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Terrible customer service
by Gillian written Oct 09, 2018
Emails ignored by TheraBox, no acknowledgement at all, no free gift sent as advertised and subscription renewed without consent.
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TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box said...
Oct 10, 2018
Hi Gillian, Per our email conversations and the screenshots of the previous emails you sent us, it does show that the email address you tried to email us at was not the correct email address. Our email address is and that information was included in your box, as well as on our website but sometimes customers might confuse the email with It’s a common error, which unfortunately was what happened here and that is why we never received your initial emails. Fortunately, you messaged us through cratejoy’s portal yesterday (which goes directly to our email) and we responded within 2 hours of your message before your review was posted. Immediately upon reading your email, we processed the cancelation and refund per your request so we are quite bummed to see this review since we answered your request to cancel your subscription plus provided a full refund in less than 2 hours from the time you messaged us through cratejoy. We wish we could have helped sooner, but unfortunately your original emails never went through to us due to it being sent to the wrong email address. The reason you renewed was because you did not cancel your subscription before your renewal date. As we are a subscription box service, we do auto renew according to your subscription plan. You can always cancel before your renewal date to not be renewed. Another option is to purchase a gift subscription as those have the option of being non-auto renewing, and all you have to do is check the gift option at checkout and you will have the option to purchase a non renewing gift subscription. Regarding the free gift, we didn’t have in our records a free gift inclusion for your box however if you feel there is a misunderstanding about the gift, feel free to email our customer service at and we will definitely sort this out. If you have any other concerns, please reach out to our customer service team as we are always happy to help.
Continues charging after cancellation
by Flute written Sep 26, 2018
My August box was a let down, so I canceled for September. Guess who is getting the October box even after stopping my subscription in September? ME. Canceling should not be this difficult. #stepitup #takeahint
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TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box said...
Sep 27, 2018
We’re sorry to hear you were not pleased with your August box. I know you emailed us notifying us that the body butter arrived damaged, and we shipped you a replacement immediately but we know it’s still a bummer when things arrive damaged! While we don’t always have control on how USPS handles our boxes once it leaves our facility, we are definitely just an email away to fix any issues! Regarding your cancelation- yes you indeed canceled, however you canceled AFTER your renewal date (renewals occur on the 9th each month) and thus you were successfully renewed for your September box already on September 9th. Even though you canceled after your renewal date, we still honor refunds if you emailed us notifying us that you did not wish to renew and would have gladly refunded you. Unfortunately, we did not receive any emails from you which is why the box you successfully renewed for on September 9th was shipped to you today September 26th. We hope this clarifies any misunderstanding! We will still gladly accept this box back and provide you a refund. Simply refuse the shipment and request USPS to return to sender when the box arrives to you and once we receive it back at our warehouse we will provide you a refund :)
Disappointed with Service / Items
by Cassandra written May 24, 2018
I originally purchased a 3 month pre-paid plan as a gift for someone. After purchase but before mailing of the first month's package, I attempted to cancel my order. I received an automated email which stated that, "There are no refunds for multiple month subscription packages. You may cancel a multiple month subscription package at anytime, however the cancellation will only apply after your multiple month subscription has ended." To make the best of the situation, I asked the TheraBox representative who responded to my email if the recipient / mailing address could be updated for the second and third boxes. I was told that was something that could be done; however, only the mailing address was ultimately updated. Because my name did not match that of the original recipient, it was very difficult to get USPS to deliver the second box. This isn't a mailing that I want, and I'm not looking forward to dealing with USPS again. Canceling an order shouldn't be impossible, and yet it is with TheraBox. Cratejoy doesn't let buyers know that cancellation of pre-paid TheraBox subscriptions isn't possible, and I think that this information should be more readily available.
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TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box said...
May 25, 2018
Hi Cassandra, We appreciate your review and feedback. We try to make the cancelation process as easy as possible, and sincerely try our best to do what makes our customers happy if it is within our limits. If you emailed us to request a cancelation of shipment in advance, we could have assisted with canceling your shipment (our policy is 24 hours after your order, but we try to accommodate cancelations best we can if your box hasn’t been processed for shipment). Unfortunately, you emailed us to cancel your shipment 11 days after your initial order was placed. By then, your box was already processed for shipment. Since it was so close to shipment date, all labels were affixed on the boxes and ready for shipment. There wasn’t a way to locate your box in the midst of all the other boxes getting ready to leave our warehouse. We assisted with changing the mailing address per your request for future boxes. It was not communicated with our team that you wished to change the recipient name, thus we only proceeded with changing the address. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and are sorry to hear about the trouble of getting the boxes from USPS. If our customer service team knew about this issue, we would have gladly assisted you in resolving this matter. Our customer service team is here to assist you any way they can via email, and we encourage customers with questions to visit our FAQ page on our website:<> for general information regarding cancelations/shipping dates and etc. Let us know if you need any further assistance, we can always be reached via email at<> as well! Kindly, TheraBox Support Team - Shop Boxes Instagram - @mytherabox Facebook - Therabox
What A Disappointment!
