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$17.00+ / month

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Best kids box! Look no further
by kristina written 4 days ago
What kid doesn’t love getting a surprise in the mail? My son ran to the mailbox everyday eagerly awaiting his toy box subscription. A few days after we ordered it the box arrived! My son loved every toy that was in the box. Anything that can keep him entertained for the whole day is a win for me!!! Not to mention the customer service is outstanding. I had put in my email incorrectly and toybox emailed me numerous times until we fixed my error! I would strongly suggest this box. I’m so happy to be a part of the toybox monthly family! Great job guys!!!
Great box!!
by Alexis written 7 days ago
There is a great variety in every box and the value is EXCELLENT! My son is so happy to receive his every month, thank you!
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Great box!
by Auriel written 15 days ago
I must admit that I was a little weary about purchasing this box because I have a 10 year old and there is no age option. But let me tell you my 10 year daughter loves everything that came in the box and played with it for hours!💖💖💖
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Awesome service & box items
by Christina written 17 days ago
I started Toy Box Monthly for my daughter when she was 5. The shipments were delivered consistently each month, and she was so excited to see what was inside. The value of the toys included definitely cost more than the actual subscription itself, so it was the "best bang for my buck." We've used this for 2+ years and are extremely satisfied. Great company, excellent customer service, and fun toys.
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by Erika written 17 days ago
I wish you had age options, got this for my daughter and she's a little old for the stuff that came in the first one. Hoping it gets better
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Too much for too less
by written last month
I was super excited to get my first box for my 3 yr old after she was done opening everything it was like.. this is what we paid
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my son loves getting his box
by Dana written last month
i purchased the 3 month subscription for my 5 year old son for Christmas. He LOVES it! The hardest part is waiting a month for the next box. This past month was a little disappointing but we are still looking forward to more boxes. Thanks for the surprises.
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by Kristen written last month
My 5yo loved everything she received.
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Read the fine print
by Jeanette written 2 months ago
I am beyond frustrated with this company. I purchased a THREE month GIFT for a friend’s child (along with 3 other subscriptions for her other 3 children). I did not have any problems with any of the other subscription services— they all cancelled after the 3 months— but not this one! It auto renewed. Even though I contacted them the SAME day as I was informed it had auto-renewed, they still would not cancel and refund me for another 3 months of boxes. Ridiculous. Now, I’m having to have the boxes sent to me so the other children won’t be upset they don’t have boxes for another 3 months. What do they not understand about GIFT? Why would I want to auto renew when I PURPOSELY ordered THREE months as a gift? Instead of trying to keep my business for next Christmas, they have now lost this customer. I feel like my money is being held hostage. Disgusting, horrible business and customer service. BUYER BEWARE!
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Toy Box Monthly said...
last month
Automatic renewals which apply to ALL of our plans whether it’s a month to month or 3 month prepay are CLEARLY stated in not one but seven, yes seven different locations throughout the checkout process and again in your initial order confirmation email which was explained and shown to you in our multiple email correspondences today. This could have been easily avoided by logging into your account which all customers have access to 24/7 to make the cancellation prior to the renewal taking place. It’s very unfortunate that certain people feel that rules do not apply to them and if they don’t get their way this is the result especially if all the information is directly in front of them.
My little girl LOVES getting this!
by Michelle written 2 months ago
i became addicted to subscription boxes, I have been ordering all kinds of them for a few months. My kids were jealous and wanted their own lol. I found cratejoy and searched for kid subscriptions and found this. Her first box came last week and she rushed to open it and squealed with delight upon seeing the surprises she got. She collects shopkins and all of those tiny blind bags so this was absolutely perfect for her. Bought a 3 month subscription, but will definitely be keeping. The customer service is great too. I ordered a boy box by accident and they emailed me because my childs name is a girl one and wanted to know if I ordered the boy box accidentally which I did. I am so glad they emailed me and fixed it. Will absolutely recommend. Not cheap toys like other boxes. Quality, adorable and great customer service, what more could you want?
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