Common Houseplants To Turn Your Space Into a Greenhouse

Updated by Sydney Bollinger

Becoming a “crazy plant lady” isn’t as hard as it might seem to be at first blush. As common houseplants have gained popularity, more and more people have adopted “plant babies” and filled their home with shelves full of greenery.

Starting your own living room greenhouse? Growing houseplants has numerous benefits to your physical and mental health, like increasing air quality inside your home and decreasing stress. Choosing the right houseplant can be hard, though, especially if you’re not a seasoned gardener or well-known for having a green thumb.

Luckily, many common houseplants are relatively easy to grow regardless of your experience. Indoor plants aren’t just small succulents and cacti, though: there are also Pothos, snake plants, spider plants, and more! Our list will help you find the perfect houseplant for your lifestyle.


Spider Plant

These shade-loving plants are a perfect addition to your in-house garden. While they are native to tropical areas, they grow easily indoors and will add a lively, fun vibe to your home. Since they are tropical, spider plants need a lot of water. Use distilled or purified water for your indoor plants because the minerals in tap water can be harmful.

English Ivy

English Ivy—sometimes called European Ivy or just “common ivy”—is beautiful and reminiscent of old buildings and cobblestone streets. It retains a classic look. And while the plant is typically seen thriving outside, if you love a challenge, this might be the right one for your indoor collection! English ivy, like the spider plant, requires lots of water. It may also be beneficial to have a humidifier.


This popular houseplant is one of the easiest to grow and propagate. Coming in many different varieties, everyone can find a Pothos perfect for them!

If you don’t receive any direct sunlight in your house, Pothos may be your best choice for a houseplant. Just be careful—pothos are poisonous to household pets. If you have a dog or cat and want to grow a Pothos, keep it somewhere out of reach where your furry friend won’t be able to chew on their green, vining, heart-shaped leaves.


Snake Plant

You can’t go wrong starting with a snake plant! These are easy to take care of, and will fit into a home of any style. Snake plants are a pot-it-and-forget-it type plant. They prefer sunlight, but can grow fine in shady conditions. They need water, but only when their soil is dry. (See? Super easy!) Be sure to re-pot the plant as it grows to keep it healthy as its root system will need more space to spread out.

Air Plants

Have you ever heard of air plants? These small plants that don’t require soil (yes, really!) are fun and easy to grow. Refrain from placing them in direct sunlight and make sure you water them once a week by submerging them in water for 30 minutes. You can display air plants in a variety of ways—from hanging them in glass orbs to wooden or stone planters—making them very versatile and great for any type of home.


Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus blooms every year around Christmas, hence the plant’s name.

Though it’s called a cactus, this plant is more similar to a succulent. For your Christmas cactus, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a pot with plenty of drainage and that it’s located in a place that doesn’t receive too much light, otherwise, it won’t bloom its signature red, pink, or white flowers!

The houseplant’s Christmas bloom-time means that they also make great gifts. Consider getting your own Christmas cactus and then propagating it to grow beautiful presents for your friends and family.

Dragon Tree

Like many other houseplants, dragon trees prefer partial shade. They’re also very easy to take care of because they don’t require a lot of water and can grow to new heights even without a lot of space for their roots to spread out. This plant also comes with a warning for all the pet parents out there—don’t let your fur babies take a chomp out of this.

Otherwise, enjoy the wild, unkempt beauty of this beloved, common houseplant!

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