by Patricia written Apr 27, 2018
I received my box today. I'm sorry, but I can write down my own declarations of "Self Love" on a tablet of paper. I don't need to pay for a blank book of lined paper! I also don't think that 12 little teabags with silly titles like "Hangover" and "Sex" are fitting for women who have lived well beyond the days of Hangovers. The tote is nice, but I already have 10,000 tote bags in my closet. I am armed and ready to buy groceries for about a million people at this point. Who needs more tote bags? I'll use the spray or my linens. That's about it. I don't think I'll renew my subscription to TheraBox next month.
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TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box said...
Apr 28, 2018
Hello Patricia, We appreciate you taking the time to leave us feedback. We are bummed that you didn't enjoy your box. The self-love journal included in this month's box includes prompts and affirmations that are meant to be utilized daily. We believe happiness is a practice, and encourage our subscribers to read the brochure that outlines the directions on how to use the Self Love journal. As the directions in our brochure suggests, the blank pages in the notebook are meant for our subscribers to write 5 things they're grateful for, 3 compliments to themselves, and 1 self love action that's meant to be carried out in the immediate future. We understand you can easily do this on a blank piece of paper everyday, or any notebook - however we thought it'd be great if there was a journal dedicated specifically to journaling about self love - and thus we created the "Little Book of Self Love" journal and designed the journal ourselves. The teas in this month's box from Australian Tea Brand "Your Tea - Creatures of the Night" Gift box does include a mixture of Hangover Tea, Sex Tea, Happy Tea, and Energy Tea. We have outlined in our brochure that the Sex Tea and Hangover tea is great for women regardless whether or not they drink or are currently intimate. Sex Tea is meant to support hormonal balance & kidney function - which is critical to overall mood and wellbeing. Hangover Tea is great at assisting treating dehydration which works as an everyday tea. You do not need to have a hangover to keep yourself hydrated! Please review this snippet of information that was included in your brochure in this months box regarding the teas if you'd like more information regarding these products: "This beautiful gift box has a selection of pick-me-up, wind-me-down and put-a-twinkle-in-your-eye teas, perfect for a night out or if you'd like to sample different teas from the Your Tea range! Energy Tea is packed full of herbs that naturally invigorate the body, &boost your energy. Sex Tea herbs nourish your kidneys to support good hormone balance. Your hormones are responsible for sending off the signals from your senses in response to your surroundings! If you've had a few drinks during your big night out, Hangover Tea has you covered- assisting in treating dehydration, cleansing the liver & cooling the body. For the non-drinkers, the herbs from the Hangover Tea is also great for treating dehydration & inflammation! Finish with Happy Tea to leave you feeling, well- happy!" We are glad you liked our cotton tote. This was our first time ever including a tote in our box, and we love seeing our subscribers rocking our designs! We are glad you find the organic yoga mat spray and meditation spray useful. We hope you'll find good use for the eye gel serum from Canadian brand "Delia's Organics", and Lotus Natural's all natural floral bath soaks, as well as the free online yoga & meditation 1 month subscription! Finally, we encourage you to follow our newsletter or social media should as we post spoilers of upcoming box products. If you feel that the month's selection or theme is not to your liking you can "skip" the month or cancel. The Your Tea Gift Box that featured the Hangover, Sex, Energy, and Happy Tea was part of the spoiler reveal this month, and was posted across our Instagram, Facebook, and email newsletter. If you'd like to cancel your subscription, please ensure to do so before your next renewal so that you are not rebilled. Feel free to email us at should you require any assistance! Kindly, TheraBox Support Team
Possibly worst sub box I've ever gotten.
by Mary written Mar 02, 2018
This was one of the most underwhelming subs. I got a few postcards that were a "$7 value" telling me "love yourself by loving yourself". A cheaper than cheap metal travel mug (because clearly, who doesn't have enough of those, quite unoriginal, I've been getting them for years in subs... and better made). I got an illegally sold candle (improperly labeled as well as underweight - both labeling law violations)- an overpriced plain rose soy candle, that without the tin, only gave me just over 3 ounces, A barely scented body oil of ho hum coconut oil base and a cheap Chinese knockoff foot mask with the main ingredient being alcohol - a big no no, since it will continue to dry your feet out faster. They also use a "shipping charge" to fluff up the price of the "value" of the box. The actual value of this box, with these items bought from origins would be less than $25, full price, IMO. And that's before you take off the things that are either missing (25% of the candle) or getting a price set on a postcard "checklist" which should and always has been free in other boxes. And this was their intro box?!?!
