natural soy cinnamon candle, lavender facial mist, peppermint lip balm, and santa socks wasn't to your liking. We are glad you enjoyed the vegan derma cream and fair trade coffee scrub though! In the brochures provided with each box, we note how to use the happiness activities in each month's box. At times, we have mindfulness meditation activities, gratitude themed exercises, goal setting exercises, and etc. Each month changes, but we fully believe that happiness is a consistent practice. Hence, activities do require some action (whether it's practicing mindfulness, or crossing off something on your bucket list). We noted in this month's brochure that the 100 bucket list journal set can be filled with any type of goals you wish (it can be as simple as meditating every day for the next 100 days, or traveling the world. It can be done over the course of 100 days, or 50 years, it's totally up to you!), but we do apologize if this has caused you any pressure. We also post spoilers each month on upcoming boxes (the cinnamon candles and 100 bucket list journal spoilers were posted on Facebook (TheraBox), Instagram (@mytherabox), and our email mailing list) so we do encourage subscribers to check out the spoilers of the month or to sign up for our email list :) We appreciate your feedback and comment. If there's any other ways for us to make your experience better, please do not hesitate to contact us at
A cozy suprise
by Kathleen written Dec 15, 2017
This was my first box so far and I am very pleased! The beauty products smelled wonderful and the other items were delightfully whimsical and cozy. Would recommend!
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Sure to Bring a Smile
by Andrea written Dec 14, 2017
This was my first box and the items were so unique! They all brought good vibes and happiness. Opening the box was so exciting! Looking forward to the next box. Just bummed the gloves are a bit tight. Excited to re-gift one or two things and share the happiness!
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