Creative Ways to Gift Meaningfully to Every Type of Friend in Your Life

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We’re all gearing up to have a holly-jolly Christmas and have this roller coaster ride of a year come to a festive ending. Even though it looks like there might still be a few bumps in the road, you can still celebrate the holidays by finding just the right gifts for all your friends. You’ve got that down-to-the-wire pressure and continued global craziness (think COVID + supply chain crisis) isn't doing you any favors when it comes to getting your Christmas shopping wrapped up (pun intended)!

It's time to get creative! Dive into the wide world of subscription boxes here on the Cratejoy marketplace and you'll find some of the best gifts for all your loved ones. Monthly boxes can help you simplify the gifting process by doing the work for you -- coming up with a creative idea, sourcing high-quality goodies, wrapping it up and delivering it right to the front door!

What are the most creative gift ideas for your friends?


Instead of the standard cookie-filled gift baskets and Amazon gift cards, make this the year where you strive to send out something really fun and creative. Since monthly gift sets cater to a wide range of interests and personality types, you’ll find gifts for all your friends, from your lifelong BFFs to familiar faces you’d like to get to know better.

So whether you're traveling near or far to meet up, calling the gang to your house for celebrations, or participating in a friendly virtual gift swap, no matter how your season is shaping up, monthly boxes are here to take care of all your gifting needs! Fill your holiday gatherings with box subscriptions that are truly unique.

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Unique Gifts for Your Best Friend


You know the saying that good friends are like stars, so whether you've gotten to see your bestie frequently or not at all, now's the perfect time to send them something special to let them know just how much they mean to you. These past few years, your best friends have been there to have fun and wallow together, and you'd like to find a best friend gift that really shows them how much they mean to you.

Celebrate your friendship year round with subscription services! Curated by the pros, monthly boxes make unique gifts for best friends . From luxe clean beauty boxes and DIY craft cocktail kits to boxes that'll make self-care second nature, a monthly box of goodies is the perfect way to show up for the person who's always got your back!

Holiday Gifts for Long-Distance Besties

The way that life has abruptly changed pace kind of makes it feel like one long lazy Sunday. While it hasn't come without plenty of stress, you've likely found moments to bask in solitude and cozy up in your comfort zone. For your long-distance besties or the friend who is just out of reach this holiday season, here's your chance to send a soothing gift that'll read like a warm hug!

Encourage them to fill their favorite coffee mug with a fine brew, break out the turntable to explore some new tunes, indulge their obsession with succulents and living home decor, or put in a full day of pampering with some of our coziest gift boxes .

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Friends

When searching for a great gift for your friends, it's important to see past the year's popular gadgets and go beyond household trinkets to find something that is truly thoughtful. Take a moment to really think about their values. Do they keep a busy schedule and relish in what little me-time they get? Are they all about purpose and practicality? Is their house filled with keepsakes of their favorite moments with friends, family and fur babies? By looking at their lifestyle, their needs and their passions, you can find a subscription box that speaks directly to them, and that is the hallmark of the perfect thoughtful gift.

Self-Care Gifts for Loved Ones


For friends who need some dedicated downtime, introduce them to the world of self-care that's set on autopilot with the monthly boxes found in our guide to seasonal self-care .

Shop at-home bath and spa subscriptions that go above and beyond essential oil-scented bath bombs and hydrating skincare. Browse a wide selection of boxes that bring holistic self-care and inspire personal growth , along with wellness gift boxes that are designed to boost immunity and help create those all-important mind, body, and spirit connections.

Practical Gifts for Friends


Practical and purposeful gifts are just the thing for friends who are looking to simplify and streamline their lives. These are the friends who are organized, down-to-earth, and not at all interested in uncommon goods. Skip the fluff and stuff, and head straight to our gift guide of practical gifts for women , where we've pulled together some of our favorite no-nonsense monthly boxes that include everything from soap and stationery to consumables like spices or a fine bottle of wine.

As winter rolls in, one thoughtful, practical gift is something hot and delicious to pour into their trusty stainless steel travel mug. Whether your friends are coffee addicts or devout tea drinkers, there are boxes to warm their hearts and hands. From coffee snobs to those who'll drink it as it comes, monthly coffee clubs ensure they always have a fresh supply, while tea subscription boxes offer delightful discovery with samplers of top-quality loose leaf teas and innovative herbal blends.

Personalized Gifts for Friends

Even though you've aged out of the days of handmade friendship bracelets, you know that some of your friends love goodies that are customized to their likes and preferences. Luckily, many monthly gift boxes make it their mission to give each subscriber that personal touch, allowing you to send a special gift made just for them.

Explore options that range from stationery emblazoned with their name or monogram to custom clothing selections. Or, send monthly subscriptions that promise to fill their wine glass with handpicked wines, each selected to match their individual tastes. (Which also makes a great birthday gift, too!)

The Perfect Gift for That Friend Who Has Everything


For those friends on your list who throw out zero hints and make blanket statements like "I've got all that I need," resist the urge to slip into Grinch mode and grumble through your gift-giving experience by surprising them with gifts from our collection of uniquely curated subscription boxes ! These gifts are packed with all sorts of games, activities, edibles, beverages and more. There are also a number of creative DIY gifts that will have them crafting, mixing drinks, baking cookies and so much more. Experiences are a great way to send a gift that they'll actually want!

Narrow down your search for something creative and fun with our gift guides for women who have everything , men who need nothing , and any other loved ones who claim to have it all .

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Celebrating with Friends

If this year finds you celebrating with friends who live nearby, make sure the tree is shining bright and the stockings are hung and ready to be filled with festive, friendly gifts that'll put a smile on everyone's face. Since subscription boxes are available at a wide range of price points, it's possible to find affordable boxes that bring everything from jewelry and face masks (yes, both kinds!), to beard-grooming goodies, monthly books, and affordable plants.

And if you're not price-conscious, any subscription box can double as a surprising stocking stuffer. Simply print out this holiday gift note that lets them know that a little something is on the way! (Also works in a pinch for all you last-minute shoppers.)

Secret Santa Gifts for Friends You're Still Getting to Know


Every friendship has to have a starting point. So if you're looking for gifts for friends who you're still getting to know, subscription boxes can help you say happy holidays in a fun way.

Featuring budget-friendly gifts that start at under $5 a month, check out these secret Santa gift ideas that showcase a little bit of everything, from wine and coffee to sassy totes and marshmallows. Headed to a white elephant gift exchange? We've got holiday swap ideas that can spice things up, deliver cozy comforts, or add a touch of whimsy to their holiday cheer!

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