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TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box said...
Mar 05, 2018
Hi Mary, We appreciate your feedback and welcome all reviews - both negative an positive and are bummed that you did not enjoy this month's box. We hope to provide some clarification regarding the items you mentioned in the review, resolve any possible misunderstandings. We completely understand that everyone has different preferences regarding products, but we would like to ensure that you have all the proper information regarding the products that are in your house so that you hopefully can feel comfortable in using them. We do include 1 happiness activity each month and it's sometimes in the form of prompts/journals/guides, etc. The postcards you mentioned are actually the happiness activity for the month, which is a self-love starter pack and includes a self-care assessment, self-care wheel, reflection activity, and 30-day self care tracker. There wasn't a quote that said "love yourself by loving yourself", but the general message that we try to convey is that self-care is a huge part of self love! The travel mug is a stainless steel, BPA-free made in USA travel mug that we custom designed. We are bummed you didn't enjoy it, and agree that travel mugs have been in other brand's boxes before however it is the first appearance ever inside our TheraBox, and we always do our best to curate fresh items monthly. The rose crystal infused, chemical free soy candles were packaged in 4oz metal tins, hence the 4oz labels- and each candle was fully filled within the 4oz tins. They are sourced from a local Etsy vendor here in California, and are all hand poured in small batches. The So Posh beauty French Neroli Oil is a body oil, and if it did not have a carrier base oil it would not be safe for the skin - hence the moisturizing coconut oil base along with pure essential oils and the buds of roses included within the bottle. There wasn't any products from China in the box this month, however so the foot mask you mention is not a knock off nor is it from China. We love Korean beauty skincare products (especially masks!) and often source Korean beauty products directly from Korea. Thus, the foot peeling mask you mention is from a reputable and popular brand in Korea, and we've heard great results so far regarding the mask! We understand it may not be for everyone, and each person has their own tastes in products. Finally, we do separate the shipping charge from the value of the box, and it is clearly separated in our brochure. Sometimes, our customers find it helpful to know how much each company charges for shipping when purchased at retail, so we do include that information but it is always separately listed from the actual item value. We hope this clarifies any misunderstandings regarding the items in the box this month and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products. A few of the products mentioned in your review were posted on our spoilers in IG/FB and email list. We do recommend following us on social media for spoilers/updates on boxes since our themes change every month! We're just an email away and are happy to assist you in any way we can! Thanks for giving us a try, and wishing you all the love and happiness this universe can give :) Kindly, TheraBox Support Team
Meh.....1st box, not impressed!
by Shelli written Jan 02, 2018
I was so excited to receive this box. After looking at previous boxes, I signed up because the items all spoke to me in some way. After receiving this box, I am questioning that decision! The lavender spray is just okay, but I'll use it because the scent isn't strong. The 100 bucket list is a great idea in theory but I have several chronic illnesses so it's not likely to get used. As for the rest of the box, due to my illnesses, I can't tolerate strong scents as they trigger migraines. The strongly scented coffee scrub (you can smell without even taking the seal off), 2 peppermint products and a strongly scented cinnamon candle are all useless to me. I have no words for the socks. They look like they should be in a children's box, not an adult mindfulness/relaxation box that costs $35/month! Not sure I will keep this box.
