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Product discovery box for Curly Girls!

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Plans as low as £20.00 GBP / month
Product Overview
  • Your boxes will be shipped during the second working week of each month.
  • Ships worldwide from United Kingdom
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Each month we help women and girls of all ages discover the very best products to care for their naturally kinky and/or curly hair. Choose from either a : Qween, Tween or Mini-Me box. The hunt for quality products is officially over!

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3 starts products. 1 star Shipping.

by Samantha, Jan 14, 2019

I was so excited to get a subscription box for curly hair products. I only started to embrase my curls this new year and really wanted to learn about companies out there before I went and restocked on a bunch of beauty products. The contents in the box are good, you could probably just get a series of samples of the same stuff from Sephora or the Bay. What killed me about this subscription plan is that on top of the 20$/mo. charge in UK currency, and additional shipping (18$ UK dollars) at the time of check out I was charged delivery AGAIN when it arrived for taxes (21$ CAN). When you recieve a shipment from the UK in Canada for a value GREATER than 20$, they chart you taxes and duty fees. The company stated the value of the box was 37$, when in fact it was 20$ plus 17$ in shipping... so I paid an extra 20$ for ??? To conclude- my 20$ box it cost me 83.21$ CAN. I immediately unsubscribed- just be aware.

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Quality products!

by Golda M., Jul 22, 2018

TreasureTress box has good value for money! Considering how much each product retails in your standard hair shop. Definitely recommend!

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Just ordered

by Tiwana S., Oct 07, 2017

Just ordered my first box. Shipping to US so shipping was extremely high! But im excited and hope I enjoy this subscription. Im not sure when i will receive my box tho since I ordered after the 6th. Bummer.

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