Wild Crystals Box

Monthly Selection of Curated Healing Crystals, Stones, and Minerals!

Plans as low as $16.00 / month
Product Overview
  • All boxes ship between the 15th & 21st of the month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Grow Your Crystal Collection Monthly!
The Wild Crystals Box by Tamed Wild sends you 2 carefully curated crystal items per month to help you grow your collection at an affordable price. Each box contains a main stone and an accompanying item along with an information card detailing the metaphysical, historical and magical uses of your new pieces.
  • Box value will always exceed the monthly subscription fee!
  • Boxes can include: points, rough stones, raw specimens, polished stones, spheres, wands, and other related items
  • First box will be the current months theme or one chosen at random. Trust the universe will deliver what you need,
  • $5 flat rate shipping!
  • Follow us @tamedwild for sneak peeks!



Q: This box receives rave reviews. The pictures with satisfied customers who received crystals, candles, bath salts, and jewelry in neat little bags and such... Is this real? I just ordered my first box just to realize afterwards you only get 2 items!? I found the pictures to he incredibly misleading and now i am wondering if i should have gone with one of the other boxes with more to offer for a lesser price even..... Asked by Lindsay S., July 2019

Hi! The box was changed over recently from $28 to $16 to make it more affordable. The description says you will receive 2 items for $16; I believe the photos you saw were from the more expensive option that is no longer offered.

by Shelby B., July 2019

I was really disappointed too. Not only was it only 2 items... One was chipped and another item had gunk on it. Granted...the value would've been over 16...but that doesn't even include shipping. The packaging was lacking too. I would totally pay more for a box that looked like the ones in the reviews. I unsubscribed and went with a different sub. Box that better suited me and costs 25$, shipping included.....sorry to hear you had the same experience I...

by Christine S., July 2019

Odd. I have always received more than two items. Just received July's two days ago. The box held a pretty crystal-layered pendant with silver necklace, and a total of seven selanite round stones engraved with chakrub symbols. Each stone came with it's own little velvet pouch. Included was a letter on how to use the stones.

Last month I received several bags of stones, a crystal grid, and a rose quartz wand. For $16 a month, I feel I...

by Catie W., July 2019


Q: I watched a review on youtube but it was from 2017, seemed so lovely. She said the first box you receive is an introductory box, I was wondering if that still applies? Asked by Victoria R., August 2019

I just found out today that they no longer offer the introductory box. I hope this helps you.

by Jerilee M., August 2019

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