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Without A Care! Literally. Terrible.
by Savannah written Dec 27, 2017
From a box that hails to be all about happiness and self care this box was all about self promotion "snap and put me on social media..." It also contained largely inappropriate items for a box that is all about you relaxing and spending some time to chill and unwind, take the pressure off, and just let go with some much needed you time. When you open the box, which I was excited to do, you are faced with a bombardment of hashtags to win and blah blah. Very in your face. Not calming. Loud. My box was the December box so it was filled with Christmas themed items. I love Christmas!! But... Cheep ugly Santa socks not worth a dollar, a candle with the worst scent that did not fill me with a warm cinnamon glow, peppermint cliche lip balm (seriously - do all boxes add lip balm?) and a cream which smells delicious despite the plastic tacky packaging and is vegan but I can't use unfortunately as mint gives me seizures. A coffee scrub. Again props for vegan and natural. This looks quality. Lavender mist spray for your face which smells more like disinfectant- at least it's a calming product. And the big product of the month to keep you chill and relaxed, to help you get through your troubles, to nurture you... a book for you to make a bucketlist and check off all your goals. No pressure. Just fill up 100 things to do next year and tick them all off while taking photos while writing about all your adventures. Great choice for anyone getting this box who is sick, home bound, or actually dying and can't do any of that. How clueless, thoughtless and what does this have to do with taking time out for you without the pressures of life? This box is to help you be calm, happy, focus on self care and mindfulness. Get you through the tough times. Instead it's like getting all those last minute Christmas gifts from the mall's $2 shop and a "happiness" product to make you feel more pressured to do more, achieve more, and make you feel you should do more but end up more pathetic in life. This is not happiness in a crate. No mindfulness Ingredients to happiness were included. Avoid it. Such a disappointment.
TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box said...
Dec 29, 2017
Dear Savannah, We are bummed that you did not enjoy our December box. We have monthly free giveaways of our boxes, in which we encourage subscribers to post hashtags of #mytherabox to enter the giveaway, and so that information is printed on each box. Participation is certainly voluntary, and we'd never force the giveaway upon you. We do apologize the selection of the natural soy cinnamon candle, lavender facial mist, peppermint lip balm, and santa socks wasn't to your liking. We are glad you enjoyed the vegan derma cream and fair trade coffee scrub though! In the brochures provided with each box, we note how to use the happiness activities in each month's box. At times, we have mindfulness meditation activities, gratitude themed exercises, goal setting exercises, and etc. Each month changes, but we fully believe that happiness is a consistent practice. Hence, activities do require some action (whether it's practicing mindfulness, or crossing off something on your bucket list). We noted in this month's brochure that the 100 bucket list journal set can be filled with any type of goals you wish (it can be as simple as meditating every day for the next 100 days, or traveling the world. It can be done over the course of 100 days, or 50 years, it's totally up to you!), but we do apologize if this has caused you any pressure. We also post spoilers each month on upcoming boxes (the cinnamon candles and 100 bucket list journal spoilers were posted on Facebook (TheraBox), Instagram (@mytherabox), and our email mailing list) so we do encourage subscribers to check out the spoilers of the month or to sign up for our email list :) We appreciate your feedback and comment. If there's any other ways for us to make your experience better, please do not hesitate to contact us at
Really disappointed
by JenniferLey written Oct 06, 2017
Such great ideas but joy is not about lots of STUFF which is what this ended up feeling like. A necklace for a teenager, a cat mug that wasn't printed correctly "beautifu" not being a word, and customer service people who sound a little arch for all the "intention setting" they're espousing. FYI, if you're giving someone a sage bundle and an abalone shell, the shell is supposed to be big enough to put the smoking sage bundle in ... it's a safety/ash/flame thing ladies.
Verified Purchase
TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box said...
Oct 06, 2017
Hello Jennifer, we are bummed you are disappointed with your box! Regarding the cat mug in which the L was cut off from the printing- we did offer to ship you a new mug for free as well as apply a 10% off discount to your box which was already refunded back to your account. Misprinting can happen when we are printing in large batches, but we always rectify any damages/replacements in these instances. Unfortunately you stated you would not like a free replacement mug with the correct printing and felt our 10% discount off your box was not enough and that was truly the best we could do to rectify your mug situation. As it is a subscription box, unfortunately our boxes are going to be filled with stuff. Most of our "stuff" have made our customers very happy, but we understand that it may not be the case for everyone so we are bummed you did not enjoy your "balance" necklace this month. Regarding the sage kit, it was a mini California sage bundle 4x1 inches thick, which definitely fitted into our mini abalone shell. You're right that the sage and abalone shell is smaller than the traditional size and that was simply because the sage was a mini size and the regular size wouldn't have fit in our boxes being that our box this month was filled to the brim with "stuff" which we know wasn't to your liking. We almost couldn't fit these mini sage kits in because there were truly a lot of items in this month's box! As much as we'd love to be able to sell joy in its' purest form, the best we can do as a subscription box is to sell stuff that invokes joy and relaxation while incorporating happiness boosting exercises each month. We are thankful you tried us out and appreciate your time in leaving us this review. Kindly, TheraBox Support Team
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