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Wonder Crate

Introduce kids to inspirational role models, spark curiosity and discover the possibilities.

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Find Your Amazing and Share it with the World!
Wonder Crate inspires kids ages 7-11 to expand what they think is possible for themselves and the impact that they can have in the world. Each box introduces kids to inspirational role models, sparks their curiosity and connects them to their own possibilities. Who they see, shows them who they can be!
  • A new book each month from the Who Is Series to introduce kids to brave, forward-thinking role models.
  • Persistence, resilience, curiosity, etc...learn about the skills they used to change the world.
  • Fun activities to spark curiosity and connect children to their own possibilities.
  • Stories of kids their own age that are making a difference.
  • Makes a great gift. 1, 3, 6 and 12 month gift options available.

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Fun and educational

by Bridgit A., Dec 12, 2017

My 5-year old daughter loved the items in her Wonder Crate. They were age-appropriate and challenging, but not too frustrating. The puzzle ball is a great toy to keep her busy for a long car trip or waiting at the doctor's office and encourages problem solving. The game was fast pace and fun while she was learning math skills (but didn’t even know it). The book explained a growth mindset in terms that she understood and there was even a section for parents. The online lesson was a great way to reinforce the concepts in the book and the lunch box notes are a nice daily reminder for her. I feel like we've both learned a lot and have gotten our money's worth.

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Love it!!

by Rebecca S., Dec 05, 2017

My five year old daughter was so excited when her first Wonder Crate arrived. The packaging is adorable and she immediately put on her cape as she began to look through her box. She loved the rainbow ball and could not wait to bring it to school as her "Share item". She had been working with her teacher on trying to "step out of her comfort zone" when school felt hard for her and this month's theme was a perfect fit for her. She responded so well to the growth mindset concept and could not wait to share what she was doing at home with her kindergarten teacher. I felt like the book, the print outs and the online lesson gave me the tools as a mom to help guide her to feel more confident and adventuresome academically, and in so many other areas of life. Thank you so much for developing such a well thought out, creative product for both parents and children. Becky

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Love it!!

by Annecavaliere C., Dec 01, 2017

Wonder Create has been great at helping me teach my daughter about the importance of effort. She can give up easily and I really wanted to get her a gift that helps her understand how persistence pays off. She loves the toys in the box and plays with the puzzle ball A LOT. The book was perfect for her age (8 years old) in explaining how she really can get better at anything she practices. I've seen a change in the way she looks at new challenges and I am so grateful. Thank you.

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