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4.8 of 5 stars
Too many beauty products
by Kristin written Jul 11, 2018
I bought a 3 month gift subscription for my mom based on all the past boxes. She has received 2 boxes and so far both boxes have had a large amount of beauty products, half of which she won't use. I was hoping it would be more balanced with a variety of items, not so focused on skin, hair, and body products. I love the premise of self care, joy, happiness, and wellness which is why I bought it. I just wish the boxes would reflect that theme in other ways besides skin and body care and used a little more creativity. I expected some beauty products but not this many. Past boxes looked amazing. I gave it 3 stars because the products are of great quality and presentation of box is beautiful.
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Such a great box!!
by Katie written Jul 11, 2018
I absolutely love Therabox! I have sent boxes as gifts to friends when I know they are needing some pampering and positivity. I have also subscribed for myself, and I'm so excited when my box arrives! Therabox has introduced me to so many new products that have become real favourites, I love all of natural beauty and skincare products they include. I think it's great that the boxes have items for both mind and body, I'm definitely a huge fan!
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3.5 Rating - With Hope
by Carol written Jul 10, 2018
Having received 3 Theraboxes up to this point, I have found my opinion to be mixed. The presentation is fun and many of the contents are not only indulgent but also useful. I LOVE when writing tools/prompts are included as well as environmental enhancers (candles, sprays, etc.). That being said, I don't love the multitude of skincare/haircare/beauty products that the boxes seem to be plentiful of. I (and I assume many people) have their own collection of such favorites and because face/body/hair care is so personal, many of the products received in my boxes will go unused. My average-to-good review is written in the hope of Therabox adjusting their product mix to include less personal products and more truly helpful tools which enhance overall well-being. I have extended my subscription for 3 more months.
TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box said...
Jul 10, 2018
Hi Carol, Thanks so much for your feedback! We're glad you loved the activities so far and tools included :) Please note, TheraBox only includes only 1 happiness boosting therapeutic activity each month + ~7 wellness goodies ranging from aromatherapy, all natural skincare/bodycare, and lifestyle products. We only include 1 activity because usually the activity is meant to be practiced month long and we don't want to overwhelm our tribe with too many to-do's each month. We also believe self-care includes the mind, body & environment which is why we include quality face & body products to pamper your skin as well as lifestyle goods each month. We hope this clarifies what our box is all about! Should you feel there are too many face/body products for your taste, we completely understand and are happy to assist you in any way. Simply email us and let us know how you'd like to proceed with your subscription!
Awesome Box!
by Allie written Jul 10, 2018
I just got my first box and it came in perfect timing (only a few days after a break-up) and it was amazing. Made me feel better and definitely loved being able to help others feel better, too. I love the concept of getting and giving/working on it so I think this box will be perfect for me! Love it!
Therabox subscription
by Kevin written Jul 10, 2018
Love , Love , Love this box ! It is full of happiness and joy ! The products are awesome and well mixed in these boxes ! One of my favorite subscriptions ❤️
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Love it!!
by Ashley written Jul 10, 2018
I'm so glad that I signed up to receive this wonderful box! The contents were great and I'm so looking forward to receiving future boxes.
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by Jen written Jul 09, 2018
I'm going through a separation right now and the first box I received last month really lifted my spirits and reminded me to take care of myself. Loved the box!
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Love It!!
by Sara written Jul 09, 2018
Got a 3 month subscription for a friend for her birthday. The boxes are soooo cool! There’s of great goodies and info on where you can get the products again if you fall in love with them. It’s so exciting to see what is in the box that month! Definitely suggest for anyone!
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So Excited To Open Each Month!
by Kathleen written Jul 09, 2018
I love this box! Always makes me pause and think about my well-being. The therapeutic exercises are really helpful. Now, each time I use one of the products, I'm reminded to take time for myself and others.
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by Theressie written Jul 09, 2018
I loved all the products in my Therabox. I've used all the products. My favorite is the candle I find it very relaxing. And the face mask makes my face so soft.
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