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Unplugged Book Box

Monthly subscription book box with quality self care goods and activities to aid in unplugging

$34.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • We ship during the first week of the month on an auto-renewal program. Order between the 1st and 28th of the month and you will receive the following month's box. October - Things Are Not What They Seem box available now! This box is Halloween-inspired with 4+ bookish self-care goods and novelty products; including one Ouija inspired item.
  • Ships worldwide from United States except for select countries
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Unplugged Book Box - Unplug to Recharge
Unplugged Book Box is a monthly book box embodying a seasonally inspired self-care message. Subscribers will receive a hand-curated box including 1 new release hardcover YA or New Adult book and quality self-care products to aid in unplugging. **NOW AVAILABLE** - October - Things Are Not What They Seem Box; will ship between October 1st-3rd!
  • High quality, new release hardcover young adult or new adult book every month
  • Quality bookish goodies
  • Self care products

Subscriber Reviews

Holy Moly, I'm in love

by Liz, 4 days ago

The first time I saw this box was on Instagram, and I knew I needed it. I needed it like I need a kidney--which I suspected I would have to sell in order to have this shipped to me. As an Australian, I'm fairly used to incredibly high postage costs (or having to use an American address then have things forwarded to me in order to get the goods), but Unplugged was more than willing to send their box to me (and it didn't cost more than the price of the box to do it, either. In fact, I'm not sure they charged postage? I was a bit swept up in the excitement that came with being included to notice). It didn't take long for the box to arrive. It was early September still (something that surprised me, given it was shipped out from the US), and sat outside my front door waiting for me. After a terrible day at work, it was like coming home to a friend. The box itself was so pretty? I'm not ashamed to say I was happy it had been left outside my front door for my upstairs neighbours to see (because surely they would think I'm important for receiving such a cute looking package). When I opened it, I was immediately calmed by the absolutely STUNNING scent. A candle, I soon learned, which had a sweet note wrapped around it explaining how it linked into the general theme. There were notes around all the products--tea, a bathbomb, the sweetest magnet, and so much else. Each item was wrapped individually in black tissue paper and it felt like a present I received from a friend, not a product I'd ordered from a subscription service. The nicest thing, I think, was the book. I had never heard of the author, never heard of the book, but I instantly felt as though I was reuniting with a longlost favourite. The book came with a map of the town the story took place in, a letter from the author, their autograph (!!!), and--what I liked most--a letter from the girls behind Unplugged. It was tucked in the back of the book, with a note on it asking me not to read until after the book was finished. Something to have when I need to talk about the book, but find myself without anyone to talk about it with once it's done. There's something calming about knowing it's there, waiting for me. Safe to say, I subscribed to another three boxes immediately upon receiving the September box. Over here, the contents of the box would cost three times as much as the box did. The list on the website explained what I should expect from the box, but really, they undersold their product. There was so much more than I ever anticipated, and they filled the box to the brim (save for some packaging, but without it, the candle and bathbomb would have broken). Five stars, best box I've ever had. I can't wait for October's box--I'm so excited already!

Verified Purchase

Love this box!

by Giovanna, 5 days ago

This box is amazing! I have ordered other box subscriptions in the past but what stuck out to me about Unplugged is how carefully each item is wrapped. Everything is treated like something special and it felt more like I was opening up a present from a friend than a box I just ordered online. The items inside really are awesome-quality, just as their website boasts. I've already used a few things that came in my September box and I'm feeling pretty self-loved!!

Verified Purchase

Beautiful First Box!

by Lauren, 5 days ago

I am so happy to have received Unplugged books box's first box! I am so happy with my purchase and everything in it. The products were all curated to promote relaxation. And the book was a very exciting surprise! You definitely get good quality items and I will be buying again! I can't believe this is their first box! They did SO well!

Verified Purchase
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