Great subscription board game service! Game options range from family, strategy, and party games!

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Amazing Subscription Service!!!
by Alli written 7 months ago
There is nothing more fun than getting a new board game in the mail! This subscription service brings fun to your door. With our busy schedules, we almost never get to the stores that carry strategy games, and if we do, we have no clue which one to buy. UnboxBoardom has solved that problem! We choose from one of three games each time our subscription calls, and the descriptions, recommendations, and ratings are already there for us. Plus if we're in the mood we can have the UnboxBoardom team choose for us. It's perfect. I highly recommend for anyone looking for a creative gift or just wanting to have some fun themselves!!
Better than Wine of the Month Club!
by Martin written 8 months ago
I love playing board games with my friends (and winning!), so when a friend recommended I try out Unboxboardom, I had to give it a try! I've been impressed so far - it's a great way to try out new board games and you get the choice of 3 games every time, so you can make sure you don't get a game you already have. But I haven't heard of most of the game options, so it's a great way to be introduced to cool new games without having to do all the research. I like that the price includes shipping and the selection emails always make me chuckle :)
Fun concept!
by Lauren written 8 months ago
I wanted to try this out since I've tried other subscription programs like Birchbox and thought this seemed like a fun twist on the idea. So far it's great! I did the surprise me option and have enjoyed the games I've received. I got one I had heard of and the rest were new to me. Already had some pretty entertaining nights playing games with my friends. I would definitely recommend as something fun for yourself or as a fresh gift idea for a friend or family member!
Great way to enjoy new games
by Stuart written 8 months ago
We joined because of the fun way to try out new games. We love the game selections we are offered. You are offered 3 different game options and we look forward to see what our new game option are each time. We love every game we have received so far and look forward to playing new games as they arrive. HIGHLY RECOMMEND UnboxBoardom!
Love this board game subscription!!!
by Joanna written 9 months ago
I signed up for UnboxBoardom as a casual board game player didn't own a ton of games. I absolutely love getting a game every month (although every other month or every quarter are great other options too if 12 games per year is too many for you). I love the variety of games -- most of the games I would have never heard of and just love playing. I personally chose to pick my own games from the 3 options each month but it sounds awesome for those who never check email to sign up for the "surprise me" option! I do really like to read the company's fun descriptions and make my own choice! LOVE this service!! Highly recommend!