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Wicked Good - Smells great but ..

Dec 08, 2019
Joan C.
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The smell of my items were very delicious. I dont believe anyone would be disappointed in the fragrance. However i do think this box is a little over priced for the items.

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Wicked Good Perfume said...Jan 04, 2020

Hi Joan. Thank you for taking the time to post a review. I respectfully disagree on the pricing -- so much so, I'm considering raising the price. The current price is $25 a box with free shipping (which typically costs me $3-7 a box).

Each month our subscribers receive a Perfume Spray; and that item alone is worth more than the cost of the box at $29, plus $3 shipping. They also receive 3 more scented items, which range in value from $5-$18 each. Every item is handcrafted. I can speak for the quality of our ingredients. One of the notes is this particular box, cocoa absolute is $117 an ounce; and I needed almost 3oz to make one the scents. I hope you can...

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